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Functional Home Office and Guest Room Combo Room Ideas – Do you have a small home office guest room combo setup in your home? Is your guest bedroom ALSO your craft room? Me too! And it needs a TOTAL makeover! Having a spare bedroom/office combo can be quite a challenge getting everything to fit, look great AND be functional for ALL its needs.

Sheesh – if you love DIY projects, crafting and making homemade gifts like I do, you ALSO have stuff EVERYWHERE – so you feel my pain haha! Let’s me show you some ideas I’ve found to give my multipurpose guest room a total refresh. Maybe they’ll help you out too!

Office Spare Bedroom Combo Layout Inspiration For Your Guest Room

Updated on May 22, 2024

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First off, to have a CHANCE to make that guest room fit all my needs, I absolutely HAD to have a place to organize all those things that clutter that space up.

We’re talking important paperwork and bills and craft stuff and computer stuff and stuff, Stuff STUFF everywhere.

I learned how to organize clutter in small spaces a long time ago – but reality is: I really just HIDE clutter.

And lord knows I am the QUEEN of hiding clutter in that guest room (in other words – do NOT open the closet or look under the bed!)

Guest room home office craft rooms

For this guest bedroom combo makeover, I decided – and COMMITTED to – following the old adage for organizing…

Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

bedroom office combo ideas

That all sounds simple, in theory – but once I took a good look around at bedroom office combo ideas, I could see I had a LOT of work to do on the “A Place For Everything” part before I could even consider putting anything in its place.

Please tell me you can relate? please…. haha!

So Step ONE for ME was to create those “spaces for everything” that little room had to hold for me.

I started at my desk area and was OVERWHELMED with all the papers and mail and little notes I’ve left myself ALL over the place.

(they say a cluttered desk is a sign of a brilliant mind? Uh, I beg to differ – sounds more like a SCATTERED mind to me lol!)

After looking around, I discovered THIS solution:

Guest bedroom home office combo organization - filing cabinet organizer for my craft supplies, paperwork and important house documents

Tell me you DON’T just LOVE that home office storage solution!

I think it’s fantastic and LOOKS GREAT!

Here are ways you can copy the look:

 Use a White Storage CabinetFound Here With Black Drawer Labels.Found Here Or a GREY Storage CabinetFound Here With WHITE Drawer Labels.Found Here


So I am TOTALLY doing that! (and a big thank you to one of my best gal pals, Linda, for sending that to me on Facebook! I sure would love to know where she found it, so if YOU know, let ME know)

Next I’m going to learn how to declutter and organize paper clutter – I have GOT to go through it all and create some sort of system that I can keep up with (and my fancy new filing cabinet above will sure help with that!

how to organize paper clutter, bills and mail
How To Declutter and Organize Paper Clutter

Next Up….. Layout Ideas

Here is a “collage” type picture that shows all the home office guest room combo layouts I looked at that MIGHT work in our spare room.

Sorry it’s SO big, but that’s the only way to help those visiting on their phones actually SEE the ideas.

Home office guest room combo layout ideas

Since I’ll also being using that space as my craft room too, I have to say I really like the idea of putting my craft work desk IN the closet.

I’ve shared that concept before on my nursery closet organization ideas and it really CAN make more use of limited space.

That way, I can close the doors on that space because let’s face it – no matter HOW hard we try, that desk top work area is ALWAYS a creative mess.

The only downside of putting it in the closet is that I’ll have to CLEAN OUT the closet first – ugh! But probably worth the effort.

What About Paint Colors?

guest bedroom office craft multi-purpose rooms

Now that I have some sort of an idea for my combo room layout, I’d really like to paint the walls in there after I declutter and clean the room out.

I really want a paint shade that is both relaxing AND inspiring – which sounds like a tough ask… but it’s NOT.

I came across these relaxing bedroom paint color ideas that I think are beautiful and totally fit what I’m after.

guest room combo paint color ideas - relaxing and inspiring paint colors for your bedroom home office or guest room craft room
Home Office Combo Paint Color Ideas

Those paint colors are both “chill” AND cheerful at the same time – I like that!

I dunno what you call those colors? Shabby Chic?

Hey, I may be messy, but I still LOVE aesthetic room ideas!

And… Decorating Ideas

While this will be the LAST step after I clean, paint and get the guest room combo layout right, but yes, I sure want to decorate everything too!

Here are some ideas I’ve been looking at:

These ideas below are more for a feminine home office

home office guest room combo decorating ideas
Home Office Decorating Ideas For Women

There are a LOT of gorgeous design and decorating ideas on that page above (and I keep adding to it too!)

Be sure to check it out before you leave.

And then I found these budget-friendly home office craft room decorating ideas

Home office craft room decorating ideas for a spare guest bedroom combo
Home Office Craft Room Decorating Ideas

I’m gonna keep looking for ideas for my multiple purpose guest room combo situation I’ve got going on and then share what I find here.

Keep an eye on the updated date near the top to see when there’s new ideas to see.

In the meantime…

GET ONE OF THESE STORAGE CABINETS – they are not only space-saving, they are PRETTY and will look great in YOUR combo guest room!

Here’s where to find them (and poke around because there are ALL different sizes and colors too!)

 Use a White Storage CabinetFound Here With Black Drawer Labels.Found Here Or a GREY Storage CabinetFound Here With WHITE Drawer Labels.Found Here


Want MORE Ideas?

Check out these home office guest room combo layout and decorating ideas:

Home Office Guest Room Combo Spare Room Layout Ideas

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