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Apartment Decorating Ideas with Bright Bold Colors •

Do you love bright bold apartment decor as much as I do? Take a look at the awesome bright-colored apartment color schemes and accessories I found.

I was strolling around online and found this awesome page on Amazon that has THE best brilliant-colored cool things for your apartment or dorm room. LOVE them all!

Bright-colored decor ideas for apartment or dorm room

Updated on January 19, 2022

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As I was poking around online, I came across this apartment living room picture on Amazon, which made me want EVERYTHING big, bright and beautiful, just like the vivid colored things I saw on this page.

Stunning use of color in the bright and cheerful living room.  LOVE the vivid colors!

I found those throw pillows here and I also found some bright-colored vases like in the picture here.

Oh, and I found that striped rug you see in the picture here.

Let’s take a look at some more of the vivid, eclectic, and downright awesome things I found.

I absolutely L-O-V-E this clock, don’t you?
bright colored wall clock
Colorful Wall Clock Found Here

And this bright blue chair is fantastic!
bright blue lounge chair
Blue Lounge Chair Found Here

And how about these bright-colored coffee mugs with numbers on them…

bright colored number coffee mugs
Number Mugs Found Here

This hot pink magnetic key holder is so fun (and useful)!
bright pink magnetic key holder
Pink Girl Magnetic Key Holder Found Here

This orange lamp is great – love the stripes!
bright orange striped lamp

Mr. Orange Lamp Shade Found Here

And WOW at the hot pink chair!
hot pink chair
Hot Pink Molded Chair Found Here

I totally need this giant purple beanbag chair!
huge purple beanbag chair
Giant Purple Beanbag Found Here

This bright yellow accent table would look great on each end of my couch.
bright yellow accent table
Yellow Accent Table Found Here

And THIS living room decor idea is stunning – so bright and FUN!

I found that pink ottoman here and found the awesome orange lamps in the picture here.

Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for that eye candy.

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And these coffee mugs! Yes, PLEASE!

Bright-Colored Mugs Found Here

Do you see the coat rack on the wall with the bright-colored knob hooks? Awesome, right?
Love this bright-colored coat rack for the wall
Bright-Colored Coat Rack Found Here

And what?!?! A Bright BLUE filing cabinet!
LOVE this bright blue file cabinet!  Totally want it for my apartment

Bright Blue File Cabinet Found Here

And take a look at this area rug…
LOVE this area rug - the bright colors are awesome!

Bright Colored Area Rug Found Here

A lime green wall clock – much love!
bright lime green wall clock
Lime Green Wall Clock Found Here

It’s a hot pink mitt chair – so unique and fun!
hot pink mitt chair
Hot Pink Mitt Chair Found Here

And how about this orange chair?
Cool style - love that orange chair

Orange Chair Found Here

And everyone needs a Big Joe Dorm Chair!
bright green dorm chair
Green Big Joe Dorm Chair Found Here

How about these hot pink accent chairs?

Love these hot pink chairs!

I found the pink chairs here.

And these dishes… love them!
bright colored dishes
Bright Colored Serving Dishes Found Here

Awesome bright orange chair with an ottoman!
Very cool orange chair and ottoman

Orange Chair and Ottoman Found Here

bright colored decor ideas for apartment of dorm room

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Apartment Decorating Ideas - DIY cute apartment decor - great college apartment decorations and decorating ideas too. beautiful bright decor ideas

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