Lazy Spa Review: Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

A Lazy Spa (also called a portable hot tub or inflatable hot tub or soft tubs or blow up hot tub) is a wonderful and affordable option for those that want a hot tub, but don’t want an expensive hot tub option. Let’s learn more about the Lay-Z Spa Hot Tub in this Lazy Spa review, questions and answers, videos, consumer reports and reviews and more.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa inflatable portable hot tub review

see this inflatable hot tub here

When it comes to portable inflatable hot tubs, the Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub is one of your best choices. The consumer reports and feedback for the Coleman LazySpa hot tub are very positive and Lazy Spa owners seem to very happy with their purchase.

This Coleman Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub that we are reviewing today (the “Lazy Spa” hot tub in the picture) holds 6-8 people at a time (or 4-6 adults), is easy enough to set up, and the spa filter also acts as the pump to inflate the hot tub (which is a GREAT feature for any inflatable hot tub).

There is a big misconception that inflatable hot tubs are expensive when they’re not.

In fact, you can find great deals on cheap and affordable Lazy Spa inflatable hot tubs all the time.

For example,

This page has many Lazy Spa hot tubs for under $400.

That’s a great deal on a Lazy Spa hot tub – probably the cheapest price you will find.

Getting a high-quality “Lazy Spa” hot tub for under $400 is a deal!

TIP: For the best deals on Lazy Spa portable inflatable hot tubs, you really should take a moment to check out the sale prices on this page here BEFORE you buy to ensure you’re getting the cheapest price.
You can find some really great deals on cheap inflatable hot tubs on this page (deals change daily).

see this hot tub here

✅ Best Lazy Spa Hot Tubs (2017)

Which Lay Z Spa is best? Here are the best lazy spa hot tubs to help you figure out which Lay Z Spa to buy

  1. Lifesmart SpaaRock Plug n’ Play Spa Hot Tub – found here
  2. Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Portable Hot Tub – found here
  3. Intex Bubble Jets 4 person Hot Tub Spa – found here
  4. Intex PureSpa Portable Massage Spa Hot Tub Set – found here
  5. Bestway Inflatable Miami Lazy Spa AirJet Hot Tub – found here

Where To Buy

You can buy Lazy Spa inflatable hot tubs at many retailers in your area – WalMart, Target, Big Lots, etc – BUT we suggest and highly recommend buying your Lazy Spa online.

We think the best place to buy a Lazy Spa online is here.

Why Buy Online? First off – convenience: the big ol box is brought TO you! It also ships quickly in most cases (if you see the “Prime” logo next to the hot tub spa here) and you’re totally covered just in case there are any problems or missing parts with your new Lazy Spa hot tub.

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

30 new from $329.00
3 used from $ 407.17
Free shipping
✅ Show Me This!
as of September 15, 2019 12:50 pm


  • Pamper yourself in relaxing heated water surrounded by soothing bubble jets
  • Easy to operate digital control panel; automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system
  • 4-6 Person Capacity
  • Inflated walls are made of TriTech material that provides ultimate durability and comfort
  • Fast, easy set up - inflates using the spa's pump - NO tools needed

Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Lazy Spa Review: My inflatable hot tub "Lay-Z Spa" from Coleman is a delight to own! I never thought I'd get this much use out of my Lazy Spa, but I use it almost every day. The costs to run my Lazy Spa are minimal and well worth it. We have the best time when our friends and neighbors come over! As you can tell from all the other Lazy Spa reviews here, this is the BEST inflatable jacuzzi to buy! Definitely worth the money!

Lazy Spa portable inflatable hot tub review

Check current price & availability on Amazon here

✅ Lazy Spa Reviews

There are a LOT of Lazy Spa reviews to read out there, but this ONE review helped a lot and brought important portable spa issues to light. This is the BEST review of a Coleman Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub that I’ve read anywhere online. It is VERY helpful and answers all questions about set up, costs to run, and some great tips to get the most out of your Lazy Spa.

More Lazy Spa Reviews:

  • “…from set up until now, this spa is totally worth the money” – read full review
  • “…we are very satisfied [with this hot tub] and never thought that our dream of owning a home hot tub would be so easy to achieve!” – read full review
  • This is, by far, the best purchase I have ever made! We wanted a spa, but we also rent so I didn’t want the hassle of ever having to move one…” – read full review
  • Love this tub… electric bill barely budged $10 a month even the first month…” – read full review

Lay Z Spa Hot Tub Complaints

As with any product, not EVERYONE loves it and is happy with their purchase.

There are a few consumers that report NOT being satisfied with this particular inflatable hot tub.

You can read their negative reviews here

The majority of the negative reviews are about potential leaking from their inflatable outdoor hot tub and the noise level of the hot tub pump.

I don’t know about you, but anything “inflatable” that holds water runs the risks of leaks and I’d expect any mechanical filter to make noise.

(note: ALWAYS read the negative reviews before buying!)

The biggest “complaint” about this Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub is that the heater and the hot tub pump shut off automatically after 72 hours. While this might be a “complaint”, it really is a safety feature and an energy-saving feature.

