What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Machine?

carpet-cleaning-machinesSo, What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine? Read On To Find Out!

Do you have high traffic areas in your house that are extremely hard to keep clean?

Do your kids track mud in the house and leave a trail?

Has your office lobby carpet seen better days?

If so, you will appreciate the information in this article as it will provide details on the top carpet cleaning machines.

If you’re in a hurry:

look at this page on Amazon that has the full list of best-selling carpet cleaners.

That list is decided by consumers so it’s REALLY helpful when trying to choose.

So, lets get started and first share the current top-rated and best selling carpet cleaning machines and then talk about specific models.


Current Top-Rated Carpet Cleaning Machines


Rotovac 360i Carpet Cleaner

A lot of carpet cleaners still use the old manual wand method for no other reason than its been around for decades. Remember when you were a kid your mom always talked about how her back hurt from bending over the old carpet cleaner. No wonder because those old scrub machines required a ton of physical labor. What is even worse is that it only produced mediocre results.

Well, in the 21st century things are a lot better. The Rotovac uses rotary vacuum heads. What is so special about that? Simple, these type of heads thoroughly deep clean your carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. It is easy to use as well.

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 Rotovac 360i Carpet Cleaner Review

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

I like this machine because it has power and can handle small or large jobs. It features separate clean and dirty water tanks. If you are inviting friends or family over for a dinner or any type event but you are short on cash, the Rug Doctor can help. It gives you professional cleaning results. Plus, the carpet shampoo is included.

What does it feature? In addition, to the separate dirty and clean water tanks, it has a carry handle, it is easily portable and it has a collapsible design making it simple to store it in tight, small spaces.

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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Review


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HOOVER Deep Cleaning SteamVac

Amazon ImageOk, I will start off by saying, “Gotta love this cleaner!” However, it is still not the best despite the fact that it can easily take on soiled areas. It has multiple rotating brushes. This system is so spectacular that it offers the option to stop the brush rotation.

I know you want to ask, “why does it need to do that?” So, glad you asked. If you have to clean your hardwood floors, it will damage them. I think that is pretty ingenious.

Because this cleaning machine cleans up the worst carpet with ease the first time, you do not have use elbow grease later. It also has awesome technology called fingertip clean surge that focuses on soiled spots.

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However, there is one carpet cleaner that is better than the rest. What is that? Drum roll please…

Bissell Deep Cleaners

Yes, they are the very best money can buy. Bissell truly understand families and how life is lived. They know it is difficult keep your carpet clean with kids and pets tracking in dirt. They practically guarantee to wipe out all dirt and stains left from vacuuming.

Some of the features: Cleans on the forward and backward pass, delivers professional style results, cleans against baseboards and has up to 12 rows of dual rotating power brushes.

So, if you want a versatile carpet cleaner that can remove stains wherever they happen, I suggest you get the very best on the market – Bissell.

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Best Rated Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machines

Amazon Image BISSELL Spot Clean Pro Portable Deep Cleaner, 3624
Amazon Image BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Upright Deep Cleaner
Amazon Image BEST SELLER: Bissell Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner
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Again, here is the current list of the best-selling and best-rated carpet cleaners according to Amazon customers.


Word of advice: Be sure to take a read through those reviews BEFORE you buy anything.


Good luck!


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