Finger Foods For Baby with NO Teeth? The Ultimate List of Finger Foods for Baby WITHOUT Teeth

• Finger Foods For Your Toothless Baby •

Finger foods for a baby without TEETH? WHICH baby finger foods are best? How can babies eat solid food if they don’t have any teeth to chew with? When can I START giving my baby finger foods? All that AND big lists of easy fingers foods for your baby with NO teeth below.

Baby Finger Foods for babies with NO TEETH - best list of easy fingers foods for babies with no teeth (good for baby led weaning too)

This might amaze you, especially if you’re a first time Mom, but babies with no teeth can eat almost anything. Their gums are tough and they’ll try to mash any food you offer with those tough, toothless gums.

This Baby Led Feeding information is SO helpful (especially if you’re new to all this)!

Baby Led Feeding Tips and Tricks for Moms - what to feed a baby without teeth?  These tips will help!

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Most moms find that their adorable toothless baby will eat whatever the rest of the family is eating. The trick is to make sure what you offer is soft (fully cooked, totally ripe, etc) and that you don’t offer spicy foods, exotic foods, or foods known to cause allergies (ask our doctor).

Is your family having lasagna for dinner – baby can eat that. Are you having meatloaf? Yep, baby can eat that too.

Baby’s without teeth can even eat raw apples, broccoli, etc… BUT that is for moms feeding their baby with this Baby Led Weaning technique. It’s amazing what babies can eat with just a tooth or 2 – or no teeth at all.

But remember: SAFETY FIRST.

Always feed your baby while sitting up in a proper high chair and NEVER let them eat anything alone or while in the reclining position. Baby’s also have a VERY sensitive gag reflex that is designed by nature to protect them from choking. But nature isn’t always perfect, right? Be sure you know the proper way to save a baby, or ANYONE, from choking.

When Can I Give My Baby Finger Foods?

The average age for starting finger foods for most babies is between 6 and 9 months old (naturally, check with your pediatrician first). Many babies begin their experience with solid foods by eating finger foods rather than pureed or store-bought baby food – this is called Baby Led Weaning.

What is Baby Led Weaning?

How does BLW work? Won’t my baby choke? When to start baby led weaning? Can my baby do baby led weaning with NO teeth?

Learn all about Baby Led Weaning here.

Best Baby Finger Foods

Here is a great list of easy finger foods for baby with no teeth. Be sure any vegetables are cooked and soft and fruits are ripe and soft. Thanks to Baby Center for these baby finger foods ideas.

  1. O-shaped toasted oat cereal
  2. small chunks of ripe banana
  3. mango
  4. plum
  5. pear
  6. peaches
  7. cantaloupe
  8. seedless watermelon
  9. small cubes of tofu
  10. well-cooked pasta spirals
  11. thin cheese strips
  12. cut-up seedless grapes
  13. cherries (pits removed)
  14. blueberries
  15. cooked carrots
  16. cooked peas
  17. cooked zucchini
  18. cooked potato
  19. cooked sweet potato

No Teeth Baby Finger Food Combinations has this list of fingers foods for the baby with no teeth when you want to know what finger food combination works best.

  1. Green beans with pears
  2. Butternut squash with peaches
  3. Peas with plums
  4. Carrots with apple
  5. Banana with cherries
  6. Fresh mozzarella with tomato
  7. Cheddar cheese with figs
  8. Sweet potato with apple
  9. Banana with avocado
  10. Roast chicken with apple
  11. Cheese omelet with turkey-apple sausage
  12. Elbow pasta with marinara sauce and foccacia
  13. Cheese toast with sweet potato fries
  14. Swiss cheese with apricots
  15. Mac ‘n’ cheese with beets

What To Feed 9 Month Old Without Teeth?

If your baby is a bit older, but still doesn’t have any teeth (which is “normal, by the way), here are some great ideas of finger foods to feed your 9 month old or 10 month old baby (heck, it’s a great list of finger foods for toddlers, too!)

  1. Toasted Cheese Bread
  2. Pasta
  3. Cucumber
  4. Soft Fruit
  5. Cooked Sticks of Vegetables
  6. Cooked Broccoli
  7. Cooked Squash
  8. Sticks Of Cheese
  9. Strips of Cooked Chicken
  10. Ripe Melon
  11. Cheerios
  12. Toasted Bagel
  13. Scrambled Eggs

In short, you can give your baby pretty much any food your family eats (safety first) – and that IS your goal: to have your entire family all sitting down eating the same thing TOGETHER.

If I cook meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans – baby eats all that, too.

My Instant Pot has been a LIFE-SAVER for cooking for the entire family – it makes cooking SO much easier AND things are soft and perfect for the baby with NO TEETH =)

I cook just about everything in my Instant Pot – and it’s SO fast and easy.

Here are Instant Pot Cooking Times – see how FAST it cooks!?!?

It’s a VERY handy kitchen cooking gadget!

Thinking About Getting an Instant Pot?

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Baby Finger Foods for babies with NO TEETH - best list of easy fingers foods for babies with no teeth (good for baby led weaning too)

Baby Led Weaning: My Experience, Tips, First Foods and What Works

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