5 Fun & Easy Recipes for Kids To Make

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Easy recipes for kids to make at home idea: Simple pizza recipe for children

Here are some fun, easy, and kid-friendly recipes your kids will love to make! Most of these recipes they can make by themselves (tho I would supervise any oven use myself). There’s even some great gluten-free recipes for kids as well. Enjoy!

This page has a TON of great easy recipes for kids to make.

Easy Breakfast Recipe For Kids To Make:

Egg Breakfast Bowls Recipe

Easy Breakfast Recipe for Kids To Make

Get The Recipe Here

Corn Dog Muffins Recipe for Kids

Easy corn dog muffin recipe for kids to make

This easy recipe is one that kids LOVE to make – corn dog muffins!

Best part of all, they can make it pretty much ALL by themselves (other than the oven – you might want to help with that).

All you need is a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix – make the batter as directed on the box and pour into a muffin pan.

Then, take 2 hot dogs and cut them into thirds and push a piece of hot dog down into each spot of muffin batter.

Then just bake as directed on the muffin mix box.


And by the way, these are really good with a bit of cheese as well =)

Easy Mac n’ Cheese Recipe For Kids:

MVP Mac n’ Cheese Recipe

Easy Mac and cheese recipe for kids to make

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Easy Pizza Recipe for Kids to Make

Easy recipes for kids to make at home idea:  Simple pizza recipe for children

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What a fun and EASY recipe for kids idea – pizza made with Texas Toast that you buy in the freezer aisle.

Just grab some pizza sauce in a jar, some grated mozzerella cheese, a few slices of pepperoni, and put it all on top of a piece of frozen Texas Toast and cook as directed on the bread box.

Easy, fun… and FAST!

Easy Holiday Cupcakes Recipes for Kids

Halloween Cupcakes Recipe

Easy Halloween Cupcakes recipe for kids to make

Get The Recipe Here

Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids

Easy gluten-free-recipes for kids to make and eat

If your child is on a gluten-free diet, you will LOVE all these gluten-free recipes for kids.

Get The Gluten-Free Recipes Here

Get More Easy Recipes for Kids to Make Here.

Cute Thanksgiving Cookies Kids Love To Make (and EAT!)

Fun & Easy Fall Crafts For Kids To Make

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Fun and Easy Recipes for Kids to make with their parents.

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