7 LAZY Cleaning Hacks For Your Messy & Neglected Kitchen


Simple Kitchen Cleaning Hacks ALL Lazy Girls Will LOVE – If YOUR kitchen is messy and SO neglected, these simple kitchen cleaning hacks will really help cut down your kitchen cleaning time.

I’m the first to admit – I LOVE me some lazy girl cleaning hacks, tips and tricks! Housekeeping is the bane to my existence so I’ll take all the helpful hints I can get! I find it hard to get motivated to clean – and my kitchen is my BIGGEST nemesis. Seems I finally DO get it clean, and then there comes the family, cluttering it all up again… ACK! I came across these lazy girl kitchen cleaning hacks that are simply brilliant – and guess what? They actually WORK!
Messy Kitchen?  Try these EASY kitchen cleaning tips and tricks in YOUR home - these clever cleaning hacks really work!

Updated on February 4, 2022

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lazy cleaning hacks for your kitchen - these cleaning hacks really work!
Kitchen cleaning hacks for lazy girls - ALL lazy people should know these kitchen cleaning hacks - they really work!
kitchen cleaning hacks - Lazy kitchen cleaning hacks that actually work!  Borderline genius cleaning hacks for lazy girls who don't have time to clean

Lazy Cleaning Hacks For The Kitchen

Below are some super simple, and really clever, kitchen cleaning hacks that really do work!

Can’t Seem To Get Started?

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1. Lazy Way To Clean Your Coffee Pot

Now, this is a lazy cleaning hack I learned wayyyyyy back in the day when I was a waitress – and I still use it today.

Does YOUR coffee pot ever look like this:

kitchen cleaning hacks - Lazy cleaning hacks for your kitchen - how to easily clean your gross coffee pot the LAZY way

Yep, mine too – ’cause well, coffee is life haha!

Here’s how to clean that nasty coffee pot the EASY way.


All you need is some ice and some salt.

Dump some ice in your coffee pot, pour in some regular old table salt and then swirl it all around.


At the restaurant we also added a few pieces of lemon but I don’t always have lemons just hanging around in my kitchen so I just do the ice and salt trick.

For an extra clean, I’ll then throw my glass coffee pot in the dishwasher to get it extra clean and disinfected.

(note: don’t do this when your coffee pot is hot, ok?)

2. Lazy Microwave Cleaning Hack

This is another crazy-lazy cleaning trick I do quite often, too.

Take your kitchen sponge and get it wet. Then, pop it in the microwave on High for about 2 minutes.

kitchen cleaning hacks - Lazy cleaning hacks for your kitchen - the lazy and simple way to clean your gross microwave and sanitize your kitchen sponges

Two perks of this little cleaning hack:

1. It does a good job sterilizing your sponge (The Journal of Environmental Health agrees)

2. The moisture from your sponge ‘cooking’ in your microwave will loosen all that cr@p that’s on the walls of your microwave making it SUPER easy to clean after your sponge is done.


(note: if you don’t use sponges in your kitchen, you can also do this with wet paper towels)

3. Lazy Hack To KEEP Your Microwave Clean

This little kitchen cleaning tip is so simple, yet so genius!

To prevent food from splattering all over your microwave while cooking, simply cover the food with a coffee filter.

Now, for plates of food, I use a cheap glass pie dish like this and turn it upside down to cover the plate – but for when I’m cooking soup or things in small bowls or mugs, the coffee filter hack is a great idea!

4. Stained Tupperware Cleaning Hack

I have SO many plastic food containers that are stained with that red tint from putting spaghetti, chili, vegetable soup, etc in them and I could never seem to totally remove that red yuck.

They looked like this:

how to clean stained tupperware - kitchen cleaning hacks - Lazy kitchen cleaning hacks for lazy girls - how to clean stained Tupperware and stained plastic food containers the simple lazy way

I was pleasantly surprised to find out this little cleaning hack really works to get rid of those tomato-based sauce stains.

Simply rub a fresh lemon all over the stained areas of your plastic containers and then let them sit out in the sun.

(sheesh, guess I really should keep lemons all the time!)

Or, let’s be totally honest, you can just buy NEW plastic food containers since they’re so cheap =)

5. Dishwasher Cleaning Hack

Now I’m still a bit on the fence with this cleaning hack, but I’m gonna try it again to re-test with another variation.

Did you know you can clean your dishwasher with lemonade flavor KoolAid?

clean dishwasher with koolaid - kitchen cleaning hacks - Lazy Cleaning Hacks - the simple way to clean your dishwasher (yes, that's KoolAid!) - Lazy Girls LOVE this kitchen cleaning hack!


I’ve tried this once and it worked ok (still had to do some manual wiping – ugh!) but there is a variation to this dishwasher cleaning trick and that is to run one cycle with the KoolAid and then another cycle with an equal amount of Tang (yes, that orange-flavored drink mix) so I’ll try that next.

6. Kitchen Faucet Cleaning Hack

You know how your kitchen faucet gets all gross – especially if your faucet has a sprayer option (or a separate sprayer)?

All ya need to do is fill a baggy with vinegar, tie it around your faucet (or sprayer) and let it sit.

kitchen cleaning hacks - Lazy CLeaning Hacks!  This kitchen cleaning hack is a borderline genius life hack for cleaning your kitchen faucet the simple and lazy way!

Now THAT’S some lazy cleaning ha! but this cleaning hack works!

Also, another hack for your kitchen faucet…

Once the nozzle/sprayer part is clean, then just take a piece of wax paper and ‘buff’ your faucet and handles etc – they’ll shine right up!

7. Burnt Pots and Pans Cleaning Hack

I could NOT believe this kitchen cleaning hack actually worked, but it does!

Ever have cooked on, burnt on food at the bottom of your pots and pans like this:

kitchen cleaning hacks - Lazy Cleaning Hacks - the simple way to clean pots and pans with burnt on food and stains - brilliant lazy girl cleaning hacks that work!

Ready for the EASY and LAZY way to clean and remove that stuck on stuff?

Take a dryer sheet, place it on the bottom of your pan, then fill the pan with hot water…

Then let it sit.

All that cr@p will come right off when it’s done!

Lazy cleaning hacks tips and tricks to get your kitchen clean fast and easy
Lazy kitchen cleaning hacks that actually work! Borderline genius cleaning hacks for lazy girls who don't have time to clean