Budget-Friendly Nibbles & Snacks To Feed Your Large Group

Inexpensive Snacks I Make For Large Groups To Nibble On – Below is my personal list of 47 easy snacks I’ve served at large crowd events and get-togethers. They are all Quick and CHEAP to make (or buy) and considered the BEST budget-friendly nibbles and grab n’ go snacks in my circle of friends and family.

If you’re hosting a large group with lots of people, food can get expensive and very time-consuming. Keep scrolling for MY favorite quick and easy large batch nibbles on a budget for any size crowd to snack on.
Snacks For large Groups-Inexpensive party food platters and cheap snacks for a crowd, potluck at work or church supper

Updated on November 21, 2022

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Cheap Snacks for Large Groups

Need easy snacks or cheap finger food ideas to serve?

Sure, you COULD just put out the cheapest snack foods like some microwave Chex Mix, popcorn or hummus dip like everyone else does (yawn!)

OR, you could try these UNIQUE and inexpensive snack ideas below and knock it out of the park while still staying well-within your food budget.

If you need affordable large group snack ideas, you are in the right place (154,900 social shares don’t lie haha!)

Here’s just a small sample of the large group snacks you’ll find on this page below:

  • Cheap homemade party “nibble” platters
  • Quick easy snacks for a large group
  • Last Minute NO COOK ideas
  • Inexpensive finger snacks for 50+ guests
  • Adult party food like meatballs, chicken bites, etc
  • Budget-friendly snack table food to prepare

and more!

If you need to feed 20 guests or more on a tight budget, below are the snacks you really should try.

My crowd LOVES them – and so does my bank account haha!

I’m not a cheapskate, but I AM frugal. I’ve spent a lot of time narrowing down get-together food that I can make cheaply AND everyone loves (and requests over and over).

Party snack ideas - cheap and easy snack ideas for party crowds and large groups - store-bought, last minute and make ahead ideas too. If you need inexpensive snack ideas for hosting a large group, you will love these simple, budget-friendly ideas

Coming up with cheap party snacks for a BUNCH of adults is pretty tough these days – everything is SO expensive. If you need apps and finger foods, try the page below.

The hot dips (especially the 7 layer dip and Texas Trash dip) are SOOOOO insanely good!

Want cold NO COOK snack ideas?

Try these cold appetizers for a large crowd

Those no cook recipes above only have THREE ingredients each – so simple to make, too!

Hosting a party when you’re on a tight budget can feel very overwhelming leaving you stressing over HOW you will provide CHEAP party snacks that don’t LOOK cheap with your limited budget.

If affordability is a key concern, why not have a potluck type party and have everyone bring something for your group to share?

That way, everyone in your group contributes a little something and no one is out a lot of money for all the snack food.

If that’s not an option, here are more simple and CHEAP snacks and food ideas for a large party group that are sure to fit any budget.

Large Party Snack Platter Ideas

Cheap Party Food Platters - budget finger food ideas, snack ideas, grazing tables, deli trays, appetizers, fruit platters and more - sandwich platters and snack homemade party platters pictures and food platters for parties - inexpensive party food for 100 or any size crowd
Cheap Party Food Platters Like in The Picture Above Are my Favorite Inexpensive Snacks for a Crowd or Large Group

When it comes to coming up with large batch party food for big crowds, snack platters (like in the picture below) are THE way to go.

party snack platter ideas you can make for CHEAP - finger foods, cheese tray, fruit, salty snack board and homemade party platters for party food on a budget

You can get fancy with your party snack platters and food trays – and still keep it cheap to make.

I LOVE this birthday party snack platter below…

Or bring a Holiday theme into your party platter design..

I made these for our Easter potluck and everyone LOVED them – no left overs at all.

cheap party food platters for Easter party, potluck at work or church brunch

In fact, I make themed snack platters for ALL our special get-togethers and Holiday potlucks at work:

cheap party food platters for 4th of July cookout
Cheap Party Food Platters For 4th of July

Valentines Day Potluck Snack Trays

St Patrick’s Day Potluck Snack Trays

Graduation Party Snack Trays

Remember, party snack platters and finger food platters are NOT about how much you spent or how hard they were to make – they ARE all about presentation.

