Whether he’s right down the hall or far away, these are the cutest and sweetest DIY Open When letters for your boyfriend, fiance, or husband I have ever seen.

Let’s look at some unique topics and ideas for what to put IN your Open When letters, examples of Oepn Me When envelopes and much more.

Open When Letters For Boyfriend - or husband - or fiance - or your guy best friend. Things to put in open when letters and gifts for HIM examples, topics, envelope ideas and more

Updated on December 2, 2022

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So, you need some examples and ideas for ‘Open When’ letters for your boyfriend – there are tons right here on this page.

Here’s a BIG list of ideas of what to write on the Open When envelopes:

open when letters examples of outside of envelopes for my boyfriend

25 Examples of What To Write On ‘Open When’ Letters For Your Boyfriend:

  1. Open Now
  2. Open When You’re Sick
  3. Open When You Need a Break
  4. Open When You’re On Your Way To A Party
  5. Open When You Need To Know How Much I Love You
  6. Open When You Miss Me
  7. Open When You Can’t Sleep
  8. Open When We’ve Had An Argument
  9. Open When You Need To Laugh
  10. Open When You’re Annoyed With Me
  11. Open When You’re Sad
  12. Open When You’re Homesick
  13. Open When You’re Stressed Out
  14. Open When You’re Bored
  15. Open When You’re Hungry
  16. Open When You Need a Hug and a Kiss
  17. Open When You’re Having a Bad Day
  18. Open When You’re Happy
  19. Open When You’re Counting Down The Days
  20. Open When You’re Thinking About Our Future
  21. Open When It’s Our Anniversary
  22. Open When You Feel Like Giving Up On Us
  23. Open When I’m Moody
  24. Open When You Want To Open A Letter
  25. Open When You Want To Hear A Story

And don’t forget to include The Rules when giving your Open When letters to your boyfriend.

open when letters rules for boyfriend for when he can open his envelopes

8 Open When Letter Rules For Your Boyfriend

  1. Absolutely NO Peeking
  2. Open a Letter Whenever The Topic Applies To You
  3. Look Through Them Not So You Know When To Expect Them Or When You Need One
  4. Only Open TWO Letters Per Week! This Way They Last Longer (unless you’re having a tough week!)
  5. Tell Me When You Open Them Please!
  6. Keep Them So You Can Re-Open Them If You Need And To Look Back On Them
  7. Again… NO PEEKING
  8. Enjoy Them!! Smile!! I Love You!!

This girl on Reddit made this HUGE ‘Open When’ package for her long-distance boyfriend that is REALLY impressive.

open when gift ideas and letters for long distance boyfriend at college or deployed in military - moved away or working out of town

What was IN the Open When gifts and letters?

She said:

It was mostly love notes and photos of me/us/him I got printed at Walgreens, but here were some of my favs:

Open for a good memory: Photos from a beach trip with shells

Open for lots of good memories: A map of the US with all the places we’ve been together

Open when you’re missing me: Photos of me

Open when you’re missing us: Photos of us

Open to awake your inner child: Mini origami kit

Open when you’re feeling clever: Wooden brain teaser puzzle

Open when you’re having a bad day: Photos of me, anti-stress lotion, and tissues with inspirational quotes

Open when you’re sick of the distance: Southwest gift card

Open for a sweet treat: Fancy chocolate bar

Open for a home cooked meal: Soup kit from world market

Open when you really really really miss me: Stuffed puppy plush I sprayed with my perfume and attached some photos of me

Open on Valentine’s day: A book of all the things I love about him

Open on our anniversary: Mini bottle of champagne

Open for a good memory: Sound maker from our New Years together

Open when you’re cooking Mexican food: A set of nice salsas

Super cute and THOUGHTFUL, right? I bet that took a LOT of time, but was really appreciated!

Oh, and she wax sealed all of the love letters with her initials – nice touch!

Someone asked what was INSIDE the ‘Open When I’m Mad At YOU’ and ‘Open When You’re Mad At ME’ letters (and I was super curious too!)

She said:

“Love letters that mostly remind him that we are both human and fighting is normal. Remind him that we love each other and can get through anything.

For when “I’m mad at you” I write that he should tell me he loves me and he is sorry. And I apologize in “you’re mad at me”, and write that I’m probably being a hardhead about whatever the fight is and I’m sorry. And I included some good photos of us in each”

So sweet and such a great idea to add to a stack of Open When letters!

Here’s another really sweet Open When letter idea that was sent when her boyfriend went to boot camp:

Open When Letter Ideas For Boyfriend - what's INSIDE an Open When You Miss Me letter for long distance boyfriend, boot camp, deployed, at college or moving out of town

So simple, but so stinkin’ sweet!

Or how about this idea in an Open When letter?

open when letters for boyfriend examples what to put in

ANYONE can do that example – even if you’re “craft-challenged” haha!

Here’s another SUPER simple idea for INSIDE an Open When letter…

Things to put in open when letters for boyfriend fiance or husband

What To Put In Them

Here are some really cute ideas showing what to put IN your Open When letters for your boyfriend:

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