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YETI coolers… worth it? Or over-priced hype? Bottom line: Yes, YETI coolers ARE worth it… BUT Yeti Coolers may NOT be worth it to YOU. Yes, Yeti coolers keep ice a long time and are made extremely well, but it’s not a “you get what you pay for” cooler market anymore.

are yeti coolers worth it - yeti cooler alternative and review

Updated on March 7, 2022

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Yeti cooler owners seem pretty divided about their thoughts…

There are tons of good Yeti cooler reviews with people raving over their Yeti cooler, but there are also a LOT of really BAD Yeti cooler reviews too that you absolutely MUST read before buying so YOU know if a Yeti cooler is worth the money for YOU.

Yeti coolers are not the only high-quality cooler on the market anymore – many other brands have started making coolers just as good as a Yeti cooler – but MUCH cheaper. Heck, even Amazon makes a Yeti cooler alternative that is a LOT cheaper than a Yeti – and maybe even a better cooler than a Yeti.

The Good, The Bad – and The BETTER

Before you go spending your hard-earned money on a Yeti cooler – be sure to:

Read the Good

Read the BAD

See the better (and cheaper) Yeti alternative

Everywhere I look these days, someone has a YETI cooler or tumbler or coozie…. it’s crazy! Seriously, what IS the big deal with YETI coolers? Are YETI coolers overrated?

Naturally, I wanted a YETI, too (hey, if it’s a status thing, I’m in…haha!).

I ADORE my YETI Tumbler, but what about YETI coolers?

Are they worth the money? Or is it all hype?

my YETI review:Some say it's all YETI hype, but I love my YETI cooler - totally worth the money!

See the YETI cooler in the picture here

Worth The Money?

The first thing I noticed about YETI coolers is – the PRICE.

Holy Ice Cubes, Batman!!!! Even now, in 2022, YETI coolers are so stinkin’ expensive! WHY?!?!

Are YETI coolers really worth it?

While overpriced, consumers report that Yeti products have excellent ice retention which makes their soft coolers, tumblers, cups and coolers worth the price. Yetis have exceptional quality and are indestructible – that is WHY people buy a Yeti cooler (NOT because they are overrated or marketing hype, Yeti coolers really ARE worth it).

Yes, Yeti coolers are SO very expensive which means they may not be worth it for YOU. We found Yeti cooler alternatives that cost much less and are almost as good as a YETI cooler. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of Yeti coolers and the best cheaper alternatives.

Good news, there ARE cheaper cooler alternatives. You also CAN get a cheap YETI if you know where to look.

Or, if you need a high-quality YETI ice chest alternative


If you think the price of YETI coolers is crazy expensive…you can spend a LOT less on one of these top-rated coolers that are like a YETI, but MUCH more affordable.

see the YETI in the picture here

YETI Soft Coolers

So now YETI makes soft coolers – are the soft coolers worth it?

They are also super expensive – should you spend your money on one? Or find a cheaper alternative like one of the options below?

There’s no doubt about it – YETI makes really great coolers.

Heck, ALL their products are truly outstanding and very high-quality (which they darn well SHOULD be for the price, right!??!)

The newest YETI cooler, this YETI Flip Cooler (in the picture above), is yet another superb cooler from YETI.

Personally, I’m a big fan and happy with my purchase.

What I love about it is that it’s not bulky and it’s easy to carry around with me.

Get more details and read reviews of the YETI Flip Cooler here

In a hurry? Just looking for a cheap YETI?

These YETI Products Are on Sale Today

Dang, they’re expensive even when they’re on sale… but are they worth the price tag? Here’s everything I found out from my research.

YETI Cooler Hype?  Or are these coolers REALLY worth the money?

Things To Know BEFORE Buying a YETI Cooler

This is THE most popular YETI cooler alternative - much bigger and much cheaper - and itThis is THE most popular YETI cooler alternative – much bigger and much cheaper – and it’s a best-selling & top-quality ice chest. Super tough and holds ice for days.
Get More Info

I think it’s really important to talk about the “bad” first.

Yes, YETI coolers are “cool” and yep, it seems to be a status thing, but do you really want to spend your hard-earned money on a cooler that is NOT right for YOU?

I know I sure don’t!

Yeti Cooler HYPE

Yes, there is a whole lot of “hype” and great marketing with YETI coolers.

