DIY Coffee Station Ideas – Home Coffee Bars Pictures & Inspiration

Home Coffee Station Designs and Kitchen Coffee Bar Pictures I Just Love!

I am obsessed with coffee bar ideas (there, I admitted it! ha!) I am SO into having a countertop coffee station (coffee bar) in my kitchen since I got my new awesome coffee maker – so I’ve been on the hunt for the PERFECT coffee bar /coffee station set up for MY kitchen. Let me show you the GORGEOUS ideas I’ve found…
coffee station ideas for a farmhouse kitchen

As I said, I’ve been looking at a LOT of ideas to plan my own coffee bar.

Let me show you pictures of DIY coffee station ideas I just LOVE as well as home coffee station organizer ideas and coffee bar set up ideas for YOUR kitchen.

Get your Pinterest “pinning finger” ready – you’re gonna wanna save a LOT of these ideas to your coffee bar ideas Pinterest board!

Home Coffee Station Ideas

Oh my, this gal has SO many great coffee station ideas – I especially love her rustic coffee bar ideas (the rustic country farmhouse look is more MY thing!)

Coffee Bar Ideas - simple kitchen coffee bar ideas including small countertop coffee bar ideas and corner coffee bar ideas.  Gorgeous farmhouse coffee bars and rustic coffee bar coffee station ideas too.  Easy DIY coffee bar ideas for all size kitchens - even kitchens in apartments


It’s just gorgeous, right?

This is the wall shelf used in the coffee bar picture above.

It comes with the 4 baskets and the “S” hooks to hang your coffee mugs from.

Personally, I like this coffee bar wall shelf better – it’s more my style =)

But let me just show you lots of ideas for using this coffee station wall shelf and mug rack for YOUR home coffee station, kitchen coffee bar or small coffee nook.

This is the shelf in the pictures

Now, you might notice the “bad” ratings – that is only because buyers think it’s too expensive (but it’s a GREAT coffee station wall shelf with basket and hooks!)

If price is a concern, take a look at this coffee bar wall shelf – it’s usually MUCH cheaper.

This coffee bar wall rack with baskets and shelves is also a great option for a kitchen coffee station.

The baskets are really nice and it’s a super cute rack that is sure to look amazing in any coffee station set up you can imagine -(see it here).

I just love all the cute and fun coffee station accessories, don’t you?

I especially love all these Rae Dunn canisters!

Those coffee canisters look amazing on shelves like these in a coffee bar area:

LOVE this home coffee bar area!  The Rae Dunn canisters, industrial pipe wall shelves, the mugs - all of it!

LOVE this home coffee bar area!

The Rae Dunn canisters, the industrial pipe wall shelves, the adorable coffee mugs – all of it!

Tip: If you’re in the market for a new Keurig coffee maker (like in the pictures above), I found many Keurig coffee makers on sale here.

You could also use industrial pipe shelves with places to hang your mugs like these shelves here:

coffee bar ideas - Industrial pipe wall shelves for a rustic farmhouse coffee bar coffee station in your home.

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Here’s another idea that looks like a simple do it yourself coffee station idea – LOVE the cabinet!

coffee bar ideas - simple DIY idea for a home coffee station

Home Coffee Station Organizer Ideas

Don’t forget, you’ll need accessories to organize all your stuff =)

If you’re wondering how to organize your home coffee station, here’s some ideas:

Small Coffee Station Ideas

This is great idea for small coffee station in your home. Looks great, doesn’t it?

Coffee Bar Ideas - Small DIY coffee station idea for a home coffee bar

Corner Coffee Station Ideas

When you have limited space to put your own home coffee station, you have to get super creative.

Here are some good ideas for a corner coffee station in your kitchen.

Coffee Bar ideas - DIY corner coffee station idea for your kitchen - lots more DIY coffee station ideas on this page.

Countertop Coffee Station Ideas

If you have VERY limited space in your kitchen, why not set up your coffee station on the counter?

Countertop coffee bar ideas - Kitchen coffee station ideas - DIY coffee bar on your countertop

Coffee Station DIY

When you’re planning a home coffee bar, the most important thing is what are you going to set up your coffee station ON?

Here’s a few ideas I really like:

If you follow us on Pinterest, you may have seen this picture where fellow Pinterest user, Melinda, made her own home coffee bar after getting inspiration from all these ideas.

Look how cute her home coffee bar turned out!

Corner coffee bar ideas - Super cute corner coffee bar in this small area of a kitchen.  LOVE it!

Coffee Station Chalkboard Ideas

Of course, no home coffee station is complete without a chalkboard – that’s my favorite part!

So, those are the ideas I’ve been considering. I’m also thinking about adding a small mini-fridge to my coffee station area.

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How about some cute canisters for your coffee station?

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Home Coffee Bars and Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas - Love this coffee bar shelf with hooks (coffee bar mug rack).  One shelf and SO many great DIY ways to use in your kitchen coffee nook!


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