Small Foyer Decorating Ideas For The Odd-Shaped Empty Wall In Your Entryway

Small Entryway and Foyer Hallway Interior Design Decorating Ideas On a Budget – Let’s decorate your small or awkward entryway and look at design ideas for how to FAKE an entryway when you don’t have one.

Foyer decorating inspiration and entryway decor ideas including some small entryway ideas for the foyer in your church, house or apartment. These are beautiful DIY entry hallway decor and foyer decorating ideas that are perfect for small areas when you’re decorating your small entrance on a budget.

decorate weird empty foyer wall

Updated on June 8, 2024

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Foyer Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas for a Small Foyer – Do you want to decorate your small foyer or a tiny apartment entrance hall?

We found some stunning DIY small foyer interior design ideas and budget-friendly decorating ideas that you’ll adore even if you have an odd-shaped foyer or awkward entryway.

Foyer interior design ideas for small apartment entryway or small house entrance - entry hallway ideas to decorate your entry hall on a budget

Whether your entryway foyer is narrow or you have stairs, we found LOTS of ways to decorate very small entrance halls even if you’re on a budget.

Like this beautiful narrow home entrance hall from Ninth & Vine on Instagram below…

Beautiful narrow entrance hall foyer to modern farmhouse home

Classy, tasteful and makes that small space really pop with style.

That long narrow foyer console table fits perfectly!

Fun fact – that brick accent wall is NOT really brick –

✅ It’s peel and stick fake brick like this.

Here’s another way to style that same narrow foyer table from Jeralyn Conklin on Instagram who said:

I love switching this table up throughout the year from season to season. It’s probably my favorite spot in the house to style right now!

Beautiful narrow entrance hall foyer to modern farmhouse home

Foyers and home entryways come in ALL shapes and sizes – even “outroom” foyers like this from Shelby Girard on Instagram can be decorated beautifully!

Beautiful narrow entrance hall foyer to modern farmhouse home

On a Budget?

Every home is unique, and every make-over budget is unique as well.

The cost of decorating your small foyer is influenced by a variety of factors, including your own taste and aesthetic, as well as the size of your entryway.

To make your small foyer or dark hallway brighter, warm and cozy, opt for warm paint colors to spruce up the initial impression of your home or apartment when someone first walks in the door AND to make that small space feel bigger than it is.

Here are some excellent entryway paint colors that work very well in small foyer hallways.

Entryway paint colors - best foyer color ideas are warm entryway colors and cozy neutrals and grays - which is the best paint color for dark hallway - foyer interior design ideas for decorating a warm and cozy living room small foyer on a budget

Choosing the right paint colors will brighten up and tiny dark boring space, make your home more comfortable and feel more like HOME.

A good rule of thumb is…

TINY entryway – go with light wall paint colors to open up the space and make it feel bigger.

Larger foyers can go with darker paint color schemes.

Now, as I said, that is a “rule of thumb” but not an absolute.

You can absolutely use darker paint colors in a small space, but be sure to open it up with a mirror to give the room light and dimension.

Even a teeny-tiny entry hall can be decorated beautifully and appear bigger with a stunning mirror focal point on the wall.

Entrance Hall Ideas With Mirrors

As you can see in the pictures above, light paint colors DO make a small foyer appear bigger, but even using the dark wall color looks fabulous with a great entrance hall mirror on the wall.

Here are more foyer wall decor ideas I LOVE:

Foyer Wall Ideas - Small Entryway foyer wall decor, foyer decorating ideas for apartments / small house on a budget - modern, farmhouse, contemporary, grey living room, rustic hallway, entranceway, mirrors, tables and more small entryway interior design ideas
Foyer Wall Ideas

As you can see, there are many ways to spruce up your small entry area WITHOUT spending a ton of money.

You just have to find decorating ideas that work well with the SIZE of foyer space you have – and the SHAPE of the space you have to work with.

Small Foyer Decorating Ideas For The Odd-Shaped Empty Wall In Your Entryway
from Farmhouse Decor Ideas on Instagram

Small Foyer Decorating Ideas For The Odd-Shaped Empty Wall In Your Entryway
from Twigg + Lu Design Co. on Instagram

For example, I REALLY wanted a mudroom in my foyer entry hall, but I suffered from the age-old dilemma of “Too Much STUFF– Not Enough Space” so I had to readjust my foyer makeover plans to find something that worked for my itty-bitty entryway AND my itty-bitty budget.

Plus, when you RENT your apartment or home, you are probably limited as to what kind of redecorating you are allowed to do according to your lease agreement.

If you’re not allowed to paint, a large round mirror with a narrow foyer table might be the most you can do – and it can still look great!

Apartment Foyer Wall

Many apartments don’t even have THAT much space in the entry area and it might be a tiny awkward area to work with – meaning you almost have to FAKE an entryway because you walk right in to the living room.

