Mason Jar Cupcakes – Easy DIY Cupcakes in a Jar

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Looking for come creative cupcakes ideas? Take a look below at these super easy mason jar cupcakes recipes and DIY how to instructions I’ve collected on this page.

We’ve collected a LOT of clever cupcake in a jar ideas on our Pinterest board here, but on this page you’ll find our favorite cupcake in a mason jar pictures, ideas, directions, and recipes.
Unique Thank You Gift Idea:  Cupcakes in a Jar!  These Mason jar Cupcakes are SO easy to make.  Directions and recipes on this page.
Turns out, these “cupcakes in a jar” (Mason Jar cupcakes) are super easy to make!

How beautiful they would be if these cupcakes were made for a baby shower, a birthday, a holiday party, bridal shower – or to give as gifts (they freeze well so that makes them EXTRA awesome for gift-giving!)

These cupcakes sure would make for a beautiful dessert table at a wedding, don’t you think?

Feel free to “Pin” any Mason Jar Cupcake Recipe that inspires you.

mason jar cupcakes DIY cake in a jar ideas

I’ve had the MOST fun collecting all these cupcakes in a jar recipes and ideas – who knew you could make such beautiful desserts in a mason jar??

What’s extra fun about these mason jar cupcakes is that they are “shippable” and make for great gifts in the mail and/or military care packages.

What a great way to get a taste of home!

How To Make Mason Jar Cupcakes

Here’s a really helpful video that shows how to makes these mason jar cupcakes.

Now – let’s take a look at some great mason jar cupcake recipe ideas (yes, you bake the cake/cupcake IN the jar!) and see a great idea to give a cupcake in a jar gift!

Cupcakes in a Jar Gift Idea

Cupcake in a jar gift idea - use a mini mason jar to

First off, you don’t have to BAKE the cupcake IN the jar, you can simply use a mini-mason jar to use as the “gift box” to give your cupcake gift in (here’s how).

Putting the cupcake in an upside-down jar not only looks beautiful, but it also keeps the cupcake fresh, perfect, and easy to transport.

Important Tip: Make sure you get the right-size mason jars for this or else it won’t work.

Amazon has the perfect-size mason jars here.

Oreo Brownies Cupcakes in a Jar

Oreo BROWNIE cupcakes in a jar - how to make

Don’t these brownie cupcakes in a jar look DELICIOUS?!?! Yes, real OREO cookies are used in this recipe. I must have them NOW!

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Mason Jar Cupcakes for Baby Shower

We think these cupcakes in a jar would be great for a baby shower – love the bright pink icing. Another idea: plan these cupcakes in mason jars with both blue icing and pink icing for a gender reveal shower.

We think these cupcakes in a jar would be great for a baby shower - love the bright pink icing.  Another idea:  plan these cupcakes in mason jars with both blue icing and pink icing for a gender reveal shower.

Learn How To Make a Cupcake in a Jar

Here’s how to make those cute cupcakes in a jar – Mason Jar Cupcakes tutorial.

How to make those cute cupcakes in a jar - Mason Jar Cupcakes tutorial

Mason Jar Cupcakes Wedding Ideas

Having a dessert bar at your wedding reception (or bridal shower) is a very trendy idea (and a GREAT idea).

We think adding cupcakes in a jar to your wedding desserts make for a beautiful and unique way to present dessert – especially for a rustic-themed wedding.

These banana split cupcakes in a jar are a great choice! The layering of the graham crackers, bananas, etc are very striking visually.

mason jar cupcakes wedding idea: banana split cupcakes in a jar for your wedding dessert table - or at your bridal shower

Dr Pepper Cup Cake in a Jar Recipe

Mason Jar Cupcakes Recipe:  How To Make Dr Pepper cake in a jar.

These Dr Pepper-flavored mason jar cupcakes are more like little cakes baked in a jar than like a true cupcake – but they are equally delicious! Great portable gift idea and really fun for tailgating!

Mason Jar Cupcakes – the EASY Way

We collect a lot of mason jar cupcake recipes on our Mason Jar Madness Pinterest board, but these are our favorites!

Layered Mason Jar Cupcakes with Sprinkles

This mason jar cupcake idea is a BIG hit with the kids – would be great for a birthday party.

Cupcakes in a Jar!  These easy Mason Jar cupcakes would be great for a birthday party!  Love the pink icing and use of sprinkles...

Blackberry Vanilla Cupcakes in a Jar

At first glance, the “blackberry vanilla” flavor idea wasn’t that appealing to us, but wow – you just gotta taste them – YUM! The recipe is easy…and they freeze well, too!

Blackberry Vanilla Cupcakes in a Jar Recipe - the mason jar cupcakes are both delicious AND pretty (they freeze well too)

Funfetti Mason Jar Cupcakes

Funfetti Mason Jar Cupcakes

What says, “THANK YOU” better than a mason jar filled with Funfetti cupcakes with loads of frosting and sprinkles? Nothing does 🙂


Mini, Medium & Large Mason Jar Cupcakes Ideas

Mini, Medium & Large Mason Jar Cupcakes Ideas

Back in November, one of our couples gave away cupcakes in mason jars as their favors – and guests loved them! One company that does this is Yummy Cupcakes in California.


Almond Joy Mason Jar Cupcakes

Almond Joy Mason Jar Cupcakes - Shippable Cupcakes in a Jar

I’ve transformed an Almond Joy candy bar into a shippable cake and I am super excited to be sharing my almond joy mason jar cake recipe over at Happy Fit Navy Wife.


Pumpkin Pie Mason Jar Cake

Pumpkin Pie Recipe idea: Pumpkin Pie Cake in a mason jar

This is pumpkin pie cake in a jar… yum! And it’s a unique homemade gift you can ship!


Let's make Mason Jar Cupcakes!  Great 'cake in a jar' ideas, recipes, and DIY tips - mason jar cupcake baby shower and wedding ideas too
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