Oh my goodness, SO many NERF toys EVERYWHERE! And not just from the kids either – their Dad is ALL about NERF toys, No matter how I try to clean them up and organize them, it always looks like a cluttered messy PILE.

Here are some ideas I’ve found for NERF storage and organization ideas that are pretty genius.
NERF storage solutions and toy organization ideas

Updated on December 25, 2022

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If your kids are fans of NERF toys, you know how quickly they can take over a room. From dart blasters to ALL those foam accessories, it’s easy for NERF toys to pile up and become a cluttered mess. It’s like they reproduce on their own, right?!?

I finally gathered ALL my kid’s NERF stuff into a pile and let me tell you – I was SHOCKED at just how many NERF toys they have!

how to organize LOTS of NERF toys

How in the WORLD was I gonna organize all that AND allllllllll the little accessories and vests and foam darts and balls and all that STUFF?

I was gonna have to turn to my go-to expert on ALL things…. my best friend.

My BFF, Carrie, is one of those “Super Mom” type of moms – she always seems to have it all together!

Carrie has 3 young boys that have a TON of toys… and yes, an overwhelming assortment of NERF toys.

But guess what? Yep, Carrie has ALL that organized too.

So, I decided to ask her how she organized all their NERF stuff over the phone last night and she said I could share her answers her.

Here’s part of our conversation:

Organizing toys and ALL the kid's NERF stuff

Jen (me): Hiya my Carrie!

Carrie (my BFF): Hey, girl!

Jen: Look, we both have a BUNCH of kids and have toy clutter EVERYWHERE. I saw you came up with some really clever ways to organize ALL of your boy’s NERF toys. Can you tell us how you did it?

Carrie: Sure! It definitely wasn’t easy, especially since my boys seem to always be getting new NERF toys – ugh!

But I found that the key was to have a designated spot for everything and to try to keep like items together. I started by getting a few large storage bins and labeling them with the type of NERF toy that goes inside.

…the key was to have a designated spot for everything and to try to keep like items together

For example, I have one storage bin for dart blasters, one for foam darts and vests, and one for smaller items like ALL those NERF accessories and extras. This helps keep everything organized and easy to find.

Recently, Craig (her husband) took an old broken bookshelf we had in the garage and converted it into a NERF storage unit.

He took a few pieces of that wire shelving stuff we had in our pantry to make an angled NERF blaster rack at the top and large bin area at the bottom.

Here’s what it looks like:

DIY Nerf storage unit made from repurposed old bookshelf and wire shelving

He’s so clever! You should see the old dresser he turned into our Guinea Pig house!

I also found it helpful to use the wall space in their playroom. I installed shelves and used baskets and bins to keep the smaller items contained.

And for the larger NERF toys, like those mega-sized dart blaster things, I hung them on a pegboard using hooks. This keeps them off the floor and easy to access.

Jen: Do you think your boys will keep up with your storage solutions you’ve made for them? I can organize like crazy, but it usually takes 2.2 minutes for my kids to tear it ALL apart haha!

Carrie: I definitely think they can, with a little bit of guidance and reminders from me. I’ve found that it’s important to involve them in the process of organizing and storing their NERF toys. I’ve taken the time to show them where everything goes and how to properly store and care for their NERF toys. And I make sure to praise them when they do a good job of putting things away.

I also try to set a good example by always putting my own things away and keeping the playroom organized. And if I notice that things are starting to get cluttered again, I’ll take a few minutes to tidy up and remind my boys of the importance of keeping things organized. It’s definitely a work in progress, but…

Jen: Ok, girl – now you’re showing off haha! Just playing! So next question – I find those NERF foam darts EVERYWHERE in my house? How do you store them?

Carrie: Oh yeah, those darts can be tough to keep track of! I’ve found a few different solutions that have worked for us. One is to use an over-the-door organizer with pockets or compartments. I keep this in the playroom and the boys know to put their darts in there when they’re done playing.

 Over Door Hanging NERF StorageFound Here Big Conatiner For NERF DartsFound Here


I’ve also found it helpful to use small storage containers, like old coffee containers or small plastic bins, to store the darts. I label these containers with the type of dart they hold (e.g. “suction darts” or “whistler darts”) and keep them in the designated storage bins for the NERF toys. This helps keep the darts contained, easy to find AND easy to clean up.