Just do the best you can with what you have to work with.

Awkward Entryway Ideas

Church Foyer Ideas

Since so many have found this page looking for church foyer decorating ideas, here are some beautiful small church lobby ideas to decorate the entrance.

I just LOVE the furniture and signage, don’t you?

Church foyer ideas for decorating a small church foyer - signage and furniture ideas too

Gorgeous! ‘Be Still and Know’ is absolutely one of my favorites!

Here’s another ideas my mother-in-law’s church did recently, they set up a rustic coffee bar on a cheap small dresser in their church foyer – it was so inviting and welcoming!

There’s something about that farmhouse “come on in” smell of fresh coffee setting that just takes me back. Such an awesome idea that will stick with me for a long time.

If you’re looking specifically for foyer ideas for your CHURCH, check out this page:

Now let’s look at pictures for ways to decorate a tiny foyer or entryway in your apartment or house.

Tiny Entryway Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to decorate a very small entrance hall or entryway way, take a look at ALL these beautiful small foyers in the pictures below.

Like this gorgeous foyer wall against the stairway in this small entry hallway with all the wall-mounted pictures and decor on the stairway wall – love it, it’s so pretty!

Foyer Accent Wall Ideas for entrance entryway wall near stairs - farmhouse foyer accent wall ideas for small foyer hallways - foyer decorating ideas on a budget

Weird Shaped Foyer?

Foyers, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Which is cool, I guess, but can also present some REAL decorating challenges when your entryway is just plain AWKWARD.

There’s the long narrow foyer, the NON foyer foyer, the HUGE foyer and the good ol’ WTF Were They Thinking foyer layout.

Which of these layouts is like YOUR foyer?

decorating an awkward foyer

Each of those foyer styles can take a lot of creative thinking to decorate.

Especially the WTF foyer… I mean, c’mon – what are you supposed to do with THAT!?!?

Hopefully, this page is giving you lots of ideas to brainstorm your own unique decorating scheme for WHATEVER shape your foyer is!

Foyer Furniture Ideas

While I love ALL the small foyer decorating ideas that I have on this page below, I’ve been looking for entry room furniture ideas for my foyer – and, WOW! I am having a serious love affair with this foyer table:

I just LOVE this foyer table for a small entryway.  It has a nice combination of farmhouse and rustic decor and will look great when I redecorate the foyer area!
I found the table here

I just LOVE that foyer table above for my small entryway.

It has a nice combination of farmhouse and rustic decor and will look great when I redecorate the foyer area!

You can see more pictures of that foyer table here.

While I was trying to pick the perfect foyer table, my husband surprised me with this foyer cabinet as an anniversary gift!

Here’s what it looks like:

My Foyer Cabinet Table!  I Just LOVE it!  perfect entry room furniture ideas for my small foyer!

The picture doesn’t even do it justice – it is SO pretty and unique in person.

see better pictures of it here

Everyone that walks in my house sees it right away and they always comment on how pretty it is!

That cabinet gave me the best ideas for how to create a foyer in an open living room – turned out perfect!

and NO need to remodel – yay!

My husband found that cabinet on sale here.

I’m also shopping around for bench ideas for my foyer entryway.

I came across this bench – I really like it! Would be great in my narrow foyer.

Here’s what it looks like:

Small Entryway Bench - Perfect Apartment Foyer Bench

✅ I found that bench here on the Bed, Bath and Beyond website.

Here are some more small entryway/foyer decorating ideas I just love:

Apartment Small Entryway Ideas

This small apartment entryway got a beautiful (and cheap) makeover – check out the before and after pictures!

Farmhouse Foyer Ideas

These farmhouse entryway decor ideas below are just gorgeous – perfect for either a modern farmhouse style OR a country farmhouse rustic style – I am a HUGE fan of all the simple aesthetic things that make this decorating idea so complete and perfect

Foyer Decorating Ideas  - Farmhouse entryway ideas (love the small foyer bench!) Small entryway ideas for foyer or apartment.  Beautiful DIY entryway decor and foyer decorating ideas.

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Breathtaking and Beautiful Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Foyer decorating ideas - Farmhouse Small Entryway Ideas (love the small foyer table!) - small modern farmhouse foyer entrance hall decor ideas

Entryway Wall Decor Ideas

I love these ideas below for decorating the wall in a small foyer or tiny entryway.

The wall over your foyer table or bench needs some decorating too.

If you’re in a rental house or apartment, be sure to use Command hooks to hang your foyer wall decor so you don’t risk your security deposit by causing damage to your foyer walls.

