Country Outhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas

• Outhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas •

An outhouse bathroom – how fun! These rustic bathrooms with outhouse decor are my favorites. Let me show you the cute outhouse bathroom accessories we bought.

outhouse bathroom decor

Looking to decorate your bathroom in old-fashioned country outhouse decor? You’re in luck!

We were just trying to find some cute country outhouse bath accessories for our friends wedding shower.

She is planning an outhouse themed bathroom for her guest bathroom and wants lots of unique outhouse bathroom accessories.

Personally, I love the look of a country bathroom theme – found LOTS of unique and fun decorating ideas and out house decorations online that I’ll share below.

Country Outhouse Bathroom Decor/Redecorating Ideas

So off I went, looking online for country bathroom decorating ideas and pictures and outhouse bathroom accessories.

I’m so excited at all the cute outhouse/ rustic bathroom decor I found for her!

Outhouse bathroom decor ideas - these are fun ideas for a small country bathroom!
Outhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas:

Outhouse Bathroom Accessories

Here are some really cute outhouse shower curtains, rugs, trashcans, wall decor, and more accessories that we love!

I really loved the outhouse toothbrush holder… you’ll see it below. Adorable!

Outhouse Bathroom Wall Idea

Country Outhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas
Put old barn wood or pallet wood on the walls to give your bathroom a real outhouse feel.

Outhouse Bathroom Sink Idea

Country Outhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas
Love this sink idea – an old barrel as the sink in an outhouse/country/rustic themed bathroom.

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Unique Outhouse Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Country Outhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas
This is a clever idea for a toilet paper holder on the wall for an old-timey primitive outhouse bathroom.
Country Outhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas
This wall toilet paper holder is just an old crate and a old license plate. Love it!

DIY Outhouse Decor Idea

Outhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Outhouse bathroom decorating ideas
Love the way they redecorated their guest bathroom into an outhouse-themed bathroom. The old door on the wall is so clever!
Outhouse bathroom decorating ideas
This rustic/country/farmhouse wall toilet paper holder can be made with reclaimed wood – would look great in an outhouse bathroom.

My neighbor has THE cutest guest bathroom all decorated like a country outhouse.

My favorite part is her outhouse shower curtain – SO cute! It looks like these outhouse shower curtains below:

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Outhouse Bathroom Shower Idea

Country Outhouse Bathroom Decor Idea for the Shower
This is so clever! Use an old stainless steel watering can as the shower head in your bathroom.

Outhouse Bathroom Shelves Idea

Country Bathroom Shelves - Repurposed Washtub Into Wall Shelf
This is a great DIY idea for a country/rustic themed bathroom… just use an old washtub and “upcycle” it to a wall shelving system. Very clever!

Outhouse Bathroom Door Decor Idea

Outhouse bathroom door ideas
A simple way to make your bathroom door look like an outhouse door. I think it would be awesome for a “man cave” bathroom or in a rustic-themed home or cabin.

Outhouse Bathroom Wall Decor

Country OUthouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Outhouse rules – super cute! I love this DIY idea for decorating an outhouse-style bathroom.

We pooled our gift money and got her the really cute outhouse shower curtain that has the matching trashcan and rug. We also got the cute toilet tissue holder and a bunch of the cute wall-hangings to bring it all together.

Oh, and we picked up a set of the outhouse shower curtain ring/holders as well.

I think she will LOVE it all. Hope our decorating list and pictures help you out (and naturally, you can click any picture to see where we found the item at the best price online that we could find).

Country Bathroom Decor

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Country Outhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas - fun idea for a small bathroom

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