SEO Advice – Who Should You Listen To?

adviceI read forums…. lots and lots of forums.  Hey, if you’re in a niche, you need to keep your finger on the pulse to know what they are all talking about and wanting to know, right?  Right.

So I read all the internet marketing/SEO related forums..and wow, do I CRINGE as I go through some of the advice people are offered when asking questions.

Yep, lots of junk replies in forums and of course, there are also those ridiculous replies that are made just to get their forum signature link shown in the thread (L-O-V-E those folks..not).

So – when it comes to learning about SEO, who SHOULD you listen to?

My favorite answer to this question comes from Michael Martinez in this post of his at

“If you want an advantage over the competition just browse Warrior Forum, WebmasterWorld, SEOmoz, SEOBook, SEO Chat, and every other popular SEO blog and forum. Write up a list of all their advice and then put that in the category of “DO NOT DO THIS SHIT.” Anything else will be offbeat enough that your competitors won’t have a clue what you’re doing.

Following the crowd — doing what everyone else is doing — endlessly following in the footsteps of people who share their cool ideas and discoveries with you keeps you in the rear. You’ll always be copying someone else hoping to repeat their success. And you’ll have plenty of company, too.”

The best advice when it comes to SEO is your OWN testing and results. Period.

Every query space is different… every, single one.  You could search Google for ‘SEO advice’ and get one set of results…and then search Google for ‘advice about SEO’ and get a totally different set of results – and each set has it’s own factors and levels of competition.

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all type skill.  It’s an art form that comes from tons of practice and marching to the beat of your own drummer.