Entryway Wall Decor Ideas and Pictures of Small Foyer Decorating Ideas - Small Foyer or entryway hall decor idea for a farmhouse style entry hall - Small Foyer Wall Ideas - small foyer wall decorating ideas for very small entryways (like small apartment foyers) - see lots more small foyer ideas on a budget
Foyer Decorating ideas - Small Farmhouse foyer entryway hall with rustic farmhouse table - - Small Foyer Wall Ideas - small foyer wall decorating ideas for very small entryways (like small apartment foyers) - see lots more small foyer ideas on a budget

Small Entrance Decorating Ideas

Wondering HOW to decorate a foyer in an apartment with a REALLY small entrance foyer – like just a corner wall in your entryway or front entrance?

Or maybe you need to create a foyer area because your apartment front door walks right into an open living room?

Let’s look at some simple apartment entryway decor ideas that might work for you.

Here’s a super cute “cottage-farmhouse” decorating idea for those really small foyer spaces:

Foyer decorating ideas - Small cottage farmhouse foyer decorating ideas - love this small corner entryway decor - perfect for a small house or small apartment entry

See More Small Entryway Ideas Here

This next idea is such a gorgeous farmhouse entryway idea – should be an easy DIY entryway decorating idea for a small foyer or apartment entryway.

Foyer Decorating Ideas - farmhouse entryway idea - easy DIY entryway decorating ideas for a small foyer or apartment entryway

DIY rustic farmhouse entryway idea – perfect rustic entryway for a small foyer or apartment.

You might also like:

DIY Farmhouse Rustic Mudroom Decor Ideas We Love

Foyer Decorating Ideas - DIY rustic farmhouse entryway idea - perfect rustic entryway for a small foyer or apartment.

Beautiful small entryway decorating idea – love the solid wood furniture foyer table and the mirror on the wall.

Foyer decorating ideas - small apartment or small foyer entryway decor ideas

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Farmhouse Kitchen Canister Sets and Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Love the farmhouse feel to this foyer/entryway!

While this idea takes up a good bit of space, I think it can easily be modified for a small apartment entryway or tiny foyer.

Foyer Decorating Ideas - Farmhouse foyer decorating idea - perfect fora rustic farmhouse entry hall

Foyer Decorating Ideas for a small farmhouse foyer or entryway hall - rustic country farmhouse entryway decor
Foyer Decorating Ideas - Small Foyer or entryway hall decor idea

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Mudroom Ideas for Your Foyer

Beautiful entryway bench and small entryway decor ideas – would looks great in a small foyer or apartment entryway.

Foyer Decorating Ideas for a small foyer or apartment entry hallway

You might also like:

These Farmhouse Mudroom Ideas

Small entryway DIY ideas for a small foyer

Farmhouse Style Small Foyer

Absolutely LOVE this foyer table and farmhouse-style decorating idea from our Facebook friend –

They MAKE this furniture – isn’t it gorgeous?!?!

Foyer decorating ideas - small farmhouse foyer with entryway table, pallet gather wall decor and farmhouse style

Love these foyer decorating ideas?

We have MORE!

See More Foyer Accent Wall Ideas

Foyer Decorating ideas - small farmhouse foyer wall decorating ideas for a tiny entrance hallway or foyer wall

Looking for Gallery Wall Ideas For Your Foyer?

Look at these foyer gallery wall ideas

Foyer Decorating Ideas - how to decorate a small foyer entryway hallway wall with photos and pictures like a gallery wall or accent wall - Photo wall ideas and more small foyer decorating ideas on a budget

More ideas:

BEAUTIFUL Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Small Foyer Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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Foyer Decorating Ideas - Entryway decor ideas for a small foyer or apartment entryway.  Entryway benches, DIY entryway ideas, rustic, farmhouse entryway and foyer decorating pictures.
Small foyer decorating ideas! Small entryway ideas, foyer decorating ideas, and more foyer ideas for apartment entryway or tiny entrance hall.  Beautiful Foyers including farmhouse entryway decor, rustic entryway ideas for decorating a foyer or entryway on a budget.  Small corner entryway ideas, beautiful foyer design and very small foyer ideas pictures and photos.    Pretty foyer decorating ideas on a budget like this small foyer bench for storage and foyer accent wall idea - I love farmhouse entryway wall decor for decorating a foyer! DIY entryway ideas for small spaces images...
small foyer decorating ideas
Small Entryway ideas - pictures of foyer decorating ideas for small entrance hallways and apartment foyers
foyer decorating ideas and pictures
Small entryway ideas - need small foyer or hall entryway ideas and decorating pictures - these very small entryway ideas and interior design ideas are perfect for redecorating your tiny or narrow apartment entrance hallway on a budget

Entryway Ideas - modern entryway design ideas, foyer interior design pictures and apartment front door entryway ideas - small entryway ideas on a budget in farmhouse, rustic, modern, contemporary, traditional and elegant split level, dark narrow entrance hallway or entrance foyer stairs decorating decor style

Small Foyer Decorating Ideas For The Odd-Shaped Empty Wall In Your Entryway

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