TIP: To STOP your Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub from turning off every 72 hours – plug the hot tub into a timer. Have the timer set to shut off every 23 hours and then turn back on a few minutes later. Problem solved.
We recommend this timer

Cheapest Lazy Spa Options

Cheapest price on a Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub? As we mentioned earlier, this page has the best deals and sales on inflatable hot tubs (Lazy Spas).

Below are multiple Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub options so you can compare prices and find the best hot tub for YOUR needs and YOUR budget.

If you’re looking for the best portable spa, you can’t go wrong with any of these affordable Lazy Spas below (many are on sale and offer free shipping, meaning: your inflatable hot tub is brought right to your door for FREE. Nice, right?!?!)

Lay Z Spa FAQ

Lay Z Spa Setup

Lay Z Spa setup is a multi-step process. First you set up your lazy spa, then you fill it with water. Next you’ll want the spa water to heat up and get the chemical balance right. While it’s not hard to do, don’t think you’ll open the box and be enjoying your inflatable hot tub in minutes. Here are the instructions in the manual.

Lay Z Spa Set Up Time

  1. Set up the hot tub spa – about 30 minutes
  2. Inflate the hot tub – about 10 minutes
  3. Fill hot tub with water – about 2 hours
  4. Heat up hot tub water – at least overnight/ ~10 hours

Set up Video

Watch this quick Lay Z Spa set up video and you’ll see that setting up your hot tub isn’t that complicated.

How Long To Heat Up?

How long to heat up a Lay Z Spa? It takes about 12 hours to heat up a Lay Z Spa (Lazy spa). How fast it heats up all depends on the size of your inflatable hot tub and the temperature of the water being used to fill up your Lazy Spa to begin with. If you fill your inflatable spa with water from your outdoor water hose, it’s gonna take those 12 hours to heat up.

TIP: How to heat up faster There are some tricks to heating up a Lay Z Spa faster. One common trick is to use hot water from your sink. Other hot tub owners say to fill it up by running a hose from the hot water outlet for your washing machine or from your hot water heater. Also, if your inflatable spa hot tub is out in the sun, this will also help it heat up faster.

How Much Water?

This Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub from Coleman holds 254 gallons of water.

Cost To Run?

How much does it cost to run a lazy spa? The running costs for a Lay Z Spa are not overly expensive, but needless to say, there are additional costs to running an outdoor inflatable spa beyond the cost of the portable hot tub itself.

Are Lazy Spas expensive to run?

Inflatable hot tubs are not expensive to run. Here’s a quick breakdown of the costs to run a Lazy Spa home hot tub:

Lazy Spa Running Costs Include:
Lay-Z Spa cost to run - how much does it cost to run a Lay-Z Spa hot tub? Below is a list of your costs to run your Lay-Z Spa (lazy spa hot tub) including electricity costs, cost of Lazy spa hot tub chemicals, replacement filters and more to help you budget for your new Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tub spa.

  • Water – one time to fill your Lay-Z Spa about $25
  • Lazy Spa Hot Tub Chemicals – about $15 a month
  • Hot Tub Water Testing Kit – one time cost – about $20
  • Monthly Electricity to Run – about $20 – $35 a month on average (depending on usage)
  • Lay-Z Spa Pump Replacement Filters – about $12 a month if replaced weekly as directed

Lay-Z Spa Chemicals

You will need to add chemicals to your Lay-Z spa to keep it clean and safe. You can either use chlorine tablets or bromine tablets to keep your lazy spa water clean and safe (just like one does for a swimming pool).

Many Lay-Z Spa owners prefer using bromine tablets like these because bromine puts off much less odor than chlorine does.

Bromine is also a great alternative for those that are sensitive to chlorine (just be sure your hot tub chemical testing kit has bromine testing strips like these).

Your Lay-Z Spa comes with a floating chemical dispenser like this one – you just need the chemicals to put in it.

Lay Z Spa Dimensions?

The dimensions of this Lazy Spa hot tub are 77 inches by 28 inches when fully inflated. The hot tub holds 254 gallons of water.

The total weight of the Lazy Spa when fully inflated and full of water is 2,701 pounds.

Lay-Z-Spa dimensions - how big is a Lazy Spa?  How much water does a Lazy Spa hold?  How many people fit in a portable inflatable Lazy Spa hot tub?

click here to view larger

Daily Maintenance?

To keep your Lay Z Spa running properly, you really need to test the hot tub water daily to ensure your chemical balance is correct.

This is a great testing kit and very affordable.

The more often your inflatable hot tub is used, the more likely it is for your hot tub water chemicals to get out of balance.

Things like body lotion, hair spray, deodorant, etc can all upset the chemical balance in your hot tub and can also clog your inflatable hot tub filter.

Be sure to check and clean your hot tub filter every day – maybe even more often on days of heavy use.

We recommend this pack of Coleman Lay-Z Spa replacement filters.

Lazy Z Spa Accessories

Lazy Spa Lights

This inflatable hot tub with LED lights is not only affordable but really pretty!

