Baby Shower Gifts for Mom (NOT Baby Gifts)

• Unique and Unusual Non Baby Gifts for New Moms •

Creative and thoughtful baby shower gifts for the mom-to-be. Whether it’s a new mom survival kit or a hospital gift basket, these baby shower gift ideas for mommy are great ideas.
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Best baby gifts! Baby shower gifts for mom not baby - unique baby shower gifts for mom to be - non baby gits for new moms - practical baby shower gifts and trendy baby gifts and more best baby gits for new moms

If you want to buy or make a baby shower gift for a first-time mom (or more) that is truly a gift for HER – and not for baby – here are some really cute, unique, fun, and THOUGHTFUL baby shower gift ideas any new mom would LOVE.

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom NOT Baby

  1. Gift Certificate To Local Food Delivery Service
  2. Getting OUT the door is challenging for any new mom – but the family still has to eat.

    In our area, we have 2 amazing services that ANY new mom would SO appreciate. One service picks up and delivers food from your favorite restaurants. They have all the local restaurant menus online, order what you want and they go get it and BRING IT TO YOU.

    The other services does your grocery shopping FOR you.

    Yes! For real – this service DELIVERS groceries! How awesome, right?

    I use them ALL the time – AND I “gift” others by ordering their groceries delivered TO them.

    Just go to their site online, order what you need (they also have an app for your phone) – they go shop and bring your groceries right to your door.

    Or, call and ask the new mom what she NEEDS from the grocery store – then go here and order it to be delivered to her door.

  3. A Gift Certificate for SLEEP
  4. If you want to give a baby shower gift to the mom that she WILL appreciate – and that will cost YOU nothing – make her a cute gift certificate for SLEEP.

    The sleep issues start when you’re pregnant and continue until…. uhhhh… they’re 18?!?! haha!

    Heck, my cousin had a sign like this on her front door when she was pregnant (her sign NOW that the baby is here is WAY meaner…lol!)

    Funny about pregnancy - funny so not disturb sign for pregnant women #funny #momhacks #goals

    So – sleep is a BIG DEAL – and you can ‘gift’ a new mom the precious gift of sleep.

    On the certificate state WHEN you will be there so she can rest. Don’t ASK her when she wants you to come, TELL her.

    For example:

    ‘Every Tuesday for 4 weeks, I will be at your house from 4pm to 7pm so YOU can sleep, shower, or do whatever you need’

    New moms are less likely to ASK you to come, but will sure appreciate – and look forward to – a set time when she knows you are coming.

    If that specific time on your certificate doesn’t work, she’ll let you know… but she doesn’t have to ASK you to come over. Make sense?

    If the mom-to-be has an older child, or children, you could also make your gift certificate that you come and GET the older child/children for a few hours every week on a certain day and set time.

  5. A Neck Pillow
  6. Sure, buying a neck pillow for a new mom sounds a bit TOO practical, but she will SO appreciate it during all those long nights ahead of her (and her NECK will appreciate it, too).

  7. Spa Day Type of Gift Certificate
  8. Once the new mom is feeling a bit more like herself again, an opportunity to get her nails done, her hair done, get a massage or a facial, etc might very well be something she would LOVE to be able to do. Give her a gift certificate for one of those things that you know she’ll love and appreciate.

    As a bonus, offer to watch the baby while she goes.

  9. “New Mom” Goodies
  10. These were some of my FAVORITE baby shower gifts that were not BABY gifts – they were gifts for ME.

    I just loved getting all the “mom” t-shirts and mugs (you know, the cheesy “worlds greatest mom” type of stuff). That might sound a bit weird, but I LOVED “bragging” to the world that *I* was a mom!

  11. Mom Life Coloring Book
  12. What to DO all those long nights when she has to be awake with her baby? COLOR!

    These “Mom Life” adult coloring books are not only addicting, but they’re funny – she’ll love them!

  13. Jewelry for the Mom-To-Be
  14. Other than the shirts and mugs, I sure LOVED the “mom” jewelry I got as gifts at my baby shower. Here are some of my favorite “mom” jewelry pieces that she’s sure to love also.

Baby Shower Basket For Mom

Instead of making a baby shower gift basket full of BABY items, why not pamper the mom-to-be with a gift basket full of items that will help her feel beautiful again. Be creative in selecting the items to put in there, and remember that she will most likely be home from six to eight weeks after the birth of her child.

A great gift basket for a new mom could include champagne, popcorn, a free month of NetFlix, and calming bath wash. The idea here would be for her to take a nice long bath and relax with a movie, champagne and popcorn.

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas – Creative DIY Baby Shower Gifts on a Budget

What moms REALLY want for baby shower gifts! Such cute and UNIQUE baby shower basket ideas! Learn how to put together a baby shower gift basket and how to make a baby shower gift basket at home on a budget.

You could change or add some items to make it a gift basket for both the parents of the new baby to have a romantic night together. You never know when the last time they may of had one of these due to the pregnancy!

Or how about a new mom survival basket like this picture below?

