22 Fun Crafts To Do When You’re Bored-Or STRESSED


Easy & FUN DIY Crafts To Do When You’re Bored At Home
Do simple crafts calm you down? I can tell you this – doing simple craft projects certainly calms MY mind. Things like free coloring pages are great stress-relievers for me as well as a simple pass time when I’m bored. I also like to take these free personality tests because YES, I get THAT bored sometimes lol!

Below are a bunch of easy and fun crafts YOU can do when you’re bored at home with a friend, alone or really stressed out. Fun for adults, teens, tweens AND for the kids too!
What to DO when your bored - these aesthetic crafts and art things are fun DIY crafts to when BORED at home - TikTok coloring challenges, 5 minute crafts, art activities, paper crafts, random TikTok trends and more fun and easy craft ideas when you're bored

Updated on May 17, 2023

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FUN Crafts to Do When Bored - easy DIYs To Do When You're Bored At Home

Fun Crafts To Do When BORED

Crafts and Art Things To Do When BORED - if your bored at home, here are some fun and easy DIY craft projects and activites to do alone or with friends

Simple craft projects to do when you're bored at home or STRESSED OUT!  This easy paper towel craft is an oddly satisfying and FUN art project for the kids or for YOU.  Just grab your makers and color the pattern on a sheet of paper towels.

Bored at home? Alone or with a friend and really want some fun and easy craft projects to do? Here’s a list of creative and clever things to make when you’re SO bored that you’ll find on this page.

18 Fun Crafts To Do When You’re Bored (Instructions Below):

  1. TikTok Boredom Buster Coloring Trend
  2. Make Shaving Cream Paint
  3. Do the TikTok Bass Drop Challenge
  4. Make Your BF This DIY Gift
  5. Make Mini Galaxy Jars
  6. Puffy Paint Bracelets
  7. 5-Minute Craft Bows
  8. Rainbow Pom-Poms
  9. DIY Stress Balls
  10. Fun Cardboard Craft For Bored Kids
  11. Decorate Your Room
  12. Upcycle Weird Things
  13. Repurpose Old Bottles
  14. Rock Painting
  15. Fun Paper Crafts
  16. Color Paper Towels
  17. Learn How To Draw Animals
  18. Repurposed Stuff Crafts
  19. Make Unicorn Crafts
  20. Fun Kid Crafts For Mom
  21. Repurpose an Old Window
  22. Fun Kid Crafts For Dad

TikTok Boredom Buster Coloring

Super bored? Grab your pens and markers and try this viral TikTok coloring trend.

@t_aesthetic.lifestyle_11 This was fun !! 🙂 things to do when you’re bored pt2 !! #aestheticlifestyle🦋🌿🌸✨ #fyp #lifestyle#art #thingstodowhenyourbored #artedition#blowup#fy ♬ my band – 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

These are the markers she uses

Make Shaving Cream Paint

Have some chalk and shaving cream?

Good! Watch this quick TikTok video to see how you can turn those ingredients into AWESOME sidewalk paint.

@myanelsonn Completely stole this idea from @StickyFingersCooking such a fun idea for kids (or adults 🤣) #nanny #vlogs #nannyvlog #easydiy #summercraft #summerdiycraft ♬ Better Off Alone – Alice DJ

TikTok Bass Drop Challenge

Bored at home with friends?

Grab some solo cups and do this TikTok Bass Drop challenge – it’s SO fun!


Bass Drop Challenge! Pt.2

♬ Ginseng Strip 2002 – Yung Lean

Make Your BF a DIY Gift

Have a favorite picture of you and your boyfriend – make this super cute DIY craft gift for him.

@itsoliviagarrity These are super fun and easy to make! #fyp #foryou #craft #gift #unique #summer #wedding #birthday #diy ♬ A-O-K – Tai Verdes

See More DIY Gifts You Can Make Him

5-Minute Craft Projects

This video below has fun and SIMPLE 5-minute craft projects you can make when you’re bored at home.

LOVE the colors they use!

Fun Idea For Bored Kids

This idea is SO fun for the kids AND for the grown ups that are “helping”.

It’s a nail salon craft project and it’s a fun boredom-buster idea for toddlers too!

Just outline some hands on a stretch of cardboard, draw nails on them, and let the kids paint the fingernails – fun!

Indoor Arts and Crafts For Kids - What a FUN and easy craft project for your kids (little girls LOVE it) - take construction paper or cardboard and outline their hand prints, draw fingernails and then let them paint the nails like their own nail salon

Paint Some Rocks

When I’m feeling stressed out or down in the dumps, I like to not only do some sort of fun craft project, but also create it for OTHER people to lift their spirits.

These types of painted rocks below fit both of those things – a fun and easy craft project for the tweens, teens and adults AND we scatter them around our neighborhood or local park for other people to find… and hopefully, it will lift their spirits when they find them.

crafts to do when your bored with a friend - simple rock painting ideas

Want To Paint Rocks?

Get these paint pen markers – they are THE best for painting rocks!

Fun Crafts With Paper

I really should put this on our Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids page – such a cute and easy DIY gift to make for the moms, grandmoms and aunts!

However, my kids and I love making these flowers made from construction paper all the time (and it’s really good for helping with their fine motor skills too!)

Paper Towel Coloring

This next simple craft idea is SUPER basic and easy – BUT, at this moment in history, might not be the BEST use of your paper towels lol!

Just grab some markers and color the dots on a sheet of paper towels.

Just look how pretty it turns out!

For me, this would be oddly satisfying (she says as she goes to grab her markers and a sheet of paper towels).

crafts to do when bored at home - fun coloring crafts to do with friends or bored alone

Learn How To Draw Animals

The kids and I have the BEST time learning how to draw animals with this video below – we think we are SO artistic lol!

The cool thing is, you can use the outline of your hand to draw just about ANY animal!

Repurposed Craft Projects

These are super fun craft projects to make with the kids – art projects made with repurposed bottles and other household items or… yep, trash.

More Fun Craft Ideas For Kids and Adults

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=> Redecorate Your Room With Homemade Stuff

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More Fun Crafts To Try

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