No More Google PageRank in our Toolbars?

google-toolbar-page-rankWell, THIS is an interesting development in the world of constant interesting developments with Google – are they killing off the Page Rank green bar we see in our toolbar in our browsers?

Personally, I’ve been wondering why it’s been so long since Google last updated the toolbar Page Rank.  Now, I’m not a Page Rank addict or anything – it’s just something I notice in my day to day activities while working online.

Turns out, the last time Google updated Toolbar Page Rank was back in February 2013 – that means, if we go by the “usual” updating schedule, we’ve missed TWO full updates since then.

So, What’s Going On With Google Page Rank?

According to Chris Crum over at WebProNews, Google just might be killing off the toolbar Page Rank information that is provided to folks like you and I.  Chris picked this information up from this article Barry Scwhartz recently published where he pointed out that it’s been over 6 months since we’ve had a toolbar Page Rank update.

Does Google Page Rank Even Matter?

I am one of those folks who puts very little priority on Page Rank – especially the Page Rank that we see in our toolbars.

By the time we see the green bar change for the Page Rank of a web page, that info is OLD.

Toolbar Page Rank is typically updated about 4 times a year (there is no official set schedule for this – that’s just the pattern of years past).

That means that Toolbar Page Rank is not “real time” – in fact, what we see in the green bar box is a reflection of Page Rank PAST… not present.

To me, it is a WAY over-valued metric for online marketers – and I’m totally fine with it quietly going away.

What Does Matt Cutts Have to Say About Toolbar Page Rank?

That same article on WebProNews shared a video of Matt Cutts in which he answers the question, “Why don’t you turn off the PageRank Toolbar Feature?”

Here is a snippet of Matt Cutt’s answer – full video answer below.

“…it might be the case that, it might be such that over time, maybe the PageRank feature is not used by as many people, and so maybe it will go away on its own or eventually we’ll reach the point where we say, ‘Okay, maintaining this is not worth the amount of work…”

(emphasis added )

Matt Cutts Video About Turning Off Page Rank

So, I guess we just wait and see what happens.  It’s most likely that it will just fade away without any big fan fare or going-away party from Google.