Alabama Crimson Tide Apparel for Dogs

alabama-crimson-tide-dogIt’s no secret that we are HUGE Bama fans in this house.  We are those kind of fans – the ones who won’t answer the phone when the game is on – the ones that have the Bama flags flying on our cars on game days…. You know the kind – we are THAT kind… hope you are too!

Anyway, we always watch Bama games with our dear friends (who are also those kinds of Tide fans).  They have this awesome dog – he’s mix of Lab and probably a few other breeds.  He’s a rescue dog..and boy, that dog sure rescued US…haha!

My point is that they always have their dog dressed in the coolest Alabama Crimson Tide apparel – from his collar to his leash – to his shirt and/or bandana – it’s all Crimson Tide.

We had to face it, that dog is too cool for school!  lol!

 Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Cheerleader OutfitSee This Here Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Collar, SmallSee This Here Alabama Dog Collar Bandana Crimson TideSee This Here


Now we have 2 cats and I reeeeeeally don’t see me getting ANY kind of apparel on those cats without paying dearly for it.  BUT, our neighbors have two Boston Terriers and they asked me to put together some ideas for Crimson Tide apparel that would look great on their 2 small dogs.

What fun!  I’m absolutely happy to do it!

First off, ya simply must have an Alabama Tide dog collar, right?  Right!

Here’s some cute Bama dog collars –

 Alabama Crimson Tide Dog Collar, SmallSee This Here Alabama Crimson Tide Dog CollarSee This Here Pink Nylon Concho Pet Collar, AlabamaSee This Here


And if ya got the Bama collar, you gotta have the Bama leash to go with it – so, here are some Crimson Tide dog leashes –

 NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Dog LeashSee This Here Alabama Crimson Tide NCAA Dog CollarSee This Here Sporty K9 Alabama Dog Leash, 6-FeetSee This Here


Now, the University of Alabama Football Dog Jersey (of course!) –

 University of Alabama Dog Football JerseySee This Here Alabama University Crimson Tide Pet DogSee This Here Alabama Crimson Tide Pink Dog JerseySee This Here


If football jerseys aren’t your thing for your dog, here are some other Bama dog shirts to choose from –


 NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Cotton LycraSee This Here Alabama Crimson Tide Ash Collegiate DogSee This Here NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Athletic MeshSee This Here


Super cute stuff, huh?

Hope you enjoy!



Roll Tide ROLL!


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