57+ Sensory Learning Board Ideas for Toddlers You Can DIY


Easy Busy Boards and Latch Boards to Make For Your Toddler or One Year Old •

I just LOVE all these pictures of do it yourself sensory board ideas for toddlers & babies that you can make! Such a cute handmade birthday gift idea for your little one AND these activity boards will keep them happy, quiet and busy for hours all while developing their fine motor skills.
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Updated on December 15, 2021

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Activity Boards for Toddlers and one year olds - DIY Busy Board Ideas for toddlers | Sensory Board Ideas DIYHave you thought about making a sensory board for your toddler or preschooler?

All kids LOVE homemade busy boards – hours of entertainment for them…and hours of calm for you.

There’s a reason they’re called “busy boards” – and for busy, tired parents of toddlers, these are the best toys of all.

Have you seen all these cute “busy toys” on sale on Amazon? Some GREAT deals!

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If your kids love toys (grin) and you love saving money on toys they will actually play with – be sure to check out this page.

Let’s take a look at some super creative and unique toddler busy board ideas that we just love.

Here’s just a small sample of the activity board ideas you’ll find on this page below:

Busy Boards for Toddlers! Sensory Board DIY busy activity learning board ideas - Home made sensory board ideas for baby play, toddler and for 1 year old fine motor skills - How to make a home made sensory board for kids (dollar stores sensory wall) - awesome and fun learning activities and simple sensory activities for toddlers and baby (boys and girls - 18 months, one year old, two year old and toddlers / preschoolers

These homemade activity boards are relatively easy for you to make yourself with random household objects you probably already have around your home.

Add some bright color or some personalization, like the bright green board, and you have an AWESOME sensory activity board that your child will love.

I’m sure we can all agree – Parenting sure is easier when your baby, toddler or pre-schooler has fun and educational toys to play with.

These “busy boards” ARE educational – and they’re easy to make at home.

Sensory Busy Board ideas - DIY activity boards for toddlers

Below are 16+ really awesome home made sensory busy activity board ideas (and ‘latch board’ ideas) and some DIY busy board instructions and tips as well.

✅ Sensory Board DIY Ideas

Busy boards for toddlers - one year old sensory board ideas

LOVE all these unique sensory boards in the picture above. Latch Boards are super fun toddler activity boards and super easy to make at home.

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Sensory Board Idea for Boys

Sensory Boards Ideas!  Love this cute busy board /activity board - cute ideas for a baby boys first birthday!

We just love the way this boy-themed sensory board is set up – isn’t the background perfect? The colors alone will be sure to draw attention.

Toddler Activity Boards for Boys - DIY busy board idea for toddlers - sensory board ideas - make your own busy board

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Easy DIY Sensory Board Idea

Easy Sensory Boards for Toddlers - Make one of the cute and easy DIY activity boards

How fun is THIS sensory board??!?! The push lights, and magnet letters and all those fun gizmos… love the phone, too!

Busy BOOK Idea

Baby Busy Book - hours of entertainment.. she loves it!

We wanted a “busy” activity that we could take with us. We found this Busy Book made by the folks at Lamaze…and she loves it!

LOTS of parents love it!

Read all the reviews here.

DIY Upcycled Car Dashboard Busy Board

Sensory Board Ideas!  DIY busy activity board that looks like a car dashboard - fun for a one year old or toddler!

LOVE this cute idea! All the boys here love driving and playing with cars so there is no doubt they would love this board!

DIY Baby Crib Busy Board Idea

Busy activity boards for toddlers and DIY sensory latch boards for 1 year olds

This is a smart idea – it looks like they used a big wood cutting board for the base of the sensory board. Heck, even I could do that!

Ultimate DIY Sensory Board Idea

6 Unique Sensory Activity Board Ideas for Toddlers - Very clever (and simple) ideas for creating a sensory board for your toddler boy or girl.  We also call them

This has to be the BEST homemade toddler busy board I’ve come across!

I love following this little family on YouTube – they’re simply awesome. You can follow them here.

Here’s his video showing how he made this sensory board for his little girl.

Toddler Busy Sensory TABLE

Great sensory

My sister has twin boys that are toddlers. She and her husband decided to get this busy table for toddlers for them…and it sure was worth the money!

See the busy table up close here.

I bet the crafty parents could make something like this.

DIY Sensory Board with Primary Colors

Activity Board Ideas for toddlers, baby and one year olds - Sensory activities for toddlers and baby - toddler busy boards and DIY sensory board ideas - great gift for a one year old!

The primary colors painted on the background of this awesome busy board make it much more appealing to toddlers. This sensory board sure is a BUSY board… look at all the fun stuff!

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DIY Latch Board Ideas for Toddlers

Busy Activity Boards and Latch Boards for toddlers or 1 year olds birthday - DIY latchboard Idea - easy toddler busy board

DEAL ALERT: These Sensory Toys are on Sale

Busy boards and sensory activity board ideas - Fun DIY latch board sensory board - toddlers, babies, and all kids LOVE these busy boards!

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Busy board ideas for toddlers and one year olds - DIY sensory board ideas and latch board ideas for 1 year old

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Toddler Sensory Board - love these sensory toys for toddlers and babies - this is the ultimate DIY sensory board!

Learning and busy sensory board activity boards for 1 year olds - DIY activity boards and creative busy board DIY ideas

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Activity Board ideas - Toddler busy board for one year old - DIY sensory board for 1 year old birthday

6 DIY Sensory Board (Busy Board/Activity Board) ideas for toddlers.  Yep, you can make these yourself with "upcycled" things from around your house.