That does not mean they are BAD coolers or that they are not worth the money.

It simply means you need to be aware of the hype BEFORE buying a YETI.

First off you really need to know that not EVERYONE loves their YETI cooler.

✅ YETI Coolers Review

In fact, there are quite a few interesting ONE star negative reviews of YETI coolers that anyone even thinking about buying a YETI should read BEFORE buying – like this YETI cooler review below:

[yellowbox]I read this one specific review that implied that while YETI coolers WERE really great coolers at one time, they’re NOT so great anymore – and then listed all the things that have changed with YETI Tundra coolers.[/yellowbox]

It was a very helpful review…

You should absolutely read this BEFORE buying a YETI.

Cheaper YETI Cooler Alternative that comes highly recommendedCheaper YETI Cooler Alternative that comes highly recommendedGet More Info

In fact, one of the comments in that review shared a much better YETI alternative to buy that is flat-out a better cooler in their opinion – and MUCH MUCH cheaper..

This is the YETI alternative they recommended (and bought).

Be sure to note the HUGE difference in price!

When I am researching whether a product is worth my money, or not, I always start with the negative reviews.

I don’t want the fluff and the hypey-happy stuff – I want the truth.

Be sure to read the negative reviews first as well – it’s really helpful.

YETI Coolers Price

Second important thing to check out BEFORE buying a YETI is – the PRICE…

Yeti Tundra 45 Quart Cooler - Ice Blue

5 new from $431.19
1 used from $400.95
as of May 15, 2024 10:09 pm

As you can see, YETI coolers are very expensive – VERY expensive.

This blue YETI cooler you see in the picture is crazy-expensive!

(check current price here)

But with YETI products, this is a case of, “You get what you pay for”.

If you really want a YETI cooler, but do not want to pay full price for one…

Check the the page below every day for deals and sales on YETI cooler products.

YETI Coolers Deals and Sales Page Is Here

Now that you are fully-aware of the hype around YETI coolers,

why some people do NOT like their YETI coolers and are mad they bought one,

and your options to get a cheaper price on a YETI…. let’s move on.

Should You Buy a YETI Cooler?

What in the world makes these YETI coolers so much better than all the other coolers out there? Are YETI coolers worth it? REALLY worth it? I had to find out.

Seriously, I can buy a YETI cooler alternative for $50 or less at my local Walmart – why in the world would I spend hundreds of dollars on a YETI cooler?

Yeti Roadie 20 Quart Ice Cooler, White

18 new from $260.00
as of May 15, 2024 10:09 pm


  • Rotomolded construction
  • Permafrost insulation
  • Vortex drain system

This YETI alternative cooler here is bigger & just as good, if not better, than the YETI above.. and it's MUCH cheaper.

Now, if that YETI cleans my house and does my laundry, oh heck yes, I’ll take FOUR Yeti coolers!

But to use just as a receptacle to keep drinks cold and food fresh?

Hmmmmm….  I had to dig in and research this and read a lot of YETI coolers reviews to see if YETI coolers are really worth the money.

Cheap YETI Coolers

First stop was checking around to see if I could find cheap YETI coolers – as in the CHEAPEST YETI cooler I could find {grin}.

This site here has great deals on YETIs and great info that I found super helpful.

That site made me understand just how AWESOME these YETI coolers really are. It’s not all YETI hype, folks.

Here’s some more info I found that will shed some light on the awesome-ness of YETI coolers…and all YETI cooler review pages and info on YETI products.

YETI Coolers Reviews

YETI Cooler vs 500 lb Man

YETI claims their coolers are tough and will last forever, but just watch this:

Not completely impressed?  Ok, then…

YETI Cooler vs Grizzly Bear

Yes, a real live HUGE grizzly bear!

Crazy, right?  Not thinking MY cooler will have a run in with a 500 lb man OR with a grizzly bear, but good to know my YETI will hold up  =)

More importantly, let’s talk ice. This is where you find that that YETIs are worth it.

How long does ice last in a YETI cooler?

YETI 7-Day Ice Test

YETI vs Igloo Coolers Ice Melt Test

Best YETI cooler alternative

YETI Dry Ice Test

Thought about using dry ice in your YETI? Can you even PUT dry ice in a YETI cooler?  Watch this…

YETI 5 Day Trunk Test

This video was super helpful (I watched it here the first time) – this is nuts!

