first apartment checklists, essentials and packing lists for your 1st rental at college

First College Apartment MUST HAVES – Detailed 1st apartment essentials packing lists and first apartment checklists for your first college apartment – and an essentials checklist to print. There are a LOT of cool things for your college apartment, but don’t forget to pack these necessities when you’re college apartment shopping! These are essential things you need for your college apartment.

First Time Apartment Checklist For College Students - essential things to move into college rental - printable first apartment checklists and room by room packing lists for moving into your 1st college apartment

Updated on July 24, 2022

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College Apartment Essentials

Whether it’s your first college apartment or you’ve lived in off campus housing before, there is always something we forget when shopping and packing for a college apartment living situation.

In these VERY thorough college apartment essentials lists below, you will find apartment essentials checklists for every room in your apartment including your college apartment bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

There is also a very helpful first time apartment checklist of random Must Haves that always seem to be forgotten when moving in.

college apartment essentials must haves and first apartment checklists

✅ Must Haves

So, what do you REALLY need for your college apartment? Let’s talk college apartment essentials and give you a printable shopping list for YOUR college apartment.

First Apartment Checklists

first apartment checklists, essentials and packing lists for your 1st rental at college - things you NEED when moving into your first time apartment

In the first apartment checklists below, there are a LOT of essentials and Must Have items that you WILL need for your first rental or off campus housing.

Naturally, if your college apartment comes furnished, there are things on the checklists below that you can check off.

If you are sharing your college apartment with roommates, share these checklists with them so everyone knows what everyone else is bringing on move in day.

To me, the MOST important checklist below is the Random Essentials Checklist – those are the things we all tend to forget to bring when moving into a college apartment.

The link to print these first college apartment checklists is down at the bottom.

Bedroom Essentials

Living in a college apartment is MUCH different than living in a college dorm room!

Here’s a big checklist of things you need for your first college apartment bedroom:

First Apartment Checklist-Bedroom Essentials for 1st apartment rental at college - printable pdf must haves and packing lists

  • __ Mattress Topper
  • __ Bedding
  • __ Bed Frame
  • __ Under Bed Storage
  • __ Pillows
  • __ Clothes Hamper
  • __ Clothing Storage
  • __ Hangers

Bathroom Essentials

Heck YES, no more dorm room bathrooms for you!

Here’s a big checklist of things you need for your college apartment bathroom:

first apartment checklist-bathroom essentials and packing list for 1st rental college apartment - ultimate first apartment packing lists and detailed checklists

  • __ Shower Curtain / Liner
  • __ Shower Curtain Hooks
  • __ Bath Mat
  • __ Towels
  • __ Hand Towels
  • __ Washcloths
  • __ Toilet Cleaner
  • __ Toilet Bowl Brush
  • __ Bathroom Cleaner
  • __ Toothbrush Holder
  • __ Makeup Storage Organizer
  • __ Makeup Mirror

Kitchen Essentials

Here’s a big checklist of things you need for your college apartment kitchen:

first apartment checklist-kitchen essentials - printable pdf college rental 1st apartment checklists and packing lists

  • __ Baking Sheet
  • __ Toaster
  • __ Pots/ Pans
  • __ Paper Towel Holder
  • __ Salt & Pepper
  • __ Cooking Utensils
  • __ Blender
  • __ Coffee Maker
  • __ Coffee
  • __ Coffee Filters
  • __ Measuring Cups/ Spoons
  • __ Oven Mitts
  • __ Dish Towels
  • __ Drawer Organizers
  • __ Couple Sharp Knives
  • __ Silverware / Flatware
  • __ Coffee Mugs
  • __ Glassware
  • __ Plates / Bowls
  • __ Mixing Bowls
  • __ Can Opener
  • __ Microwave
  • __ Ziploc Bags
  • __ Food Storage Containers
  • __ Cutting Board
  • __ Ice Cram Scoop
  • __ Pizza Cutter
  • __ Chip Bag Clips

Living Room Essentials

Here’s a big checklist of things you need for your college apartment living room:

first apartment checklist-living room essentials and ultimate detailed packing list for first rental or 1st college apartment

  • __ Couch
  • __ Wall Hook for Keys
  • __ Rug
  • __ Coffee Table
  • __ Door Mat
  • __ TV
  • __ TV Stand
  • __ Side Table
  • __ Lamp
  • __ Throw Blanket

Random Essentials

Here’s a big first apartment checklist of essential items for your 1st college apartment that you’ll probably forget to pack:

first apartment checklist-esssentials for 1st apartment or college rental that most forget to pack

  • __ Extension Cords
  • __ Power Strips
  • __ Swiffer Dusters
  • __ Vacuum Cleaners
  • __ Paper Towels
  • __ Toilet Paper
  • __ Paper Towels
  • __ Dish Soap
  • __ Dishwasher Pods
  • __ Laundry Detergent
  • __ Dryer Sheets
  • __ Trash Cans
  • __ Curtains
  • __ Trash Bags
  • __ Scissors
  • __ Small Basic Tool Set

Printable Checklist

You can print the college apartment essentials from her video above here.

PDF Checklists

1. The Ultimate College Apartment Checklist Downloadable PDF – For many of you, this will be your first time living in your own place, having to furnish, decorate and occupy your own space. Even for those that have lived off-campus before, remembering and coordinating all the college essentials to bring without downloading a comprehensive college apartment checklist is daunting.

From big items like couches and boxsprings to appliances like coffeemakers and hair curlers to small items like scissors and cereal bowls, there are a slew of college essentials to remember to mark off your checklist… download PDF checklist here

2. Your First Apartment Checklist: Essential Move-In Items You Must Have – Apartment Necessities: Things you need for your first apartment Download our first apartment checklist PDF, and start shopping… download PDF checklist here

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