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Christmas Trends 2017 Holiday Season [what’s HOT this Christmas]

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Christmas Trends for 2017

Every holiday has it’s own trends and new ideas and here we are, another Christmas season is here and we can’t wait to share what’s trending.

From decorating the Christmas tree to trending colors this Christmas, we’ve found it all – and it’s beautiful!

christmas trends 2017, Trending Christmas Gifts 2017, Christmas Trends 2017, 2017 Christmas Color Trends, Christmas Trends for the 2017 Season, What's Hot for Christmas 2017, Christmas Tree Decorating Trends

Here’s what we’ve found to be hot and trending this holiday season.

On page 2, we will share some Christmas Trends for 2017.

What colors are popular this holiday? On page 3, we will take a look at some trending Christmas colors for 2017.

This year has some great new ideas! On page 4, we will take a look at 2017 Christmas decorating ideas.

Love all the new stuff that comes out each holiday season? On page 5, we will share all the new Christmas decorations for 2017.

More interested in seeing what toys are trending and popular this holiday season?

On page 6 we will share the best toys for the Holidays 2017.

If you want a hint on toys….

Trending Toys for 2017

These types of toys are ALL the rage this Christmas:


I don’t think I’ve met a single kid of ANY age that doesn’t want a Hatchimal this year!

What IS a “Hatchimal”?

You can see what they are here…..

As you can see, they’re expensive.

If you’re on a budget, you can see all Hatchimals that are on sale here.

You might be able to catch a great deal.


ANYTHING Paw Patrol is trending for the younger kids this Christmas.

Literally, ANYTHING Paw Patrol.

Again, if you’re on a budget – or just love a great deal like I do…

I found all these Paw Patrol toys on sale for 50% off and more!


Another trending toys this Christmas for the younger kids… anything PJ Masks is one of the hot toys that kids want this year.

I found all these PJ Masks toys on sale here.

Other than toys, do you know what ELSE is a big trend for Christmas this year?

Ugly, tacky Christmas sweaters!

There are LOTS of funny, ugly, and TACKY Christmas sweaters here.

Next, let’s talk about trending colors for Christmas 2017

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