Baby shower gifts for mom that are NOT baby gifts!  Cute new mom survival gift basket - cheap and easy DIY baby shower gift basket it #babyshowerideas #diygifts #babystuff

Or this is a SUPER cute DIY baby shower basket for mom – a hospital survival basket!

Baby shower gifts for mom that are NOT baby gifts!  Cute new hosptial survival gift basket - cheap and easy DIY baby shower gift basket it #babyshowerideas #diygifts #babystuff

Baby Shower Gift for Mom AND Dad

There are many ideas for baby shower gifts for mom AND dad that all new parents would LOVE. When that baby comes, there will be many sleepless nights for BOTH parents, right? How about a
white noise machine that can help the parents fall asleep fast when they actually get a chance to sleep.

A romantic getaway can be a good gift to both parents too but that all depends on YOUR budget.

A gift certificate for two movie tickets, a subscription to NetFlix, and a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or just a night of sleep are all great ideas. Don’t forget to put in a “certificate” where you offer to babysit when they decide to do those things.

Baby Shower Gifts for JUST Dad

If you want to buy a baby shower gift for JUST the dad-to-be, here are some ideas. If the father-to-be is a sports fan, he would love nothing more than pajamas of his favorite sports team for his child! T-shirts also make great baby shower gifts for Dad if you can’t find pajamas. Just make sure it’s the correct team!

Dads also think about their new baby all the time too, and sure miss them when they’re away. What better way for him to remember his new bundle of joy than with a picture for his desk? Obviously you won’t have a picture yet, but a desktop picture frame makes a great gift. Get one that says “World’s Greatest Dad!” for added effect.

Or, you can DIY a cute baby shower gift for dad, like this New Dad Toolbox idea below:

Baby shower gifts for DAD - unique DIY baby shower gifts for the dad-to-be #giftideas #babyshowerideas #babystuff

Or this cute baby shower gift basket ideas for a new dad:

Baby shower gifts for DAD - unique DIY baby shower gifts for the dad-to-be #giftideas #babyshowerideas #babystuff

Don’t underestimate this gift idea for a new dad – he will LOVE it… and so will mom.

A New Dad Photo Shoot!

Just look how precious these types of pictures can turn out – what a keepsake!

Dad Newborn Poses - Newborn photograph ideas for baby's first pictures with father and newborn family pictures. ST1172019 Newborn photography poses and baby photography ideas. New daddy and baby picture ideas. DIY beautiful at home newborn pictures for dads. Keepsake lifestyle newborn baby photos ideas - simple newborn baby photos ideas with father.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Mom To Be

Some of those most unique baby shower gifts I’ve seen that are NOT baby item gifts are things like a new family photo shoot certificate that they can use when they’re ready AFTER the baby’s born, a gift certificate for family Christmas cards, new mom memory books…

heck, I’ve even seen one mom-to-be receive a gift basket full of various types of birth control…haha!

Depending on the sense of humor or the mom-to-be, the guests AT the shower, and your own level of humor, you can have a lot of fun giving unique and unusual gifts at a baby shower.

(just be careful so you don’t offend anyone…lol!)

Baby Shower Gift For Mom Who Has EVERYTHING

When it comes to the mom-to-be that already HAS everything, finding a baby shower gift that she’ll use and appreciate can feel extra challenging. There is ONE thing that ALL new moms need more of – sleep. Gift your time – she’ll never have TOO much help.

Practical Baby Shower Gifts

New moms need many practical things that they don’t ever anticipate that they’ll need when they’re setting up their baby shower gift list.

If you’ve ever had a child, you know what I mean.

Handmade gift basket ideas for a new mom (mom-to-be) Best baby gifts! Baby shower gifts for mom not baby - unique baby shower gifts for mom to be - non baby gifts for new moms - practical baby shower gifts and trendy baby gifts and more best baby gifts for new moms

For example, one new mom I know from church said that her FAVORITE thing for HER, as a new mom, was 5 pairs of a “bit too big” black yoga pants that her sister-in-law gave her.

She admits that when she opened them at her baby shower, she was a little uhhhhhh “unimpressed”, but as she says, “those yoga pants were LIFE SAVERS” during those first few weeks after her little girl was born.

Sure, that fancy bottle warmer or nifty baby changing station sure LOOKS impressive at the baby shower – but let’s get real – the new mom as a WOMAN needs certain stuff for HER to comfortably survive those first few weeks after her baby is born.

These new mom baby shower gifts are what I called New Mom Care Packages – and, whether the mom-to-be KNOWS it or not at her baby shower, she WILL really, really appreciate every single item in it.

If you’re a mom, think back to those things you REALLY needed your first days/weeks home from the hospital.

Pads, ice packs, witch hazel pads, Tylenol, stool softener, breathable underwear, nursing pads, chapstick, etc etc – you get the picture – new moms NEED these things and I’ve found that many NEW moms don’t even realize they’ll need them (and when the times comes AFTER she’s home with the baby, she might be too uncomfortable to ask someone to get those things FOR her).

Baby shower gifts for mom NOT baby - unique baby shower gifts ideas to buy or make for the mom-to-be for her baby shower #giftideas #babyshowerideas #babyshowergifts

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