Jen: Was it expensive to do all that?

Carrie: Not at all! I found a lot of the storage solutions I use at thrift stores, garage sales, or on clearance at department stores. I’ve also repurposed items I already had, like old bins and baskets, to store the NERF toys. And I’ve found that a little bit of creativity goes a long way. For example, I used a pegboard and hooks to hang the dart guns, which was a cheap and easy solution that works great.

We even made it look like an American flag:

NERF storage wall in the playroom

Jen: That looks fantastic, Carrie! You’re so talented!

Thanks for letting me share your tips and tricks with my readers. See ya next week at ball practice!

Carrie: No problem! I’m always happy to share my organization tips. And I’ll see you at ball practice next week!

10 NERF Storage Ideas

You’ll notice that most of the NERF storage ideas are wall organizers, but that’s not the ONLY way to store your NERF blasters and accessories.

Here are 10 creative DIY storage and organization ideas for your NERF collection.

NERF toy organization ideas

1. Use a Toy Chest or Storage Bin

A toy chest or storage bin is a simple and effective way to keep your NERF toys organized. Look for a large container with a lid to keep the toys out of sight when they’re not in use. You can also opt for clear plastic bins so you can easily see what’s inside. Just be sure to label the bins so you know which toys are in which container.

2. Utilize Wall Space with Shelves

If you’re short on floor space, consider using wall shelves to store your NERF toys. This can be especially useful if you have a collection of blasters or other larger NERF toys. Look for sturdy shelves that can hold the weight of your toys and consider using bins or baskets to keep smaller items from falling through the cracks.

3. Hang Your NERF Toys on a Pegboard

Pegboards are a versatile storage solution that can be used for just about any type of toy, including NERF toys. Simply install a pegboard in a convenient location and use hooks to hang your NERF toys. This is a great option for all your blasters, foam darts, and other items that have a handle or loop that can be hung.

 NERF Peg Board OrganizerFound Here NERF Blaster Storage RackFound Here


4. Use a Toy Hammock

A toy hammock is a creative way to store your NERF toys and make use of otherwise unused space. These mesh netting hammocks are easy to install and can hold a variety of smaller NERF toys, such as darts and balls. Simply stretch the hammock between two points (such as the corners of a room) and fill it with your NERF toys.

5. Create a NERF Toy Display

If you have a particularly impressive NERF toy collection, consider creating a display to show it off. This could be as simple as hanging a few of your favorite NERF toys on the wall or as elaborate as building a custom shelving unit. Just be sure to keep the display out of reach of young children to prevent accidents.

6. Use Over-the-Door Organizers

Over-the-door organizers are a handy storage solution for small NERF toys, such as darts and balls. These organizers typically have pockets or compartments that can hold a variety of items, making it easy to keep your NERF toys organized and within reach.

7. Utilize Under-Bed Storage

If you have a lot of NERF toys and not much storage space, consider using the space under your bed to store them. Look for storage bins or boxes specifically designed for under-bed storage. These containers are often shallow, making it easy to slide them in and out from under the bed.

 NERF Storage BagFound Here NERF Storage SystemFound Here


8. Use a Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a convenient way to store and transport your NERF toys. Simply load the cart with your NERF toys and roll it to wherever you’re playing. When you’re done, simply roll the cart back to its designated storage spot.

9. Organize by Type of Toy

Another effective way to keep your NERF toys organized is to sort them by type. For example, you could have a bin for your blasters, a bin for foam accessories, and a bin for smaller items such as darts and balls. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and keeps similar items together.

10. Use a Cabinet or Closet

If you have a cabinet or closet with shelving, consider using it to store your NERF toys. This is a great option for larger items, such as foam swords and shields, as well as smaller items like darts and balls. Just be sure to use bins or baskets to keep everything organized and in its designated spot.

In conclusion, there are many creative storage and organization ideas for your NERF toy collection. From toy chests and storage bins to pegboards and toy hammocks, there’s something for everyone. By finding the right solution for your space and needs, you can keep your NERF toys organized and in good condition for years to come.

15-Minute DIY NERF Storage Board

If you like quick and EASY DIY projects and need a wall storage solution for everything NERF, check out this short video tutorial that walks you through how to make your own peg board NERF organizer.

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A big thanks to my BFF, Carrie – who ALWAYS has EVERYTHING organized. Love ya, Girl!

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