Declutter Your Home Checklists & Task Lists-Printables Too


Free Decluttering Checklists to help you FINALLY conquer the clutter in your home!

My favorite FREE checklists to declutter your home room by room, task by task – even a checklist to declutter your phone too!

Declutter Your Home Checklists - get a house decluttering plan with these free printable task lists room by room decluttr checklist printable pdf templates and more to up your clean mama routine and stop being a clutterbug - get rid of clutter and take your house back!

Here’s the decluttering checklists on the following pages:

  1. Declutter Your Phone Checklist
  2. House Decluttering Plan Checklist
  3. Daily Declutter Checklist
  4. Declutter Challenge Checklist
  5. Bedroom Declutter Checklist
  6. Declutter House List

Decluttering your home is hard… but these checklists will make it easier.

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Decluttering Checklists To Declutter Your Home Free Printables

As I just said – decluttering your home is HARD.

It’s stressful, it’s OVERWHELMING… and yes it can cause anxiety too.

There are SO many people that suffer from Decluttering Guilt (do you?)

And yes! It’s a very real thing…

Feeling BAD when you get rid of things IS a real thing – it’s not weird, it’s not odd – it’s actually pretty normal.

The other problem is – STARTING.

Have you ever thought:

My House is SO cluttered-I don’t know where to START“?

That’s normal too.

Organizing clutter is NOT our goal here.

Getting RID of clutter IS the goal.

These decluttering checklists WILL help.

(note: we also have VERY realistic cleaning schedules, it that’s what you need)

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