Empty Bottle Crafts - Jack Daniels Bottle Crafts - Easy DIY that you can do at home - easy DIY that looks hard but is EASY.

Cool Things To Make With Empty Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Bottles – I love all these ideas for upcycling empty Jack Daniels bottles and turning those empty whiskey bottles into useful and beautiful decor and household items!

Some folks are SO clever and creative – just look at the cool things you can make with an empty glass Jack Daniels bottle!

27 Clever DIY Things To Make With Jack Daniels Bottles

Updated on June 21, 2024

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27 Clever Jack Daniels Crafts For Adults
Empty Bottle Crafts - Jack Daniels Bottle Crafts - Easy DIY that you can do at home - easy DIY that looks hard but is EASY.

Did you know you can turn a Jack Daniels bottle into a lamp? A soap dispenser? A bird feeder? Salt and pepper shakers?

Heck, you can even make water spray bottles out of old Jack Daniels bottles!

Whiskey bottle crafts - DIY jack daniels spray bottles

Just look at these pictures below and you’ll see some really unique and creative DIY uses for Jack Daniels bottles:


Our favorite? This Jack Daniels Cake!

Jack Daniels Cake Ideas - Whiskey Bottle Crafts

We also LOVE these whiskey bottle Halloween craft ideas – what cute, and CHEAP, simple DIY Halloween decorations!

Whiskey Bottle Crafts - DIY Halloween crafts with old empty Jack Daniels bottles or whisky bottles

There are so many unique and pretty easy whisky bottle crafts of gifts and decor ideas you can make with old, empty Jack Daniel’s bottles.

Let’s look at some more ideas (btw, we LOVE the Jack Daniels Christmas tree!)

Whiskey Bottle Crafts - Jack Daniels Christmas Tree - make a Christmas tree out of old empty whiskey bottles

Let’s take a look at some more DIY home decor ideas that you can make with old bottles.

Like this empty bottle craft idea:

Empty Bottle Crafts - DIY whiskey bottle crafts ideas for old Jack Daniels bottles and any empty bottle

Empty Bottle Crafts

Empty bottle crafts are one of our favorite CHEAP ways to do some DIY decorating in your home. You can decorate empty plastic bottles or glass bottles – the sky is the limit.

Like this cute little glass bottle decorations I found on Instagram – just LOVE the pink wrapped bottles!

DIY empty bottle decor crafts

Below are some super creative things to do with glass bottles (especially if you like to decorate glass bottles with paint).

If you’ve ever wondered how to use glass bottles for decoration, as gifts or as cheap decor items, here are some really creative ideas.

More DIY Jack Daniel’s Craft Ideas

If you’re wondering what to make with your Jack Daniels bottles, you are sure to find some great ideas below.

These DIY Jack Daniels bottle ideas are super creative (and would also add a unique touch to a housewarming gift basket too!)

I LOVE this whiskey bottle craft idea, don’t you?

Whiskey bottle crafts -  DIY decor made with Jack Daniels bottles - beautiful empty bottle crafts and painted bottle craft projects to make and decorate your room without spending money. Cheap decorating ideas for your home, apartment, bedroom or dorm room for decorating on a budget

This Jack Daniel’s lamp is really awesome, and super simple to make. Just take an empty old whiskey bottle, pop in some battery-powered fairy lights and you’re good to go.

Whiskey Bottle Crafts - DIY Jack Daniels Lamp and Light Fixtures

Or how about the Jack Daniels Christmas decor idea – made from empty whiskey bottles!

Jack Daniels Christmas Decor Ideas and more Whiskey Bottle Crafts

These Jack Daniels bottle decorations would look great in your home bar, in your kitchen, the bathroom, the Man Cave – heck, ANYWHERE in your house.

In fact, these DIY whiskey bottle crafts are PERFECT for decorating your dorm room on a budget.

Whiskey Bottle Crafts - DIY decor ideas with old Jack Daniels bottles. Easy DIY that you can do at home - easy DIY that looks hard but is EASY.

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100 cool things to make with Jack Daniels bottles

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