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• DIY Coffee Corners and Coffee Nook Ideas We LOVE •

These pictures of kitchen coffee corners and coffee nooks are SO pretty – I SO want one in MY kitchen! My neighbor has a coffee corner like the rustic one below and I’m looking for a gift for her for her birthday.

Coffee Bar Ideas and Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas - Our favorite kitchen decorating ideas for a farmhouse kitchen are these coffee bar ideas for setting up a coffee station or coffee nook on your countertop or a coffee cart beverage station. Easy DIY coffee bars in kitchen pictures and ideas. Make a cheap and easy accent area even in small kitchens.

If YOU are trying to find a gift for someone who has a coffee nook, coffee corner, or coffee station in their kitchen? Perhaps YOU have a coffee nook and want to buy YOURSELF a gift? There are plenty of great ideas for a thoughtful and unique gift for the coffee lover on your gift list. Whether you’re buying for Christmas or for a birthday gift, for the teachers at your child’s school for Teacher Appreciation Day or a holiday or for ANY friend who, like me, sure love their coffee nook, you’re sure to find some unique coffee gifts on this page.

Unique coffee gift ideas
my aunt has this sign hanging in her coffee nook – I love it~

She found it here on this page

If your budget is tight, you can also check out some DIY coffee gift ideas, too – many times, the BEST gift ideas are the ones you make, not necessarily the gifts you buy.

But let’s be real, you can NEVER have too many Rae Dunn items in your coffee nook, amIright?

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The BIG trend these days is for people to set up a coffee bar in their kitchen. These DIY coffee station ideas are VERY popular lately so if your friend or family members has been talking about setting up their own coffee bar, a GREAT gift idea is anything that fits in with the theme of their coffee station design.

Here are some coffee bar set up ideas we like as well as link to find the unique pieces in each picture.

Coffee Nook - Coffee Area - Love this coffee nook idea - the wall shelf with baskets, the hanging mugs, the coffee/tea/sugar canisters, the Keurig coffee maker and that cabinet!

Love this coffee bar set up idea above – the wall shelf with baskets, the hanging mugs, the coffee/tea/sugar canisters, the Keruig coffee maker and that cabinet!

Here are links to some of the items in the picture above:

A coffee lover will always appreciate a grinder and a few pounds of gourmet coffee as a coffee gift – providing they don’t already have the grinder. There are two types of grinder that you can buy. One chops and one is called a burr grinder. The burr is said to make a better cup of coffee, so get that type of your coffee gift. If the recipient of the gift does not have a burr grinder, go ahead and get them one. You can get them their favorite coffee beans in whole form, or if you aren’t sure of their favorite, you can get them something you think they may like.

For MY coffee nook – just buy me ALL of THIS:

Coffee corner coffee nook ideas - diy coffee nook ideas for kitchen

Another good coffee gift, if you have the money to spend, is a coffee cup that makes either just one cup at a time, or one that works like the makers you see in the store?meaning you can just press a button or a bar and the coffee comes right out into the cup, bypassing the glass carafe altogether. You can get filters or special coffee samples that go with this type of coffee gift so that they can start using it right away. This makes a great birthday or Christmas present when you want to spend a little more on someone for a gift.

Coffee corner coffee nook ideas - diy coffee nooks for kitchen

Inexpensive coffee gifts would be things like coffee mugs and simple bags of gourmet coffee. The coffee may run you about eight to ten dollars a pound, so it actually will not cost you that much to give them really great coffee. You may not know what they like, and in that case, get them something natural and unflavored. You can even get them a bag of decaf and a bag of regular coffee so that they have some to enjoy not only in the morning, but some of your coffee gift can also be enjoyed in the evening as well.

There are other great ideas out there for coffee gifts if you look. You can find gift baskets online that your coffee lover is going to flip over. You can find a variety of different mugs in different colors, sizes, and designs if you need to get a coffee gift that fits into a tight budget. There are all types of novelty gifts that you can find online if you search around. To a coffee lover, coffee is something that they are always going to need more of, and they always want a way to make it even better. Keep that in mind and whatever gift you choose as a result is sure to be a hit.

You can also look into coffee bar decor items.

This coffee bar is gorgeous AND unique because it’s NOT set up in the kitchen:

Coffee Nook • Coffee Area - Unique coffee nook beverage center DIY idea.  Love the antique table used for this coffee station!

I just love ALL the items and nick-nacks that are used to set up this coffee/beverage station – and how original to have it by the stairs!

Coffee nook and coffee area ideas with Rae Dunn canisters and mugs - coffee corner ideas

Love the blue wall behind this corner kitchen coffee nook!

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Coffee Corner • Coffee Nook Ideas • DIY Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen and Coffee Gifts
Coffee Corner • Coffee Nook Ideas • DIY Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen and Coffee Gifts • Unique Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Now this below is a super cute DIY teacher gift idea for the teacher who loves coffee AND Rae Dunn.

Note: Rae Dunn mugs can be expensive – use any cute mug, it doesn’t HAVE to be Rae Dunn.

DIY gift idea for teacher at Christmas, (or even end of year  or for Teacher Appreciation Day with a different mug) Coffee Corner • Coffee Nook Ideas • DIY Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen and Coffee Gifts - Unique coffee lover gifts

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Coffee Corner • Coffee Nook Ideas • DIY Coffee Station Ideas for Kitchen and Coffee Gifts - Fun, unique and affordable gifts for coffee lovers - gift ideas we love!


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