Jen's Favorite Crockpot Recipes - March Newsletter

Hello hello! Welcome to my March newsletter! I’ve been so excited to share today’s topic because – I LOVE my crockpot! It is my favorite way to cook ANYTHING (from breakfast to appetizers).

I’ve been collecting some of the yummiest and EASIEST crockpot recipes for ANY meal or party food need. You will love my 5-ingredient or less crockpot DUMP dinners – and the slow cooker appetizers are total game changers if you tend to feed a crowd often like I do.

Alrighty, let’s jump into today’s newsletter about everything CROCKPOT.

Jen's Favorite Crockpot Recipes - March Newsletter

Updated on June 21, 2024

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Today’s freebie is THIS yummy Crockpot Lasagna (and let me tell ya, it’s not only super simple, but it is DEEEEEEE-licious!

the easiest slow cooker lasagna you'll ever make


– 1 pound ground beef, browned
– 1 jar (or can) of your favorite pasta sauce
– 1 box uncooked lasagna noodles
– 1 1/2 cups shredded mozarella
– 1 1/2 cups (ie, one container) ricotta cheese
– 2 TBS grated parmesan cheese


Spoon a few tablespoons of pasta sauce to coat the bottom of your crockpot.

Mix the rest of the sauce with your cooked ground beef.

Place a layer of uncooked noodles at the bottom of your crockpot (break up pieces to fill gaps but try not to overlap any noodles, if that makes sense)

Spread 1/3 of the meat/sauce mixture over the noodles, then half of your ricotta on top of that, then sprinkle some mozzarella and then some parm.

Place another layer of uncooked noodles and repeat with the meat, sauces and cheeses as above.

Put your lid on and cook on HIGH for at least 3 hours.

The only thing that truly needs to be COOKED in your crockpot are the noodles (since the meat was already cooked), so you can take a toothpick or a butter knife to test the noodle doneness at the 3 hour mark to be sure they are tender and cooked thoroughly.

Give that slow cooker lasagna a try and let me know how it turns out!

Alrighty, here are MY absolute favorite crockpot recipes…

From party food to breakfast, to easy dump dinners, roasts and side dishes – they are all so good and so easy!

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