Pack a cooler with just ONE bag of ice and some drinks, put it in the trunk of your car out in the hot sun for FIVE DAYS.

Guess how the YETI did?

YETI vs Grizzly Coolers

When it comes to Grizzly coolers vs YETI coolers… which ice chest wins?

[yellowbox]“The Yeti Tundra 45 (actually 37 Q) comes in slightly smaller when compared to a Grizzly 40 Quart cooler (actually 40 Q) yet priced at about $140 more than a Grizzly 40. In terms of ice retention, both coolers we able to make it the duration of the Five Day Ice Challenge, but the Yeti definitely had more ice remaining after five days, as the Grizzly had turned completely to water. “ – source[/yellowbox]

YETI vs Pelican Coolers

I first saw this YETI vs Pelican test results here, but here is a video that helps.

YETI Coolers vs Coleman vs Igloo

Speaking of those cheap coolers you can buy online or at Walmart…. how do THEY compare to a YETI cooler?

Just watch and see.

YETI Cooler Alternatives

Sometimes, no matter how awesome something is, we need a cheaper alternative.

Cheap YETi Coolers

If you want a cooler that is like a YETI, but less expensive, read this page here (it really helps).

✅ Coolers Like YETI But Cheaper

Here are some coolers that are like YETI coolers but cheaper (and all VERY good ice coolers!)

We’re a BIG FAN of this Igloo Super Tough cooler found here – way cheaper than a YETI cooler of that size.

Cheapest Cooler Options

There are some really good coolers out there at all kinds of price-points that are sure to fit any budget.

Here are some quick links to find the best deals:

[yellowbox]Coolers Under $50[/yellowbox]

=>  See the current best coolers under $50 here

[yellowbox]Coolers Under $100[/yellowbox]

=>  See the current best coolers under $100 here

[yellowbox]Coolers Under $200[/yellowbox]

=> See the current best coolers under $200 here

YETI Coolers – Worth the Money?

Amazon ImageBottom line – are YETI coolers really worth the money?

As in really truly worth it?

If you need a cooler that is going to keep your food and drinks cold (and safe) for days while you are camping or boating or hiking….

If you’re a fisherman and MUST keep your fish at a safe temperature for long periods of time…

If you’re traveling in your car, RV, camper, etc for a long period of time and you MUST have your food not only cold, but SAFE …

Or, if you simply want THE best cooler for tailgating or at ball games or at the beach…

YES…..  YETI coolers are absolutely worth the money!

in the picture:: Yeti Roadie 20 Quart Cooler

Who Should NOT Buy a YETI Cooler

If you only use a cooler once a year in your own backyard to hold ice and beer during a party…. uh no, I wouldn’t get a YETI – unless you absolutely want to impress your guests  =) (I would look into getting a portable ice maker machine tho – they are an excellent and affordable investment when you entertain a lot at home or when camping/RV-ing, on the lake, etc)

But if you MUST HAVE a cooler that does what it’s supposed to do for DAYS at a time…

Get a YETI.

And don’t forget… YETI makes a lot of very cool (pun intended) products. We have a few of the Rambler Tumblers and the Colster coozies… we love them all.


Who Makes YETI Coolers?

YETI coolers are made by the YETI company which is based in Austin, Texas (yes, YETI products are made in the USA). YETI was founded by brothers: Ryan and Roy Seiders in 2006.

YETI Fun Facts

– The founders of YETI are brothers – Roy and Ryan
– Roy and Ryan’s father designed and sold fishing rods
– Both brothers are also big fisherman (anglers).
– Roy began in business by making custom fishing boats.
– Ryan owned and operated Waterloo Rods (also sold fishing rods).
– The reason the brothers founded the YETI company? Out of sheer frustration with the current quality of coolers available.

Best Deals on YETI Coolers

YETI Size Chart

If you’re wondering what size YETI cooler you should get or how many can each size cooler holds, this YETi cooler size chart from this YETI coolers reviews site will help:



Yeti Coolers - are they REALLY worth the money?  Read our YETI Coolers reviews and find out
YETI coolers - Yes or No?  Are they worth the price?  What are some YETI alternatives?  Aren't there coolers that are just as good but CHEAPER?
are yeti coolers worth it - worth the money? yeti cooler alternative less expensive - yeti soft coolers worth it

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