47 Small Kitchen Ideas & Designs For a Low Cost Makeover
... from low cost simple kitchen designs to low budget makeover ideas for very small kitchen spaces, these before & after pics are amazing...

Low Budget Small Kitchen Ideas We LOVE – Ready to makeover your small kitchen BUT you’re on a budget? The low budget small kitchen remodeling ideas below are stunning – the before and after pictures of these low cost tiny kitchen makeover remodels and designs are dramatic changes – all done on a low budget (some ideas are downright CHEAP).

Low cost simple kitchen designs for middle class family for a cute kitchen makeover on a budget

Updated on June 14, 2022

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It might feel impossible to update or remodel an old kitchen on a budget, but once you see these small simple kitchen design makeover reveals, you will be ready to plan your small kitchen remodel TODAY.

Small simple kitchen designs for a low cost simple kitchen design for middle class family homes on a budget- pictures

These pictures and ideas are the perfect low cost simple kitchen design for middle class family homes when you are TRYING to makeover your kitchen on a budget – which is SUPER hard these days.

small kitchen ideas on a budget - before and after small kitchen ideas on a budget and low cost simple kitchen designs - middle class kitchen ideas for a low cost simple kitchen design

Kitchen Ideas - Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget Before and After Pictures

Small Kitchen Ideas

Need Tiny Kitchen Ideas YOU Can Do Yourself? If you have a small kitchen AND you’re on a budget, a small kitchen remodel can seem almost impossible with limited space and limited funds.

As you’ll see in the small kitchen remodel pictures below – no matter what the layout or design of your small kitchen is, there are many inexpensive and affordable DIY ideas to give your kitchen a makeover and a fresh new look (even if it’s a tiny apartment kitchen).

Just take a look at all the remodeled small kitchen before and after pictures below to get some beautiful and affordable ideas for your tiny kitchen remodel.

small kitchen ideas on a budget - tiny kitchen makeovers-before and after small kitchen makeovers,renovation remodel ideas DIY on a budget

Budget-Friendly Small Kitchen Ideas

There are many ways to COMPLETELY remodel a kitchen for under $4,000 – but it can be cheaper than that… MUCH cheaper. The least expensive way to remodel a kitchen is to get things as cheap as possible and to do as much of the work yourself as possible. Just cutting out labor costs for paying a contractor can save you a TON of money.

If you’re on a very limited budget, yet really want a new look for your small, out-dated kitchen, take a look at all these cheap DIY ideas you can try to update the look of your kitchen into a space you love.

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Before & After Pictures

Kitchen Ideas - Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget Before and After Pictures

This small kitchen makeover is proof-positive that you do NOT have to spend thousands of dollars to turn a small out-dated kitchen into a beautiful space – Amazing what a drastic change new paint can make in a small kitchen.

Just take a look at the before and after pictures of this small kitchen makeover…

Budget-Friendly Small Kitchen Ideas - Makeover Your Kitchen on a Budget. Before and After Pictures of a cheap small kitchen makeover
Dramatic change in this low cost small kitchen design makeover – and they only used ONE inexpensive idea

Even though the ‘after’ picture looks dramatically different, if you really look, you’ll notice that the only change is new paint on the walls.

Personally, I think they could also choose one of these popular kitchen cabinet paint colors and create an even more dramatic change without spending much more at all.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to budget-friendly small kitchen renovation ideas, these before and after pictures are jaw-dropping. This tiny old kitchen below now has a beautiful fresh new look – and done very inexpensively.

Lots of small budget-friendly changes and updates were made – can you see them?

Small Kitchen Ideas - Before and AFTER - this very small kitchen had a complete makeover all on a budget!
Before and After! What a great new look for this very small kitchen (and it was all done on a budget!)

They painted the kitchen cabinets white to open up the space, added new counter tops, installed new kitchen lighting and a beautiful new kitchen faucet like one of these below:

Small Kitchen Faucet Ideas

Tiny Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Updating the light fixtures in a small kitchen can make a BIG difference WITHOUT spending a lot of money.

The recessed can lights in the kitchen makeover above made a big difference and really update that outdated tiny kitchen.

Before and AFTER!  Small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget to makeover and remodel a tiny fixer upper kitchen in farmhouse country kitchen style

Small Kitchen Rugs Ideas

Other than new paint on the cabinets and walls, I really think the stunning rug brings it all together in this small kitchen makeover.

Small U-Shaped Kitchen Idea

This small kitchen below looks MUCH better after just using ONE cheap makeover idea – isn’t the before and after dramatic?

Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget - This small U-Shaped Kitchen Makeover Gave a Fresh new Look By Only Doing ONE Cheap Thing
From boring, out-dated kitchen to fresh new stunning look – this small kitchen makeover includes only ONE idea to freshen your kitchen

And yep, all they did was paint their kitchen cabinets – quite a change, right?

And I L-O-V-E that big wood cutting board on the counter!

Small Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Idea

I think the make-over of this small kitchen is DRAMATIC! Just look at the before and after picture!

It went from a very out-dated farm kitchen to a stunning small farmhouse kitchen – and it was all done quite cheaply.

Small Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas on a Budget - This small country kitchen was seriously out-dated and ugly - Now it's a beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen
Before and after – such a beautiful new look for this out-dated country kitchen into a stunning farmhouse kitchen!

That new farmhouse sink is GORGEOUS – what a difference it makes.

Small Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas

VERY Small Kitchen Makeover – Before and After

very small kitchen ideas for remodeling on a budget - before and after makeover
VERY small kitchen makeover – all done on a tight budget!

Very tiny kitchen DIY remodel ideas – love how this small kitchen turned out in the before and after pictures!

That is a REALLY small kitchen, but the changes they made have turned it into a BEAUTIFUL room in their home.

That narrow table with the two bar stools is an excellent way to get a table breakfast room eating area into a tiny kitchen.

Tiny Kitchen Breakfast Table Ideas

Tiny Apartment Kitchen Remodel Before and After

This tiny apartment kitchen had a beautiful makeover and remodel. While the kitchen layout is super small and one would think there isn’t any hope of having a useful and stunning kitchen, this before and after picture sure proves otherwise.

Small apartment kitchen ideas on a budget - this tiny apartment / condo kitchen makeover before and after is stunning - and all done on a budget
BIG change for this small apartment / condo kitchen – love all the ideas they used (and they did it cheaply!)

I, personally, wouldn’t think this remodel was done on a tight budget, but they sure spent their money right.

What REALLY opens up this small kitchen is that white fake brick back splash – though I prefer white subway tile.

The before/after picture of the small condo / apartment picture really highlights all the inexpensive changes you can make in a small kitchen that make a BIG difference!

$5,000 Kitchen Remodel

Here are some before and after pictures of a $5,000 kitchen remodel:

$5,000 Kitchen Remodel

Here’s how that $5,000 kitchen remodel budget broke down:

  • $2,000 for kitchen appliances
  • $1,500 for wood and trim
  • $350 for kitchen countertops
  • $400 for new kitchen sink
  • $300 for kitchen tiling
  • $450 for counter pulls, paint, misc items

If $5,000 is way out of your budget, you can remodel your entire kitchen for under $4,000 by: selling your old appliances, doing as much work yourself as possible, use as many items you already have as possible, use paint instead of tile, buy at discount stores, etc.

Before & After on a Budget

When it comes to small budget kitchen makeover ideas that make a BIG change in the over-all look of a tiny, outdated kitchen, these ideas below are the clear winners.

Small Kitchen Ideas We Love - this small kitchen makeover before after picture shows lots of DIY ideas to remodel your kitchen on a budget - painted cabinets, new backsplash, new farmhouse sink - all budget-friendly small kitchen ideas
With a small budget, this small kitchen makeover turned out amazing!

3 main things made ALL the difference in that kitchen makeover: painting the cabinets, new backsplash and a new farmhouse style sink – all done within a small budget.

Space-Saving Small Kitchen Ideas

In a tiny kitchen, it’s all about making the most out of the limited space you have.

With limited counter area, there just isn’t room to keep all your important utensils and appliances sitting out.

Heck, many of us barely have room for a trash can!

In a small kitchen space, it’s all about how to maximize the storage space you DO have, right?

These are our favorite space-saving items for small kitchens.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Love the farmhouse look? Me too!

✅ Check out these small farmhouse kitchen remodel ideas

Small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget - small farmhouse kitchen remodel before and after pictures

Small Kitchen Ideas: DIY Tiny Kitchen Remodel & Apartment Kitchen Redesigns Before and After Pictures ST1202019 Great ideas for a tiny kitchen makeover on a budget! Let’s take a look at lots of tiny apartments kitchen remodel ideas and space saving tiny kitchen ideas that are true kitchen inspiration for compact living and organizing small houses.
small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget - before and after small kitchen and tiny kitchen remodel pictures

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