Nursery Closet Organization Ideas For The Perfectly Organized Baby Room

Nursery Closet Organization Tips, Organizing Ideas & Small Closet Organization Hacks

Want to easily organize the nursery baby closet? Need some organization ideas, tips, hacks, and DIY inspiration to completely organize your baby’s closet? You’re in the right place!
Nursery closet organization ideas - cleaver ways to organize the baby room closet with closet organizers and organization hacks for small closets

nursery closet ideas for the baby room
Before I even get started, I HAVE to share this with you…

This specific page on Amazon has GREAT deals on nursery closet organization items – I’ve found a LOT of super cute nursery organizers with coupons there.

baby girl nursery closet ideas

I also found some really great deals there on organizer baskets and bins and those cute little dividers the organize baby clothes by size – totally worth a look if you’re trying to organize the baby closet on a budget!

That page on Amazon is here.

Perfect baby boy nursery closet layout and organizing idea!On this page you’ll find many of our favorite nursery closet organizing ideas, organization products for the nursery closet, (we LOVE this baby closet organizer set!), organization tips, and nursery closet design ideas.

If you’re in a hurry…

==> See our favorite nursery closet organizers here

You will also see some nursery closet ideas for boy baby closets and girl babies… gender-neutral ideas, creative use of space in small nursery closets, and some before and after nursery make over ideas and plain ol’ brilliant nursery closet ideas that I sure wish *I* had thought of!
neutral nursery closet ideas

For example…

This closet organizer is the winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards and is a great nursery closet organizer.

It’s super easy to install and sure makes a lot more room in baby’s closet.

It’s also handy for hallway closets or even for mom and dad’s closet – sure helps keeps things not only organized, but easy to find.

Read the reviews from other moms here.


gender neutral baby nursery closet ideas

Where To Find It

These nursery makeover pictures are by far the most popular with the biggest question being WHERE do I find those closet organizers? Here’s where to find them…

Nursery Closet Organization Ideas - Where To Find the organization products to organize your baby's closet like the picture #gettingorganized
Here’s where to find the items in the picture:

1. Closet Door Organizing System

2. Closet Drawers

3. Blue Striped Toy Tote

You can see the entire nursery makeover and before/after pictures on this page here.

Ok, let’s look at more pictures and ideas for organizing YOUR baby’s closet…

Feel free to “Pin” any nursery closet pictures that inspire you!

✅ Baby Closet Ideas

I have collected SO many great pictures of nursery closets below to give you some serious inspiration for organizing your baby’s closet.

Hope they help!

Nursery closet organization ideas and hacks for small baby closets
Baby closet organization ideas - love the changing table in the nursery closet

Nursery closet organization hack - smart way to get more room in a small baby nursery closet
Baby girl nursery closet organization - great way to organize your baby girls clothes and hair items in the nursery closet
If you are serious about organizing your baby’s closet, you NEED to check out these ideas here!

Easy Nursery Closet Organization

If you’re looking for an inexpensive closet organizer for your baby’s closet, this one on Amazon is perfect.

Easy and affordable nursery closet organization idea.
See this nursery closet organizer on Amazon here

Pink Nursery Small Closet Ideas

Nursery Closet Organization ideas - Beautiful nursery closet idea for a baby girl

This small nursery closet is perfect for keeping all her baby girl’s clothes and baby gear organized. Just love the pink storage bins and baskets and the polka dots!

Foldable Cube Storage Bins - 6 PackFoldable Cube Storage Bins – 6 PackGet More InfoPink Spotty Lined Wicker Open Storage Basket Set of 4Pink Spotty Lined Wicker Open Storage Basket Set of 4Get More InfoShelf Baskets Storage Zebra Set of 4 (Fuchsia/White)Shelf Baskets Storage Zebra Set of 4 (Fuchsia/White)Get More InfoDelta - 48-Piece Nursery Storage Set, Barely PinkDelta – 48-Piece Nursery Storage Set, Barely PinkGet More Info

Gender-Neutral Nursery Closet Idea

Gender neutral baby room and nursery closet organization idea - love it!

Our friends have decided to NOT find out the gender of their baby and instead, have a surprise when she delivers.

Fun right!?

