one pan dessert recipes - easy make ahead desserts for a crowd

Super SIMPLE 3-Ingredient Dump and Bake Desserts That Are Perfect For A Crowd! These make ahead dump cake recipes below are the EASIEST last minute potluck dessert recipes you’ll ever make.

When you need to make a quick dessert or sweet treat for a crowd, for your family, church, brunch, potluck at work, etc, these dump cakes are the perfect idea. These are also easy food ideas for your cookout or block party, too! Plus: these simple desserts are SERIOUS “crowd-pleasers”!

dump cake recipes

Updated on May 1, 2023

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3-Ingredient Desserts – Just Dump and Bake

Below you will find some really easy make ahead 3-ingredient dessert recipes with pictures. If you love super quick desserts that are easy and with few ingredients, you will love these simple dump cake recipes!

They’re also perfect quick one pan desserts for company – and easy desserts to impress your guests at home or when you take a dessert to a party, potluck or any get-together.

potluck dump cake recipes
Trying to feed AND please YOUR crowd?

Try these easy party appetizer recipes

Easy Dump Cake Recipes

Let’s look at the ingredients and directions for making each of these dump cake recipes…

Peach Cobbler Dump Cake Recipe

Super simple Desserts for a crowd - easy dump cake recipes - easy peach cobbler with cake mix - peach cobbler dump cake recipe
This easy peach cobbler dump cake recipe is SO good and super easy to make. I make it all the time – especially the summer. Drop a big scoop of cool vanilla ice cream on top – yum!

This is a “3 ingredient dump cake”, too – just 2 cans of peaches, a box of yellow cake mix and one stick of melted butter.


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Oreo Cookie Dump Cake Recipe

chocolate oreo dump cake recipe
This Oreo Cookie Dump Cake is HEAVENLY! Not only is it super easy to make – my kids (and my hubby) LOVE it!

Just mix together instant vanilla pudding, milk, chocolate fudge cake mix and chocolate chips – top with cool whip and crushed up Oreo cookies.

SOOOOO good!

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Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake Recipe

easy chocolate dump cake recipes with cake mix and cherry pie filling
This dump cake is another super easy 3 ingredient dump cake that is pure heaven.

Just mix together 2 cans of cherry pie filling, 1 box of devils food cake mix, and some melted butter and you will have quick and easy dessert that any chocolate lover will LOVE.

Sometimes, ya just gotta have chocolate, right?

This easy dump cake is the perfect solution for that “gotta have chocolate NOW” craving!

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Cherry Dump Cake Recipe

3 ingredient cherry dump cake with cake mix and pie filling
Looking for a more traditional dump cake recipe? This cherry dump cake is incredibly simple to make and is a big family favorite in this house.

The ingredients are one box of yellow cake mix, two cans of cherry pie filling, one teaspoon of almond extract and a stick of melted butter

It doesn’t get much easier than that for a fast and simple dessert.

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Blueberry Dump Cake Recipe

blueberry dump cake recipe with frozen blueberries and cake mix
My personal favorite is this blueberry dump cake recipe – I just LOVE blueberries.

Now, you can use fresh blueberries if you want to when they’re in season, but frozen blueberries work perfectly.

Mix together 4 cups of frozen blueberries, half a cup of sugar, one box of yellow cake mix and a stick and a half of melted butter.

Easy peasy – and so delicious!

Directions are here

Banana Bread Dump Cake Recipe

This unique banana bread dump cake recipe is SO good and super easy to make. The first time I made it for a family get-together and everyone LOVED it.

They thought I worked hard on it, too – ha!

It’s also a quick and easy recipe for those old bananas on your counter!

All it takes is 3 bananas, half a cup of milk, one box of banana bread quick mix and half a cup of melted butter.

Directions are here

More Simple Desserts

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Miss a Dump Cake Recipe?

one pan dessert recipes - easy make ahead desserts for a crowd

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