How To Make Your Room Aesthetic & Cute WITHOUT Buying Anything

How To Decorate Your Room WITHOUT Spending Money – If you’ve been wondering “HOW to decorate my room WITHOUT spending any money”, you’re in the right place!

Here’s how to make YOUR room look aesthetic WITHOUT buying anything – the pictures and easy DIY ideas below are for decorating your room on a low-budget or without spending a dime at all.
aesthetic room ideas - how to make your room aesthetic without buying anything. Cheap and free room decorating ideas for small rooms and DIY aesthetic room pictures to make your room look better for free

✅ Aesthetic Room FAQ

☑ 1. What is an “aesthetic” room?

In short, an aesthetic room is a room that is decorated in a style or theme that is beautiful to YOU (ie, aesthetically-pleasing) that also makes you FEEL good. There are many aesthetic decorating styles such as VSCO girl aesthetic rooms, Boho, Shabby Chic, Farmhouse, Industrial, etc. TikTok has made the aesthetic room very popular this year, but that aesthetic style is more of a decorating style that is all about surrounding yourself with the things YOU love – and adding LED lights.

There’s a video inside the #3 FAQ question that shows a before and after of redecorating a room in this new aesthetic style.

☑ 2. How do I make my room aesthetic TikTok style?

A TikTok style aesthetic bedroom has light-colored walls covered with pictures of your favorite people and LED lights all around your room that creates that cool aesthetic glow to bring it all together.

☑ 3. How can I make my bedroom aesthetic without buying anything?

Making your room aesthetic without spending money is very possible – hang lots of pictures of your favorite people, hang a really cool “boho” style blanket on the wall, use lots of LED lights and or string lights… Think decorating items like throw pillows in different colors, styles and textures, a big white fluffy comforter with a unique throw blanket. In short, an aesthetic room glows with everything about YOU.

Watch this DIY room makeover and see how she redecorated her room in such a cool aesthetic style like you see on TikTok:

Free Ideas

How to decorate your room without buying anything – Here are 30 ways to decorate your room for free using cool things, handmade things and free things you already have.

how to make your room aesthetic and decorate your room without buying anything - 30 ways to decorate your room for free

  • 30 Ways To Decorate Your Room WITHOUT Buying Anything:
  1. – Paint old picture frames in bright aesthetic colors
  2. – Use old pillowcases, t-shirts or sheets as a curtains
  3. – Paint an old baking sheet and use as a magnet board
  4. – Put cool shells and stuff in a glass jar with string lights
  5. – Hang an awesome blanket on your wall
  6. – Spell your name on your wall in string lights
  7. – Decorate small boxes and use as organizers
  8. – Use flowers, leaves, pine cones, etc from your yard
  9. – Display photographs on the mirror
  10. – Ask family / friends for items they don’t use anymore
  11. – Write fun, inspirational sayings on paper and hang them up
  12. – Get creative with free old milk crates
  13. – Use bright-colored tape
  14. – Arrange pictures in a heart shape on your wall
  15. – Use string Christmas lights
  16. – Use concrete blocks for shelves, a desk or make-up table
  17. – Use a large piece of fabric or sheet as curtain
  18. – Use poster boards for wall hangings and decorate with pictures
  19. – Use a row of flower pots as a display shelf
  20. – Use clothesline to display jewelry, photos and other knickknacks
  21. Make a photo collage
  22. – Rebuild free broken furniture from family and friends
  23. – Use fake flowers to make an arrangement (or even use a real plant)
  24. – Arrange stuffed animals on your bed
  25. Repurpose items from your childhood
  26. – Use old furniture from the basement
  27. – Use old bookcases as extra bedroom storage
  28. – Use empty cans and bottles and decorate them
  29. – Use colorful laundry hampers
  30. – Make decorations out of free pallet wood

How To Make Your Room Look AWESOME Without Spending Money

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Below are our favorite pictures and ideas for decorating your room on a TIGHT budget (as in, NO money to spend!) I absolutely love the ways to hang photos and pictures on your wall without frames – cute!

How To Make Your Room Look Cute

There are many ways to make your room look cute WITHOUT spending money including decorating your room with things you already have, decorating with paper, making furniture from cardboard, repurposing decor and items others throw away or don’t want and by simply rearranging the furniture in your room.

Take a look at this FREE bedroom makeover all done for FREE – I just LOVE the aesthetic look – so nice! And they didn’t have to buy ANYTHING!

Decorate With Things You Already Have

Pictures of friends and family? Check! Christmas lights? Check! It’s easy to decorate with things you already have – you just have to get creative!

Hang pictures in the shape of a heart on your wall - string up some fairy lights - how to decorate your room without buying anything

Have a SMALL Bedroom?