(I dunno – the suspense is killin’ ME so I can only imagine how it is for mom and dad!)

That also means they are going with a gender-neutral theme for the baby nursery.

She really liked this nursery closet design idea – and so do I!

Get More Space in Small Nursery Closet

For the nursery closet since it's small - helps keep things organized and visible so they're easy to find.

I like this idea – use one of these nursery organizers in the closet if your closet is small, but you want to make the most storage room possible in it.

I found it here.

Small Nursery Closet HACK (so smart!)

Nursery Closet Hack - take the doors off a small nursery closet to get more room and be better able to organize baby

Brilliant Nursery Closet Hack – to make MORE room in a small nursery closet, try this: take the doors the closet to get more room and be better able to organize baby’s things. Brilliant, right?

If you are serious about organizing your baby’s closet, you NEED to check out these ideas here!

Baby Boy Nursery Closet Idea

Baby Boy Nursery Closet Idea - this closet design is better for a longer closet (like the kids with bi-fold doors) - great organization and use of blues and greens.

Baby Boy Nursery Closet Idea – this closet design is better for a longer closet (like the kids with bi-fold doors) – great organization and use of blues and greens.

Easy Nursery Closet Organization Idea

Nursery closet organization.  Love that everything is adjustable to grow as your baby does.

If you can’t get (or fit) a big closet shelving system into your nursery closet, this baby closet organizer is a great idea.

found it here.

Nursery Closet Idea with Drawers

Nursery Closet Organization - Small closet with drawers, shelves and baskets.

This is a smaller nursery closet, but they did a great job organizing it to make the most of the space. The drawers/dresser inside the closet is brilliant – and all the shelves and basket give them lots of space to get the most organization possible.

Diaper Caddy Ideas

Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy, White WaffleMunchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy, White WaffleGet More InfoPlayard Diaper Caddy and Nursery OrganizerPlayard Diaper Caddy and Nursery OrganizerGet More InfoPlaytex Diaper Genie SmartCaddy Diaper OrganizerPlaytex Diaper Genie SmartCaddy Diaper OrganizerGet More InfoPerfect Diaper Caddy & Playard OrganizerPerfect Diaper Caddy & Playard OrganizerGet More InfoDiaper Caddy - Ultimate Diaper Organizer for BabyDiaper Caddy – Ultimate Diaper Organizer for BabyGet More InfoDaliWay Baby Diaper Organizer for NurseryDaliWay Baby Diaper Organizer for NurseryGet More InfoChevron Fabric Baby Closet Organizers for DiapersChevron Fabric Baby Closet Organizers for DiapersGet More InfoDiaper Caddy and Nursery Organizer for BabyDiaper Caddy and Nursery Organizer for BabyGet More InfoMunchkin Portable Diaper Caddy PinkMunchkin Portable Diaper Caddy PinkGet More Info

Baby Room Closet Hack (easy DIY idea)

This baby room closet idea is one of my favorites.  I love the idea of making a nursery closet bigger and more usable by removing the closet door(s), but adding this curtain is just brilliant.  Very simple DIY hack that will fit any budget.

This baby room closet idea is one of my favorites. I love the idea of making a nursery closet bigger and more usable by removing the closet door(s), but adding this curtain is just brilliant. Very simple DIY hack that will fit any budget.

This is another GENIUS idea for organizing a small nursery closet – how wonderful would it be to have your baby’s things THAT organized and easy to find for anyone who is helping you take care of your baby.

Baby closet organization - borderline GENIUS nursery closet organization hacks for organizing baby stuff on a budget

Ultimate Nursery Closet Organization and Design

LOTS of Nursery Closet Ideas! This one is the Ultimate Nursery Closet for Baby Girl!  Lots of organizing options

Isn’t this an AMAZING nursery closet? I’d LOVE to have a closet like this! All the rows of places to hang baby clothes and the shelves and the drawers… just awesome!

Unique Nursery Closet Organization Idea

Nursery closet idea - good use of shelves and drawers for organizing baby/toddler clothes.

Lots of shelves in this baby room closet means lots of space to keep your baby’s things organized. The dresser in the middle is great since it gives much needed drawer space. I really like this, but I believe I’d add some baskets to this nursery closet. Little girls have LOTS of little hair bows and things that are easier kept in baskets and bins.

