5 Easy Summer Salads for a Crowd – Summer Salad Recipes We Love

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Easy summer salads for a crowd - summer salad recipes for cookout, BBQ, potluck, or any get together

Easy summer salads for a crowd - summer salad recipes for cookout, BBQ, potluck, or any get togetherSome of our favorite quick and delicious summer salads crowds love.

Whether you’re having a cookout, a family dinner, or a potluck meal this summer, you might be called upon to make a summer salad of some sort for the guests.

Need some summer salad recipes for a large group? Look no further!

We have all types of yummy summer salads to choose from – summer pasta salads, fruit salads, tossed salads and more.

Each of these summer salad recipes has summer ingredients – and some are combinations that you probably wouldn’t think would go together – but they are SO yummy!

Easy make ahead summer salad recipes for a crowd - these summer salad ideas are quick and delicious and will please any crowd of any size.

Easy summer fruit salad recipe - perfect for feeding a crowd!

1. Lemon Pudding Summer Fruit Salad

A yummy summer fruit salad ideas crowds LOVE! Contains all types of fruit and melon from honeydew and cantaloupe to peaches, grapes and strawberries.

The secret sauces is the lemonade pudding coating that goes on it.


Get the recipe here.

Loaded baked potato salad recipe - crowd pleaser!

2. Loaded Baked Potato Salad

This version of potato salad is a HUGE favorite at our (large) family gatherings each summer.

It has all the “fixin’s” of a yummy loaded baked potato and it’s always the one thing folks go back and get seconds of.

Get this – even my mother-in-law asked me for this recipe!

Get the recipe here.

Cucumber watermelon summer salad recipe - a unique twist for an easy summer salad crowds LOVE

3. Watermelon Cucumber Summer Salad

Nothing says summer like watermelon and cucumbers!

What do you get when you put them together?

An absolutely DELICIOUS and unique and delicious summer salad.

You won’t believe how good these 2 simple ingredients are when made together in this summer salad!

Get the recipe here.

This easy green summer salad recipe is SO good!  And a definite crowd pleaser!

4. Broccoli Summer Salad Supreme

If you want a green salad for a crowd that you can make ahead of time, check out this easy broccoli summer salad idea.

Even those that claim they don’t like broccoli will love this salad!

It’s colorful and delicious… and guess what?

There are grapes in it!

Get the recipe here.

Easy summer tossed salad recipe - perfect for any crowd or any time of year!

5. Easy Tossed Summer Salad for a Crowd

If you’re wanting to go a more traditional route and make a tasty tossed summer salad the crowd will love, try this Holiday Lettuce Summer Salad recipe.

It’s beautiful to look at and it tastes so delightfully good.

This easy summer salad has romaine lettuce, apples, pears, cheese, cranberries…and a wonderful summer salad dressing!

Get the recipe here.

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