Summer Activities and Spring Crafts For School-Agers & Kids of All Ages (who are SO bored!)

Fun and Easy Summer Art Activities and Spring Craft Projects For Toddlers, Preschoolers, Elementary Students and Kids of All Ages –

Below are summer arts and crafts activities for kids of all ages that are sure to be a lot of fun while keeping them busy and happy this summer break. Let’s squash that “Mom, I’m BORED!!!” we hear every 10 minutes this summer with these fun and easy crafts and activities for kids to do over summer break.
37 fun activities and crafts for kids to do when bored

Updated on February 10, 2024

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Summer Crafts For Kids

From super cute and easy umbrella suncatchers for the toddlers to dinosaur crafts, sidewalk chalk paint, homemade GIANT bubble mix and upcycled craft projects, you are sure to find fun and simple arts and craft activities for your school aged kids below.

These unicorn theme crafts are super fun summer season crafts for kindergarten and PreK aged kids too.

summer crafts for kids - easy summer arts crafts - these easy summer craft projects and activities are perfect for kids of all ages from school-age elementary to preschool, Pre-K, kindergarten and toddlers too. DIY suncatchers, birdhouses, sidewalk chalk, giant bubble mix, umbrella crafts, DIY lemonade stands, glow in the dark crafts and painting activities for outdoors - fun crafts for kids to do outside when bored over summer break.

Summer Arts and Craft Projects in the Picture Above:

1. Dinosaur Suncatchers – Super cute and EASY summer craft school-agers love to make – get the directions.
2. Colorful Recycled Birdhouses – Repurpose old cartons into DIY birdhouses – get the directions.
3. DIY Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint – The Pre-K kids LOVE this outdoor summer art project – get the directions.
4. Umbrella Suncatchers – Toddlers LOVE this summer craft project idea – isn’t the picture so CUTE!??! Cardboard and cheap Dollar Store cellophane wrap is all you need – idea found here.

Summer Fun for Kids Ideas - make a Lemonade Stand!  See more summer crafts and activities on this page

Fun summer activity for the kids this summer: make a lemonade stand.

This is an oldie but goody that stands the test of time for good fun for the kids that also teaches them business skills and math skills.

Fun Summer Project for Kids - make a tic tac toe board with painted rocks - See more summer crafts and activities on this page

My kids LOVE painting rocks!

They really love making tic-tac-toe boards out of painted rocks and play with it for hours.

Fun activity for kids and you to do together this summer - turn an old chair into a Dr Seuss chair - See more summer crafts and activities on this page


Fun Crafts To Do When Bored At Home This Summer

This is one of my favorite summer crafts for the kids to do WITH their parents – paint an old chair from a yard sale or thrift store and turn it into a Dr Seuss chair!

Summer crafts for kids - make a robot out of old painted cans - See more summer crafts and activities on this page

This is another fun and easy summer craft project for the kids… know ALL those old coffee cans you have lying around? Have your child paint them and build them into a robot.

Paint with Squirt Guns - Fun Summer craft for kids - See more summer crafts and activities on this page

My kids LOVE doing this – painting with their water guns. Yep, it makes a mess, but since it’s done outside it’s no big deal to clean up.

Crafts for Kids this Summer - easy paper plate crafts - See more summer crafts and activities on this page

Paper plate crafts are so much fun for kids to make at home during the summer. They also make for a great “rainy day” craft or for when it’s just too hot to play outside.

DIY Summer Crafts for Kids - See more summer crafts and activities on this page

These little turtles are make out of cupcake liners, construction paper and craft eyeballs – aren’t they cute!?

It goes without saying the the MOST fun a kid of ANY age can have outside is blowing bubbles – especially those HUGE super giant bubbles.

Did you know you can easily make that super giant bubble mix at home?

Here’s the simple homemade recipe to make giant bubble mix at home:

Homemade Bubbles to make giant bubbles at home - giant bubble recipe for making homemade bubbles for kids this suumer. This Dawn dish soap bubble recipe mixture is the best bubble mix recipe I've found.

Giant Bubble Recipe! Bubbles recipe for kids - homemade bubbles recipe - how to make giant bubbles recipes and other fun outdoor activities for kids this spring and summer.  This is the BEST bubbles recipe for kids - easy DIY giant bubble recipe to make strong BIG bubbles with dawn dishwashing liquid, corn starch and without glycerin - unpoppable no pop giant bubble recipe

Cute summertime craft for kids!  See more summer crafts and activities on this page

Here is a unique twist on the old “draw a picture of your family” craft – use rocks and buttons and string etc to bring that family picture project to life.

These painted rocks look like brightly colored lady bugs. Not only to they make for a fun and easy summer craft for kids, but they also look cute as a bug in your garden.

Summer Activities for Kids - paint wiffle balls with glow in the dark paint! See more summer crafts and activities on this page

This is a super fun “nighttime” summer activity that my kids love! Paint some cheap wiffle balls with glow in the dark paint for a fun ball game at night.

summer learning activities for kids

This is a great kids activity all year long, but really good during summer when you want to keep their little minds in shape for school. Get a cheap old metal lunchbox, some magnetic letters and popsicle sticks to make a “match the letters to the word” activity box. Great for car travel and long road trips, too!

If you’re having a summer party (like a neighborhood block party or cookout), you’re gonna love these summer party games ideas for kids. In fact, these summer activities are perfect summer birthday party ideas and, of course, to keep the kids entertained outdoors OR indoors on rainy/too hot days for any reason when they’re bored over summer break.

Fun and EASY Summer Activities for Kids - put glow sticks in waters bottles for nighttime outdoor bowling or just for glow in the dark fun.  Cute party idea too!

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