Small Nursery Closet Organizing Idea

Small nursery closet organizing idea -
 organizing the baby room closet

White baby changing table with drawers and room for basketsWhite baby changing table with drawers and room for basketsGet More Info

Love the use of pink and blue baskets in this nursery closet. This mom made great use of space out this small bedroom closet for baby things.

Also, you’ll see she removed the door from the closet to give her more space to work with – brilliant!

I also really like that changing table idea, don’t you?

By getting a white changing table like the one to the left, you can add any color changing table pad and some baskets – wouldn’t that look fantastic AND be very useful?!!?

How To Organize Nursery Closets

Here are some tips from Kurt to help with your organizing in your nursery closet.

1. Divide clothes by size. You probably have a lot of different sizes of baby clothes. You can buy or make markers that wrap around the closet rod that will help you keep things organized and easy to grab at a moment’s notice.

2. Hang as much as possible. Folded stacks of clothes can easily become a pile of laundry. It is hard to see what you need and you end up rummaging through. Hang as much as you can on baby hangers and use bins for things like undershirts, body suits, and socks.

pink and grey nursery ideas - love this nursery closet organization idea with the pink farmhouse sliding barn door!

3. Make space for things that should be kept out of a child’s reach. The nursery inevitably will contain medicines, diaper rash ointment, and other dangerous items. Make sure that you dedicate areas out of children’s reach to these items. Avoid keeping them in or around changing tables and cribs.

4. Use bins for small items. Small things like socks, burp cloths, diapers and receiving blankets can be kept in bins. Pacifiers, toys and teething rings can be kept in bins once they are sanitized and ready to use.

pink and white wicker baskets to organize nursery closet5. Make space for dirty laundry. Babies can go through a lot of clothing in one day. Keep a laundry hamper or basket near the changing area or inside of your nursery closet. It will be out of sight, but easy to collect when it is time to do the laundry.

6. Dedicate a shelf to things that you’ll need quickly or in the middle of the night. You don’t want to have to wake the baby by turning on lights to find something like a thermometer. Keep these emergency items together so that you can easily find them when you need them.

7. Install lighting. Small lamps or night lights can be helpful if you need to find something in the baby’s room. You may even want to keep a flash light on a hook by the door so that you can sneak in if you need to. A closet light will help you find all kinds of things without waking the baby.

8. Use a lock or child-proof door knob cover. Make sure that your baby can’t get into items that are kept out of reach by using the closet to store them. Put a door knob cover or self-locking mechanism on the closet door as an extra precaution.

9. Use special baby hangers, children’s hangers, or infant hangers to keep special outfits from becoming damaged or stretched out. You can even designate part of the closet for consignment or charity items to keep the closet from getting cluttered.

Very Small Baby Closet Organization Idea

Here is another fantastic idea. The baby room closet in this house is very small, but they made the most use of the limited space with brilliant space-saving closet organizing products.

very small nursery closet organization ideas

Pink Nursery Baby Closet Design Idea

Our old house had closets with bi-fold doors like the closet in the nursery picture below. I love the way they used shelving and hooks and baskets to organize all their baby girl’s stuff.

Baby Closet Ideas  | Nursery Organization | Baby Closet Pictures | How To Organize Baby Closet | Pink Nursery Ideas | Baby Girl Nursery Closet

Minimalist Gender Neutral Baby Closet Design Idea

I absolutely LOVE this baby nursery closet! The natural wicker baskets just make is so lovely and warm. Also notice that they put a changing pad on a secure shelf in this nursery closet which is a BRILLIANT way to get more room in a baby nursery with limited space.

Baby Closet Ideas | Baby Closet Organization | Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas | Nursery Closet Organizing | Baby Closet Pictures | Nursery Closet Design Ideas

Nursery Closet Products To Help Organize

Throughout this page, I shared some awesome products to use in your nursery closet to make organizing your baby’s things much easier.

Here is the full list of things that can help with your baby closet organization.

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Nursery closet organization tips and ideas - great hacks, DIY ideas, and storage tips for organizing the baby room closet.  Great ideas for big and small closets.
Nursery Closet Organizing Tips and Hacks.  Helpful DIY ideas to get your baby room closet organized.

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