Halloween Decorations on a Budget-front porch ghosts and more DIY decorating Projects

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations on a Budget For Inside, Outside or a Halloween Party – Browsing around today, I was really impressed with all the awesome homemade Halloween decorations and easy DIY craft ideas I’ve seen..and they’re CHEAP ideas too!

From DIY porch ghosts with lights, DIY pumpkin lights, cheap Halloween party decor and snacks to Halloween wreath ideas, cute spooky marshmallows recipe, Halloween “hacks” and more. Out of the 50 best DIY Halloween decorations, below are MY favorite super fun homemade ideas that you really should try this Halloween.

Halloween Decorations on a Budget-front porch ghosts and more DIY decorating Projects

Updated on May 18, 2024

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I’m always on the look out for the greatest homemade Halloween decorations for inside and outside my house to decorate for our annual Halloween potluck party we have on my block.

Below are my favorite homemade Halloween decorations you can DIY on a budget – last minute ideas too!

Homemade Halloween Decorations and Fall Halloween Decor To Decorate Inside Outside Front Porch Door Veranda Garage Yard Displays or a Spooky Halloween Party - decorating for Halloween on a budget, big list of cute creepy & cheap homemade Halloween decorations - fun & easy DIY project tutorial videos for Halloween. Halloween DIY Outdoor Casa Halloween - Halloween wood crafts, banners, Dollar Tree store craft projects, no carve pumpkin ideas, holidays Halloween pins, Dollar Store Halloween
from apieceofrainbow.com

If you’re decorating for Halloween on a budget this year, you will LOVE all these budget-friendly handmade Halloween decorations for inside, outside, your porch, your garage, your door AND for a cute or creepy Halloween party –

The ideas in the picture above are just the beginning – keep scrolling to see many more Halloween wood projects, simple Dollar Tree ideas and craft ideas with tutorials.

Be sure to save your favorite homemade Halloween decorating ideas to Pinterest – you’ll want to use them EVERY Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin Alternative

Not really into pumpkins?

No doubt about it, decorating with pumpkins is FUN and a beautiful way to decorate for Fall on a budget.

But… what if you don’t LIKE pumpkins?

Well, how about this Halloween pumpkin alternative…

a Halloween WATERMELON!

Halloween pumpkin alternatives  other things to carve like this Halloween WATERMELON

DIY Porch Ghosts

These little porch ghosts are THE cutest Halloween decoration EVER!

It’s a super simple Halloween DIY project too!

Just look how cute they are!

DIY Halloween front porch decorating ideas - super cute and EASY tomato cage ghosts with string lights

Like I said, they are super simple to make… you just need a wire tomato cage, a styrofoam ball, some string lights and a sheet cover – all things you can get at your local Dollar Tree or dollar store:

DIY Halloween decorations - porch ghosts made with Dollar Tree items

As you can see, it’s pretty self-explanatory how to make these Halloween porch ghosts, but here’s a tutorial on Instragram that shows someone making them.

DIY Halloween Porch Light

You know those cheap plastic pumpkin candy holder things you can get at Dollar Tree or WalMart?

Why not turn them into a pumpkin porch lights like this:

diy halooween pumpkin light for front porch using dollar tree store or walmart plastic pumpkins

(note: be SURE the plastic is NOT touching your actual porch light bulb, ok? Let’s all be safe about it =)

Halloween Party Food Table Idea

Here’s another use for those cheap-o plastic Halloween pumpkins – just look how cute this Halloween party food table is set up!

See the plastic pumpkins?

Halloween party food table and decorating ideas - plastic pumpkins, decorations for costume masks, dollar tree Halloween decorations, potluck food and cheap homemade party platters

I also LOVE the idea of using those plastic costume masks as decorations.

Halloween Party Snacks

Coming up with cheap snacks for a party crowd can be a little tough these days since EVERYTHING is so expensive, but this cheap Halloween snack idea below is simply genius!

cheap halloween party snacks for school party, potluck at work or when team mom in charge of baseball or softball team snacks

While they’re not exactly HEALTHY snacks – they aren’t totally UNhealthy either compared to other snack ideas.

I think those Halloween-themed snacks would be perfect for a class party, for the ball team, etc.

See lots MORE cheap Halloween snacks here.

More Party Food Ideas

DIY Halloween Wreaths

Really cute (and easy) DIY Halloween wreath ideas and tutorials
from popsugar.com

Hat tip to @PopSugar for sharing these cute DIY Halloween wreath ideas.

DIY Halloween Countdown Calendar

Halloween DIY Countdown Calendar tutorial - cute idea to count down the days until Halloween!

Hat tip to @romzkeepomski for sharing this DIY Halloween countdown calendar tutorial.  What a cute way to have fun with your kids while counting down the days until Halloween!

Halloween Monster Marshmallows Recipe

Fun Halloween Recipe: Marshmallow Monsters!

Aren’t these marshmallow monsters adorable!  The tutorial to make them is here on FindingZest.com.

Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Love this carved pumpkin with I Love You to the Moon & Back carved in it!

How cute is this idea for carving your pumpkin this year??!  Hat tip to @LS Bricker for sharing all these unique pumpkin carving ideas.

Clever Halloween Hacks

Smart Halloween hacks and ideas. Awesome ideas!

Hat tip to Crystal Coffin for sharing these Halloween hacks.  Some really fun Halloween ideas!

More Halloween and Fall DIY Ideas

Fun, Unique and Easy Halloween DIY Ideas you must try this year
Fun, Unique and Easy Halloween DIY Ideas you must try this year

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