No Bake Christmas Cookies and Bars Easy Freezer Friendly Christmas Sweet Treats

Super Easy NO BAKE Christmas Cookies! Freezer Friendly Christmas Cookies, Sweets, Christmas Dessert Bars and More Christmas Goodies • Yum… COOKIES! If you love making Christmas cookies and dessert bars over the Holidays, you will LOVE all these easy-peasy, FREEZER FRIENDLY NO BAKE Christmas cookies and bars recipes with pictures! Yes, these are super simple make ahead and freeze Christmas cookies and bars that do NOT require you to turn on your oven. Can I get a high-five for EASY Holiday baking that does NOT require baking!

Freezable No Bake Cookies Christmas Treats Freezer Friendly Christmas Goodies and Super Easy No Bake Christmas Cookies and Bars

No bake EASY Christmas Cookies Recipes with Pictures
No bake EASY Christmas Cookies Recipes with Pictures
No Bake Christmas Cookies and Bars - Freezer Friendly Sweet treats, Christmas desserts, Christmas sweets and More Super Easy Christmas Goodies you can make ahead and freeze for easy Christmas sweet treats for a crowd, holiday party or to give as Christmas sweets gifts.

No Bake Christmas Goodies

What a beautiful thing… to “bake” cookies without BAKING! Sign me up!

I’ve been all over online today getting ideas for the holidays. I was checking out our super popular craft ideas post that has lots of DIY Christmas crafts for kids and that made me think of cookies (disclaimer: EVERYTHING makes me think about cookies…lol)

But thinking of cookies and the kids got me wondering about having the kids help me make cookies – but not necessarily cookies that have to be baked.

Here are some NO BAKE Christmas cookies I found that I think we’ll try this year and many recipes I’ve used over and over each year.

Freezer Friendly No Bake Cookies and Bars

These are my favorite no bake Christmas cookies and dessert bars I can make ahead and freeze and they are all insanely delicious.

If you are overwhelmed with ALL you have to do over the Holidays, just take a day and make these no bake Holiday recipes, toss them in the freezer and you’ll have some of the best desserts and sweet treats to bring to a party, take as a thoughtful hostess gift or put out on your Christmas dessert table.

Love Easy Make Ahead Recipes?

So do it!

Check out these easy make ahead bundt pan breakfast ideas – they’re perfect for a crowd over the Holidays!

7 Easy Brunch Recipes For a Crowd – Breakfast Bundt Cake Recipes For A Stress-Free Brunch Party

Easy Breakfast Bundt Cake & Make Ahead Brunch Casserole Recipes * I’ve been searching all over for EASY breakfast recipes and crowd-pleaser brunch food ideas that are great for a crowd. With the Holidays coming and lots of overnight guests and brunch get-togethers, I really want some simple and fast breakfast ideas that everyone will love.

Freezable No Bake Christmas Desserts

Here’s my list of easy freezable NO BAKE Christmas desserts, cookies and bars I make every year:

  1. Chocolate Nanimo Bars (get recipe)
  2. No Bake Christmas Tree Cookies (get recipe)
  3. Millionaire Chocolate Bars (get recipe)
  4. Oreo Cookie Bars (get recipe)
  5. White Chocolate Rice Krispie Cookies (get recipe)
  6. Chocolate Ritz Cookies (get recipe)

And my ultimate NO BAKE – NO COOK Christmas dessert is… FUDGE!

Easy 3 Ingredient Fudge Recipes – Super Simple Sweet Treats For a Crowd, For Parties or as Easy Homemade Dessert Gifts

When it comes to super simple desserts, these 3 ingredient fudge recipes are at the top of my list. I’m a HUGE fan of super simple sweet treats and desserts when I’m baking and cooking for a crowd or in large batches to give as homemade gifts.

More No Bake Christmas Sweets

Rice Krispies Reindeer Cookie Pops

No Bake Christmas Cookies - Easy Christmas Cookies Ideas

No Bake Christmas Reindeer Cookies

No Bake Christmas Cookies - Easy Christmas Cookies Ideasrecipe

Ritz Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

No Bake Christmas Cookies - Easy Christmas Cookies Ideas

Easy Christmas Dessert Ideas – Creative Christmas Desserts for a Party or for a Crowd

These Christmas desserts recipes are SO easy – perfect for your Holiday party, Christmas get-together, or for a crowd. While I love all Christmas baking ideas, sometimes you just need quick and easy dessert recipes that you can even make last minute if you need to.

Super Simple Desserts: Easy Dump Cake Recipes For Quick and Delicious Desserts For a Crowd

Super Simple Make Ahead Desserts That Are Perfect For A Crowd! These dump cake recipes below are the EASIEST and most super simple dessert recipes you’ll ever make. When you need to make a quick dessert or sweet treat for a crowd, for your family, church, brunch, potluck, etc, these dump cakes are the perfect idea.

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