Easy DIY photo collage letters

27+ DIY Letter-Shaped Photo Collage Ideas •
Let’s make picture collages on wooden letters or cardboard! These creative picture collage letters not only are great photo collage ideas for gifts, they are also cool ideas for decorating the walls in your home (or included in a gallery wall or foyer accent wall). Let’s take a look at some ideas you can copy and how to make these easy letter collages.

Easy DIY photo collage letters

Updated on November 15, 2019

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Whenever we see an awesome DIY craft idea on Pinterest, we HAVE to TRY it, don’t you?

So we did!

And just look how cute these super-simple picture collage letters turned out!

DIY Photo Letters - love all these ideas to make a picture collage on a wood letter

Photo Letter Collage Ideas

Below are 27+ pictures of creative Photo Collage Letters our readers made – so creative!

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How To Make a Photo Letter Collage

It’s really easy to make letter-shaped photo collage with all your favorite pictures.

DIY Photo Letters - love all these ideas to make a picture collage on a wood letter

Many people use big wooden craft letters like these:

But you can just as easily just cut a piece of cardboard into the letter shape you want to work with.

Like this next photo collage idea – what an amazing handmade gift ideas for Dad!

DIY picture collage letters ideas - photo collage letters spelling words - like this Dad picture collage - what a great handmade gift idea for Dad for Fathers' day or his birthday

Love all these ideas for making a photo collage on wood letters - these make such great DIY gifts!!If you’re using wooden letters, you’ll need some paint, some mod podge, and a little container of polyurethane (you coat this on top of all your pictures to give it a nice shine and protect your pictures), some sponge paint brushes and a good craft knife like one of these (makes it SO much easier to cut your pictures for clean edges).

These are the short steps:

First paint your wood letter and let it dry. While the paint is drying, use a good craft knife to cut out your pictures.

Next, apply mod podge to the wood letter and then place the cut out pictures on top so it will be glued on to the wood. After all pictures are placed and glued, let it all dry.

After it is completely dry, use a sponge brush and apply a thin coat of polyurethane over the top of the images and on all the painted wood areas.

You don’t HAVE to do alphabet letters for your picture collage either – you can also use wooden numbers – like this idea for a 5th anniversary gift:

Simple DIY picture collage letters and numbers for handmade gifts and unique wall decor - Photo Collage on Wood DIY ideas and video tutorial

Here are 2 quick videos that walk you through all the steps.

Photo Collage On Wood DIY Instructions

Below are step by step tutorials for making letter-shaped photo collages on wood or on cardboard.

You can make a photo collage on one BIG letter or on multiple letters that spell out a name, initials, numbers or a word – like this super creative Christmas photo collage on wood letters that spell out “Joy” (I just love it!)

Wooden letter photo collage ideas and tutorials - how to make a picture collage on wood letters or on cardboard.  Super creative letter picture collage ideas like this Christmas wooden word photo collage to give as a handmade Christmas gift or to decorate your house in the Holiday spirit this Christmas

Easy DIY picture collage letters - Wooden Letter Photo Collage Ideas - these DIY projects are SO easy and sure make a great homemade gift idea

DIY Photo Letters - Picture Collage Ideas - 27+ Easy Ideas and Video Tutorials to Make a Letter-Shaped Photo Collage - Picture Letter Collage Ideas

And if you REALLY want to get creative, but don’t want to make a LETTER picture collage, take a look at this photo collage idea:

Creative picture collage ideas for your wall - easy DIY picture collage ideas

Get creative with your picture collage – and have fun with it!

Those photos are memories that will last a lifetime!

Picture collage ideas - easy DIY picture and photo collage craft projects to make as gifts or as wall decor for your room or dorm room

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