How My Blog Makes Money (and YES, You can do it too!)

You’ve probably heard of people who work from home blogging and make GOOD money doing it, but have you ever wondered HOW they make money blogging?

I’m one of THOSE people – and I’d like to explain how this blog makes money, how much this blog makes…and how YOU can do it too.

Below is my story and info to help you understand how blogging for money works.
How my blog makes money - and how you can do it too.

Updated on September 12, 2022

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Now, if you’re curious how all these mom bloggers are making money from home with their little blogs…

Keep reading.

How I Make Money Blogging

I’ve been working online for over a decade now. Some might call me a “Mom Blogger” or a “LifeStyle Blogger” or a “Blogging Teacher” – I guess I’m pretty much all those things.

I got a “wild hair” back in 2007 and decided I was going to make money online –

So I did =)

Back then, no one really thought making money online with a little blog or website was possible.

Now, it was much harder back then – it’s SO much easier these days – but I did it and I’ve been doing it full-time from my own little home office, working on MY schedule ever since.

Once ANYONE finds out that I make more money blogging than I EVER made at any “real job” I’ve had, the next question immediately out of their mouth is:

“How can I make money blogging like you do???”

If that’s YOUR question (or you’re just curious), this page is for YOU. I’ll answer the common questions about making money by blogging from home the best I can right here.

First off, when you see a blog post say that it contains “affiliate links”, that means that blogger makes money blogging through something called “affiliate marketing” –

which is totally free for the blogger to do

That’s how I make money with this blog, too (that and with ads).

In short – As a blogger, you find cool things, share them on your blog, and make commissions if someone buys.

Now, there are MANY ways to make money blogging, but that is how I make money with THIS blog.

Perhaps you’ve heard of

of course you have!

There is a totally free program for bloggers like you and me to use that makes it easy to make money recommending and sharing products we find on Amazon.

And get this – it’s really FUN to do =)

It’s kinda like I spend all day “window shopping” on Amazon and then sharing the cool and helpful stuff I find on Amazon in my blog posts.

Spending my day finding cool stuff OTHER people should buy, is a pretty cool job to have 😉

Now, let me answer a few questions that everyone asks me once they find out I work from home, for myself, as a blogger.

Ever since I’ve started this blog, MANY have asked me how they can make money with their OWN blog – just like I do.

That makes me SUPER happy!

I believe EVERYONE should have a blog to open up an additional income stream.

I don’t know ANYONE who wouldn’t want extra money each month!

Plus, being your own boss sure is nice!

Working when I can, and NOT having to work when I can’t, absolutely works for me and for my family.

• How Much Does Your Blog Make?

It’s natural for everyone to ask me how MUCH I make blogging… and how fast I started making money after I made this blog.

First off, it didn’t all happen overnight.

We all know there ain’t no such thing as “overnight millions” (unless you hit the lottery…lol!)

But it all happened pretty quickly.

This little blog here has been online for a few years – and it makes $2,500 + a month…at least – on a ‘bad’ month

During the Holiday season and other trending times, it makes much more than that.

The really cool thing is that this blog is working FOR me 24/7/365 – whether *I* am working or not.

• How Much Does Blogging Cost?

Another question people ask me is:

“Yeah, BUT – how much did you SPEND to start a blog?”

I think it’s a fair question – what’s crazy is that NO ONE believes me when I tell them how much it costs to start a blog of your own.

Ready for this?

Starting a blog costs about $4 a month

Yes, you read that correctly – FOUR DOLLARS A MONTH.

That’s it – that’s all it takes to start a blog of your very own.

This is the cheapest place to get started

• Is There Free Help To Get Started?

Now, that page might be confusing to you the first time you look at (I know it sure was for ME).

Here’s some free help:

This blog posts explains it all very clearly (it’s super helpful!)

• Free Blogging 101 Help For Beginners

After starting your own blog, you’re gonna want to know things like:

– WHAT to blog ABOUT

How blogs make money
(hint: it’s FREE for you to do this!)

– How long until your blog starts making money

etc, etc, etc

If YOU have those questions about starting your own blog and making money from it like I did, can I make a suggestion to help you out?

I highly recommend this FREE Blogging 101 course below.

Just pop your email in there and you’re good to go!

Enter your email, then click the pink ‘Send It To Me Now!’ button… then go check your email.

For many moms (like ME), blogging is the perfect “home business” to start and that is YOUR business…

BUT, UNlike other types of businesses, with blogging, your time is flexible because YOU set your own hours.

Remember, the Internet is “open” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year…

Meaning: your blog is always working FOR you – even when YOU are NOT working.

That is called “passive income” – do the work (the blog posts) ONCE and then those posts work for YOU for months…years to come.

The start-up costs are next to nothing, it’s fun, and it’s something of your own that you can be proud of.

As your blog grows, the tools in your toolbox will grow too.

I have MANY tools in my Blogging Toolbox I use to make blogging easier AND more profitable.

For example, my favorite keyword tool.

That tool shows me the phrases people search for on Google so I can provide helpful blog posts FOR those searches.

You can try it for free here.

As far as services that make my blog money directly

I LOVE my ad company – they make it SO much easier to make money from my blogs!

All *I* have to do is type and publish blog posts and they take care of the rest.

Yep, totally HANDS OFF – it just happens ‘auto-magically’ =)

My blogs earn SO much more money since I started using this monetization service!

If you already have a blog, you really, REALLY should use it!

I also share my content (and other fun things I find on other blogs) on my Pinterest account.

If I’m busy, or going on vacation – or just don’t FEEL like working, I’ll use this service to schedule my Pinterest pins to go out – it’s really helpful!

For the most part I am a one-woman show who works in my home office on MY schedule (tho I REALLY want a She Shed office haha!).

I wouldn’t have it any other way – I just love it!

For the most part, I started learning all about how to make money blogging here.

The really cool part is – it’s FREE.

AND – you can get a FREE blog website to start making money blogging too!

While no one can tell you, or promise, how much YOU will make blogging, it’s one of those rare home business options that YOUR results are a direct result of YOUR efforts.

I now know SO many other moms who blog at home on their own time to contribute to their family’s income – and many who have turned their blog into full-time or better income and are now the primary bread-winner in their homes.

It’s pretty amazing – and very inspiring!

All you have to do is take that first step and get your blog started – and then run with it.

Want to try something fun?

Think of a “domain name” and let’s see if it’s available for YOU to blog on.

what’s a ‘domain name’? – a domain name is the main website address for your site/blog. For example, MY domain name for this blog is

Try anything you can imagine and see if it’s available – you’re not buying anything (unless you decide you WANT to claim that domain name for YOUR new blog – then, you can choose to set things up – otherwise, it’s free, and fun, to play with)

And it’s fun to dream of owning your own piece of the internet for just a few bucks a month =)

Miss Anything?


How My Blog Makes Money (and YES, You can do it too!)

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