As you can see in the party platters in the pictures above, all of those party snacks are very inexpensive, but they LOOK (and taste) super good and as if you spent HOURS making them.

Party platters also offer a cheap way to make HEALTHY snacks for large groups or a potluck party crowd. Below are some healthy options you can try…

Large Group Side Dish Idea

When we have our VERY large family reunion potluck each year, I always make my super easy crockpot mac n cheese.

Just dump the few ingredients in your crock pot and you’re done – you don’t even have to boil the noodles!

Punch Recipes for a Crowd

Whether you’re hosting a large group for the game or a graduation party, a baby shower or ANY type of party, having a BIG batch of punch ready for your guests to drink is a MUST HAVE.

Here are my favorite large party punch recipes that are all cheap and super easy to make in big batches (even if you are feeding 50 people or more).

Large Batch Party Dip Recipes

When it comes to inexpensive snacks for a large group, nothing is cheaper, easier and more crowd pleasing than these easy ranch dip recipes.

But maybe you want an easy hot dip?

Crockpot dips can be very affordable to make and serve at large gatherings.

For example, my 1-2-3 party dip recipe in the picture below. It is SO easy and cheap to make.

1-2-3 Crockpot Party Dip

My 1-2-3 party dip recipe is SO cheap and easy to make for any large group - here's the recipe

Just put cheap canned Rotel, Velveeta and browned ground beef in your crockpot like in the picture above then let it slow cook.

That’s it… 1-2-3 done!

It’s cheap and it is VERY GOOD. That cheese dip has a bit more substance and “stick to your ribs” to it than traditional snack table food which is perfect for fall and winter events (like our Super Bowl Party).

TIP: mix a pack of taco seasoning into your ground beef for an extra kick.

Would you rather a unique chips and dip idea that you can make ahead of time?

Here is my secret combo for an irresistible snack combo for MY large groups.

It looks fancy – but so simple to make… and CHEAP too!

Spicy Party Crackers

These party snack crackers have a little kick to them, but they are addicting!

Only 4 ingredients too!

2 boxes Ritz crackers
3/4 cup Olive oil
2 tbsp Italian seasoning
3 tbsp Chili flakes

Money-Saving Tip: To stretch your food budget, buy inexpensive store-brand snack crackers like these to save a TON of money!

Now, here’s the secret to cooling off that spice….

Best Party Dip EVER

If you love cold dip recipes, you will love this ranch party dip recipe below – just double the recipe for a cheap snack for a large group.

8 oz Cream Cheese
1 Cup Sour Cream
1 Package Ranch Seasoning
2 Cups Grated Cheese
1/2 Cup Bacon Bits

Tip: Double the batch for a large group

I’m tellin’ ya – you set out those 2 things above, and they will GOBBLE it up!

Big Party Sweet Snacks

Desserts are ALWAYS the thing most requested at all the big parties and family gathering I make food for – you should SEE our Mother’s Day dessert table!

And, as much as it drives me nuts, there are NEVER any leftovers for ME to enjoy haha!

These dump cake recipes are SO easy to throw together and make in big batches for any size group – and they’re VERY cheap to make.

Now, if you’re making dessert in large batches for a family gathering, you might want to try these easy old-fashioned dessert ideas (they’re just like my grandmother used to make and everyone loves them).

My family and friends traditionally have a sweet tooth that only really sweet treats can satisfy.

When I’m going for cheap snacks and party food for large groups, I make these simple 3 ingredient fudge recipes and they gobble them up!

Best part, those sweet snacks are made in the MICROWAVE!

5-Minute Party Snack Ideas

Here are some more affordable and simple party snacks for your crowd:

Easy Sweet Snacks To Make in 5 Minutes Or Less – Simple 5 minute sweet snacks, desserts and sweet treats with just a few little ingredients.

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