DIY Gift Baskets – 99+ Creative Gift Basket Ideas For All Reasons, Seasons and Raffles

Gift Basket Ideas! Creative and inexpensive homemade gift baskets – DIY ideas for men, women, auctions, raffles, boyfriends, couples, Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays or ANY special occasion, Holiday or fundraiser. From baby showers and housewarming baskets for new home owners to raffle baskets and Christmas gift baskets, you’re sure to find the perfect idea for your DIY gift basket needs.

Let’s take a look some really creative handmade gift basket ideas you can make whether you’re on a budget or not.
DIY gift basket ideas

Updated on September 1, 2023

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There are a lot of homemade gift basket ideas on this page AND there are links to posts with a TON more ideas based on the gift basket theme you need.

From a ‘self care’ gift basket for her birthday or Mother’s Day….

LOVE the rubber duckies!

Homemade gift baskets for her birthday or Mother's Day - cute DIY 'You Time' gift basket idea for women

To a Star Wars themed birthday gift basket that says “YODA the Best!”.

Homemade gift baskets - Yoda / Star Wars themed gift basket ideas

There’s also this cute ‘I Love You Because’ candy pun gift basket to make for him.

Homemade gift baskets for him - cute candy pun gift basket ideas for boyfriend gifts with food, snacks and funny sweet sayings for each gift basket item

Lots more DIY gift ideas for him on these pages:

Gifts to make your boyfriend when you’re broke – or out of time.

Open When letter ideas for him

Sweet and romantic handmade cards for your man

Here’s a cute homemade gift basket idea for that special someone who LOVES shopping at Aldi.

Homemade gift baskets - creative DIY gift basket ideas for the one who LOVES shopping at Aldi

Or how about some Bunko party favors?

Look at these SUPER cute gift bags to make with some cheap Dollar Tree store gift bags and a black Sharpie marker (or black dot stickers if you aren’t so steady free-hand drawing like me haha!)

Bunko party favors and gift ideas - cute and easy gift bags and homemade gift baskets for Bunko party favors - perfect for your ladies group too.

Door Dash driver gift baskets? Of course!

How about these little “thank you” Easter-themed gift baskets to leave for your food delivery customers.

Homemade Gift Baskets - Easter-Themed Door dash gift basket ideas to make as thank you gift bags for food delivery customers

You can even make a homemade gift basket care package to celebrate his vasectomy.

Yep, I said it – his VASECTOMY.

As in… Snip Snip HOORAY!

Vasectomy Care Package Gift Basket With Candy Puns Items For Men

My cousin sent me that post-vasectomy gift basket idea in a text message picture the other day, and I just think it’s stinkin’ cute!

Would love to know where she found it!

However, “funny vasectomy gifts” seems to be the way MANY of you are finding this page so….

I got her to send me MORE pictures of vasectomy care package ideas and, believe it or not, vasectomy PARTY ideas!

If that’s what you’re here for, be sure to save these ideas below to Pinterest!

Funny Vasectomy Gifts

Not all gift baskets have to be IN baskets either.

Like these adorable end of the year gift BUCKETS for students from teachers:

Handmade gift baskets for students from teachers - cute summer-themed end of the school year gift basket ideas made with cheap Dollar Tree store beach buckets

Or a really cute fishing themed gift basket:

Fishing Gift Basket Ideas

Or this “Have Yourself a Bloody Mary Christmas” gift basket (cute!)

Have a Bloody Mary Christmas DIY Gift Basket

Or this Jello shot themed gift basket – but only for the adults!

Jello shot raffle gift basket

Or this lottery ticket “cake” gift ideas for Christmas…

DIY Christmas Gifts - Lottery Ticket Cake with Candy and Scratch Off Tickets

Or this Cinco De Mayo Margarita gift basket…

Cinco De Mayo Margarita gift basket

Or this Halloween gift bucket gift basket alternative…

Halloween gift bucket gift basket alternative

Or this Bud Light Beer Birthday Cake 30th Birthday Gift Idea…

Bud Light Beer Birthday Cake 30th Birthday Gift Idea

Or this cute little gift bucket with travel size liquor bottles and a gift card…

secret santa gift basket with small bottles of liquor

Or this 50th Birthday gift basket bucket…

50th Birthday gift basket bucket

Or this cute little gift basket mug with lottery tickets that says “I Hit The Jackpot When I Married You!” – love it!

gift basket mug with lottery tickets that says

Or this 50 Sucks But You Rock candy-themed gift basket for a 50th birthday party gift…

50 Sucks But You Rock candy-themed gift basket for a 50th birthday party gift

Or this fire pit themed gift basket with makings for s’mores….

Fire Pit Themed Raffle Baskets For Auctions and Fundraisers

Or these cute little take out box gift baskets with gift cards to restaurants – perfect for a new homeowner!

Take Out Box Gift Baskets

Or this cookout themed grilling gift baskets for a fundraiser raffle…

cookout themed grilling gift baskets for a fundraiser raffle

Or this Fireball themed gift basket – what a 21st birthday gift idea!

Fireball themed gift basket

These “Orange You Glad” gift baskets are perfect for teacher appreciation gifts, graduation gifts, birthday gifts…. heck, for ANY homemade gift basket need.

Homemade Orange You Glad Gift Baskets - easy, inexpensive and CREATIVE DIY gift basket ideas to make for teacher appreciation, graduation, birthdays, co-worker gifts, retirement, Mother's Day, end of school year, summer, new home housewarming gifts, door dash thank you gift baskets, best friends, boyfriends and more.

You can turn these orange-themed homemade gift baskets into a cute and creative gift for just about ANY occasion.

Here’s some ideas of what to write…

“Orange You Glad It’s Your Birthday”


“Orange You Glad It’s Almost Summer”


“Orange You Glad You’re Retiring”


“Orange You Glad The School Year’s Over”


“Orange You Glad I’m You’re Co-Worker”


“Orange You Glad I’m Your Best Friend”


“Orange You Glad I’m Your Girlfriend”


“Orange You Glad You Graduated”


“Orange You Glad You Got a New House”


“Orange You Glad It’s Mother’s Day”


You can twist it and write things like my SON did…

“Orange You Glad I’m Your Son”


“Orange You Glad I’m Your Student”


Those are all super cute, right?

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99+ DIY gift basket ideas

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