Hutch ReDo Ideas – 8 Clever Other Uses For Dining Room Hutch Cabinets

Repurposed and Refurbished China Cabinet Ideas –

Thinking about converting a china cabinet or dining room hutch into something new and beautiful for your home? Take a look at all the clever hutch redo ideas from our Pinterest followers – I never knew there were so many OTHER uses for a dining room hutch!

Hutch ReDo Ideas and Other Uses for Dining Room Hutch Cabinets.  Beautiful repurposed china cabinet ideas and hutch makeover before and after pictures.  These china cabinet redo ideas are brilliant ways for converting a china cabinet or dining room hutch into a coffee bar, storage or beautiful upcycled furniture.

Hutch Redo Ideas - Other Uses For Dining Room Hutch and Refurbished China Cabinet Ideas For Converting a China Cabinet

I just love how Beth transformed her old hutch into such a beautiful and unique coffee bar.

She even put a mini fridge in it (it’s behind the big cabinet door)!

Hutch redo ideas - a refurbished china cabinet turned into a coffee bar

Colleen turned a keepsake hutch into a beautiful display cabinet and drink cabinet for her home.

The old china cabinet belonged to her late mother-in-law and, like me, I imagine she wanted to redo it and keep it in the family.

I love the lights!

Converting a china cabinet into a beautiful keepsake - this old, run down hutch belonged to her mother in law and she converted it into a keepsake treasure!

Did you also notice the clever use of the old window frame and mason jars?

Now, Andra went all out and repainted her old hutch – then turned it into a wine bar / cocktail station.

What I think is really clever is that she painted the inside of the hutch doors with blackboard paint like this – brilliant and such a nice touch!

I sure do LOVE the blue paint color, too!

Refurbished China Cabinet Ideas - Thinking about painting an old china cabinet hutchen and converting it into a beautiful piece of funriture?  Check out these hutch redo ideas!

Maria really converted her old china cabinet into a gorgeous piece of art!

Wouldn’t you LOVE the have a coffee bar hutch like this??

Repurposed china cabinet hutch redo ideas we LOVE - this refurbished china cabinet is now a GORGEOUS coffee bar!

Here’s another converted hutch turned coffee bar that Nicole made…

Wowzers – I just LOVE it!

From the clever use of old pallet wood on the inside to that gorgeous light fixture – just a stunning piece of furniture!

It also has a warm farmhouse / rustic look to it that I just love!

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I am obsessed with coffee bar ideas (there, I admitted it! ha!) I am SO into having a countertop coffee station or corner coffee bar in my kitchen since I got my new awesome coffee maker – so I’ve been on the hunt for the PERFECT ideas for a farmhouse coffee bar at home – and I’ve found them!

Hutch makeover before and after - these refurbished china cabinet ideas are just brilliant and clever one day DIY projects to try.  Old hutch redo turned into a rustic farmhouse coffee bar with pallet wood and lights

Mandie also used old pallet wood and wired her old hutch with lights – but she turned it into a gorgeous display cabinet for her living room.

Hutch Redo Ideas - Other uses for dining room hutch and more refurbished china cabinet ideas - Love the clever use of old pallet wood and lighting inside this repurposed china cabinet hutch!

I have NO idea who came up with this next idea (someone randomly shared the picture on Facebook that they found somewhere), but I think it is an absolutely GENIUS idea for repurposing the TOP of an old china cabinet hutch.

Just look at this idea:

Repurposed China Cabinet Ideas - wondering what to do with TOP half of hutch?  Take a look at this clever DIY storage cabinet idea for your laundry room - the shelves and cabinets are a simple hutch redo idea.  See OTHER uses for dining room hutch cabinets here...

If you’re ever wondered what to DO with the TOP half of a hutch – don’t forget clever ideas like this to repurpose it into useful storage shelves and cabinets in your laundry room.

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