dorm bathroom ideas, decor, organization and essentials for college apartment bathroom or small dorm room bathrooms

Dorm Room Bathroom Ideas, Decor Pictures and DIY Organizing Hacks For ALL Your College Bathroom Essentials –

If you’re looking for creative and cute ways to decorate your dorm bathroom or first apartment bathroom and organize all the things you’ll need, you will love all these cheap apartment storage ideas and dorm room bathroom decorating pictures below.

first apartment bathroom ideas - perfect decor inspiration and essentials for college dorm rooms too From - Dorm Bathroom Ideas-Decor Inspo For College Apartments

Updated on May 15, 2024

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Dorm Bathroom Ideas with PICTURES - college bathroom decorating ideas, DIY dorm bathroom decor, cute dorm bathroom ideas, college bathroom essentials, dorm bathroom checklist and awesome DIY dorm bathroom hacks

Are you ready to to make your dorm room bathroom seem more like home and be more organized with all your essentials?

Here are some dorm room ideas for your bathroom that will help you spruce that boring college bathroom or first apartment bathroom right up and make it uniquely YOU – and functional.

❤️ Dorm Bathroom Ideas
✅ Pictures
📋 Essentials

❤️ Dorm Bathroom Ideas

dorm bathroom ideas, decor, organization and essentials for college apartment bathroom or small dorm room bathrooms

Small bathroom ideas - dorm bathroom storage and organization ideas for college community bathrooms, first apartment, shared bathrooms, suitemate bathrooms with roommates and more dorm bathroom hacks, inspo and organizing ideas

Looking for some college bathroom ideas? How about these aesthetic dorm bathroom ideas below?

Just take a look at these pictures for some strong inspo!

Dorm bathroom decor ideas - small college apartment bathroom decorated with all essentials organized
Dorm bathroom essentials organized in a small college apartment bathroom over the toilet

 Dorm Bathroom StorageSee This Dorm Bathroom DecorSee This Shared Bathroom IdeasSee This


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Take a look at all these dorm bathroom pictures below for LOTS of great storage ideas – even if your dorm has shared bathrooms.


If this is your first apartment, be SURE you know these 5 Clogged Toilet Hacks.

There is nothing worse than a suddenly stopped up toilet and YOU don’t have a plunger!

📋 Essentials

College Bathroom Essentials – What To Pack:
College packing checklist - dorm bathroom essentials to buy and pack to take to college this year - VERY useful for freshman and first college apartments

When you’re buying and packing for college, there are 28 dorm bathroom essentials that you MUST remember to take with you.

This bathroom checklist is also VERY helpful for your first college apartment bathroom too!

Dorm Bathroom Checklist:

  • _Towels
  • _Washcloths
  • _Shampoo
  • _Bathrobe
  • _Soap
  • _Slippers
  • _Toilet Paper
  • _Bath Mat
  • _Shower Curtain
  • _Makeup
  • _Hair Products
  • _Trashcan
  • _Meds
  • _Cleaning Stuff
  • _Toothbrush
  • _Toothpaste
  • _Mouthwash
  • _Floss
  • _Tissues
  • _Shaving Stuff
  • _BandAids
  • _Mirror
  • _Lotion
  • _Deodorant
  • _Organizers
  • _Soap Dish
  • _Toothbrush Holder
  • _Tweezers

If you’re sharing a community bathroom in your college dorm or on campus apartment this year, you ABSOLUTELY NEED these two things:

 Dorm Bathroom BagsShow Me This Dorm Shower ShoesShow Me This


Yes, you really DO need… N-E-E-D them!

Get a shower caddy bag like this to carry all your stuff to and from the bathroom.

and YES, get some bathroom shower shoes like these.

Trust me, it’s part of dorm bathroom survival!

College Bathroom Decorating Ideas

There are a couple of cool things you can do to make your dorm room bathroom into an awesome space (you saw ALL the pictures above, right?) The two best “do it yourself” college bathroom ideas are super easy and the best place to start. The first two steps are to think of the colors (perhaps “theme”) that you want. Then, secondly, think of everything you NEED to organize and use in the bathroom. Once you have those two things in mind, you’ll be better able to choose the ideas that will work for YOUR dorm room or college apartment bathroom.

On a Budget?

In the pictures above, we saw some super cute Do It Yourself (DIY) dorm bathroom ideas for decorating – but what about storage and organization?

As with most college students, you’re probably doing all this on a budget whether your budget is limited by your own spending power, or the budget your parent(s) set for you.

So, you gotta do all this as cheaply as possible, right?

Since dorm bathrooms are notoriously SMALL, here are some clever bathroom storage ideas for small spaces that really help.

Don’t forget your local bargain and discount dollar stores – you can find GREAT and CHEAP ideas for your dorm bathroom at Dollar Tree, Dollar General and other dollar stores.

Your best bet would be to look at dorm room ideas on Pinterest for inspiration.

Try taking one or more of the ideas you come across, switching things up a bit and making it your own.

College Packing List - what to pack for dorm bathroom freshman year

Cute Dorm Bathroom Ideas & Inspo

Take a look at these 6 cute dorm bathroom decor ideas for decorating and organizing your bathroom at college or in your first apartment:

 1. Aesthetic Shower CurtainSee This 2. Cute Matching Towel SetSee This 3. Dorm Bathroom OrganizerSee This 4. Rolling Storage CartSee This 5. Bathroom Trash CanSee This 6. Over Door OrganizerSee This


Items You Might Forget

When you are going on your shopping trip to buy all of your college dorm room supplies, do not forget to grab all the bathroom essentials checklists.

Things like toothbrush holders, soap dishes and shower curtains are not only for show; they have an actual purpose other than ways to make your room look cool.

Keeping It Clean

You’ll also most likely be in charge of keeping your dorm bathroom CLEAN (ugh!) so don’t forget to buy a small trashcan, bathroom cleaners, scrubbers, small trashcan liners, etc.

You should probably also buy a bathmat to keep your floor dry AND so your feet don’t freeze when getting ready.

College Essentials Checklist - dorm bathroom checklist - what to pack for college

Dorm Bathroom Hacks

How about some clever dorm bathroom HACKS?

One of the best hacks for your dorm bathroom is this: when it comes to shopping for dorm room bathroom decor buy as much as you can at your local Dollar Store or discount store.

These Dollar Store Hacks are GREAT! Highly recommended.

This is a great way to make your bathroom look great without spending a ton of money.

How To Survive Dorm Bathrooms

If your college dorm is set up with a community bathroom type of thing where LOTS of girls share the SAME bathroom, here are some tips on how to survive community bathrooms at college.

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