Inflatable Lazy Spa Hot Tub with lights - LED lights

see this inflatable Lazy Spa with lights here

You can also get lights for IN your Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub:

✅ Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

Best for the Money

The best Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub for the money is this Lay-Z Spa hot tub from Coleman.

When comparing the price paid vs the features wanted and overall “happiness level” from consumers that bought it, the Coleman Lazy Spa hot tub is the hands-down winner.

Consumer Reports Winner

Best Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub according to Consumer ReportsThe Consumer Reports Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub winner is a different choice than the one consumers pick as “best for the money”.

All consumer reports I’ve read say that this PureSpa inflatable Lazy Spa is the best overall.


Because you can sit on the sides of the hot tub – with most inflatable hot tubs, you can NOT do that.

Other Features Include:

  • Built In Water Treatment System (makes spa water gentler on your skin)
  • Insulated and Locking Spa Cover
  • Fits up To 4 People
  • Carry Bag

Learn more about this PureSpa Lazy Spa hot tub here.

Best 6-Person Lazy Spa

If you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub that is bigger, this 6 person Lazy Spa is fantastic and is much bigger than the other standard sized inflatable Lazy Spas.

Watch the quick video review of this 6-Person Lazy Spa:

6 Person Lazy Spa - Your Best Option for a Bigger Lazy Spa Hot Tub that Holds More People.  See the best 6-person Lazy Spa here

Get More Info On This 6-Person Lazy Spa Here

Best 6- Person Lazy Spa Hot Tub Reviews:

This Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub seats 6 people and has pretty good reviews overall (read all reviews here).

Best 6 Person Lazy Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

✅ Lazy Spa Miami Review

When it comes to inflatable hot tubs, this Lazy Spa Miami portable spa model is one of the best-rated according to consumer reviews and feedback.

Lazy Spa Miami Features

    Lazy Spa Miami - Worth the money?  Lazy Spa Miami Review (Lay Z Spa Miami inflatable hot tub model review)

  • EASY to set up – (no tools needed)
  • Rapid heating – spa water heats up fast
  • 120 Spa Bubble Jets
  • 3-Ply Reinforced Spa Construction
  • Strong, Durable, Can Sit on Sides of Hot Tub
  • Comes with Inflatable Hot Tub Cover/Lid
  • Comes with Inflatable Hot Tub Chemical Floater
  • Comes with Lazy Spa Filter and 2 Filter Cartridges
  • Comfortable hot tub seating for 4 adults
  • Voted Best AFFORDABLE Lazy Spa Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Lazy Spa Miami Model OK for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Very positive Reviews (read reviews here)

Last time we looked, the Lazy Spa Miami inflatable hot tub was on sale here (making it one of the cheapest and affordable inflatable home jacuzzi hot tubs we’ve found) AND was also eligible for FREE SHIPPING! That’s one heck of a deal!

Check Current Price and Shipping Info for Lay Z Spa Miami Here

Best Rated Inflatable Lazy Spa Hot Tubs

Below are the current best Lazy Spa inflatable hot tubs on the market this year. This list is determined by overall consumer satisfaction.

Many of these Lazy Spa Hot Tubs Below are on sale and/or offer Free Shipping.

  1. Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub – 6-8 person hot tub – read reviewssee pictures
  2. Intex PureSpa Portable Hot Tub – 4 person hot tub – read reviewssee pictures
  3. Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Hot Tub – 4 person hot tub – read reviewssee pictures
  4. SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub – 2-4 person hot tub – read reviewssee pictures
  5. Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub – 4 person hot tub – read reviewssee pictures
  6. Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub – 6 person hot tub – read reviewssee pictures
  7. SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub – 6 person hot tub – read reviewssee pictures

Portable Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

Hot tub enclosure ideas

Backyard hot tub ideas

above ground hot tub ideas for your backyard this design idea works great for a "Lazy Spa" inflatable portable hot tub

perfect set up for a backyard patio deck inflatable hot tub!  These Lazy Spa hot tubs are so wonderful to have!

See more inflatable hot tubs like this here

✅ Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It?

The biggest question we get is – are Lazy Spa inflatable hot tubs really worth it? Are they worth the money? And my favorite: “Are Lazy Spas any good?”

If you want a hot tub and you need to go the cheapest way – or you need a home spa hot tub that is easy to MOVE (ie, “portable”), then YES, an inflatable hot tub (ie, a Lazy Spa) is absolutely worth it.

If you need the cheapest Lazy Spa inflatable hot tub possible:

This page has MANY inflatable hot tubs on sale all the time.

note: inflatable hot tub and Lazy spa deal update regularly.

Which Is Best?

If you’re wondering which inflatable hot tub is best, where to buy an inflatable hot tub for a GOOD price, etc – take a look at this list of excellent and affordable inflatable hot tubs:

30 new from $329.00
3 used from $407.17
Free shipping
8 new from $325.99
1 used from $293.39
Free shipping
1 new from $404.18
3 used from $318.46
Free shipping
1 new from $413.90
1 used from $500.00
Free shipping
2 new from $2,359.99
1 used from $500.00
Free shipping
10 new from $8.49
1 used from $6.21
Free shipping
Last updated on September 15, 2019 12:50 pm


4.88/5 (8)

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