Try these small bedroom storage hacks

Decorate with Handmade Things

I was recently asked, “HOW to decorate my room with handmade things?” – I love that question because, to me, nothing makes a room truly YOUR room more than things you make yourself.

HOW to decorate my room with handmade things?  Try these easy DIY ideas for decorating your room with things you make and already have

Bedroom Decorating Tips and Tricks

One of the best bedroom decorating tips and tricks I have is this – get BRIGHT with it… and don’t be afraid to put things together that don’t appear to match. What YOU decorate your room with is how you make your room awesome (just like YOU!)

Mix and match bright colored decor for a bright and cheerful room - how to decorate your room without buying anything

Decorate a Teenage Girl’s Room

If you’ve been search for how to decorate YOUR teenage girl’s room for low cost (or NO cost), here’s an idea we love (and so do the girls). Dip blown up balloons in glitter and hang them from the ceiling – cute, right?!?

Dip balloons in glitter and hang from your ceiling - how to decorate your room without buying anything

Unique Ways To Decorate for Free

how to make your room aesthetic without buying anything

Some of the best decorating ideas are free (as is more things in life!). Here are some clever and unique ways to decorate for free using everyday household items:

Use old toilet paper rolls and make a DIY desk organizer…

Save old toilet paper rools to make a DIY organizer for the desk in your room - how to decorate your room without buying anything

Crush clean and empty cans, then put a coat of spray paint on them in pretty colors for a really cute, and totally free, decorating idea.

Paint empty cans for cute and easy room decorations - how to decorate your room without buying anything

Make Your Bedroom AESTHETIC!

Making your room aesthetic can be done on a low budget – or with NO budget to BUY anything at all! Grab an old (and pretty) sheet or shirt or towel or curtains you have lying around and wrap it around the headboard for a fresh new look.

Grab some old ribbon and wrap it around your boring throw pillows to brighten things up.

Have a pretty notebook or journal? Display it!

Wrap an old sheet, shirt or towel around your headboard for a fresh look - wrap pillws with ribbon - how to decorate your room without buying anything

Decorate Your Room with Paper

Do you know what MY favorite paper things are? PICTURES! Grab all those family photos and pictures of your friends and use them in creative ways to decorate the walls in your room.

Hang pictures of friends and family on your wall - how to decorate your room without buying anything

Decorate Your Walls

This is one of my favorite ways to decorate your walls in your room without buying anything new.

Go grab some Christmas lights and use them to decorate your walls – BEAUTIFUL!

Use fairy lights or Christmas lights as cheap wall decor in your room - how to decorate your room without buying anything

Decorate With Simple Things

Decorating with simple things and decorating THE simple things in your room can make a big impact on the overall look of your room.

Why not decorate your phone charger?

Decorate your phone charger! how to decorate your room without buying anything

Decorating For Christmas

If you’re looking for ways to decorate your room for Christmas without spending any money…

Cute (and FREE) Christmas Room Decor Ideas – How To Decorate Your Room For Christmas WITHOUT Buying Anything


☑ How can I make my room look cute without buying anything?

Here are 11 ways to make your room look really cute and aesthetic without spending any money (pictures above):

  1. Paint and hang an old cool mirror
  2. Display pictures and photos in an aesthetically-pleasing way
  3. Print out free inspirational quotes and hang on your wall
  4. Turn cool old sheets into curtains
  5. Make your room cozy by putting your bed against the wall like a couch
  6. Display pretty perfume bottles on your dresser
  7. Ask family / friends for cool vintage items to decorate your room with
  8. Put shells from your beach vacation in a mason jar with fairy lights
  9. Don’t stack or pile things on your floor – clean it up
  10. Turn wine glasses upside down and use as candle holders
  11. Declutter – too much stuff makes any room look bad!

Need more help with your stuff?

Read: Why getting rid of clutter is SO hard

☑ How can I make my bedroom look bigger?

Making a small room look better is pretty simple with these easy tips…

  1. Avoid dark colors
  2. Let in natural light
  3. Use cute mirrors
  4. Incorporate VSCO aesthetic room ideas and decor
  5. Clutter is NOT cute – clean it up
  6. Arrange your furniture in a way that maximizes your space
  7. Don’t use all your walls space
  8. Reduce the use of bulky furniture items

☑ How can I make my room look cozy?

Making your room look cozy is a wonderful idea and will make you feel calm and peaceful in your room. Ideas to make your room feel cozy are:

  1. Avoid harsh color schemes
  2. Use comfy cozy throw blankets
  3. Use calm colored bedding
  4. Use area rugs
  5. Use soft/plush fabrics for throw pillows, etc
  6. Use a soft-colored light bulb in your lamp
  7. Add houseplants to your room

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How To Decorate Your Room WITHOUT Buying Anything
How To Decorate Your Room With Things You Already have
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