Dorm Room Ideas - Aesthetic Dorm Room Ideas and Cute Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Looking for dorm room ideas for college this year? Check Out These 99 Aesthetic, Cute, Trendy and Cool Dorm Room Decorating Ideas and DIY Dorm Room Hacks To Decorate, Organize and Maximize Space in a Small Dorm Room or Shared Dorm Room

Clever and creative college dorm room organization and decorating ideas – smart DIY ideas for college students (guys AND gals)… even if you have a small dorm room or a double dorm room, are a senior or a freshman, there are lots of cute and aesthetic dorm room decor ideas on this page that we just love!
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Updated on May 15, 2024

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Cute & Aesthetic Dorm Room Ideas!

Looking for some aesthetic dorm room ideas? There are tons of dorm room decorating ideas, storage ideas and dorm room set up ideas on this page.

I just LOVE this dorm room – isn’t it awesome!

I found it on this dorm room decorating site.

Dorm Room Ideas!  Dorm room decorating ideas for college roomates - cute matching dorm bedding ideas

Everything in that picture is found here – and there are SO many more dorm room ideas on that page, too!

Before I even start showing you anymore of my favorite dorm room ideas and dorm room set-up pictures, you REALLY need to try this – it seriously helps you design your entire dorm room online!

Want To Try Something FUN?

Try this free dorm room visualizer

It lets you pick and choose your dorm bedding and your accent pieces and ALL kinds of stuff to SEE what your dorm room will look like!

It’s also really fun to play with – especially when you’re just getting started planning your dorm room =)

Now, let’s look at some pictures!

How To Max Your Space

Dorm Room Solutions: How To Maximize Space in a Dorm Room - dorm space saver ideas, organization hacks and storage ideas for guys, gals and for shared dorm rooms

Dorm rooms are SMALL – and when you’re sharing a dorm room, the space gets even smaller, right?

This is one of my all-time favorite dorm room set-ups – such a brilliant way to maximize the space in your dorm room!

dorm room ideas for college dorm room - Dorm Loft Bed Ideas - dorm room hacks and organization ideas

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Here’s another angle of the storage and organization layout of under the dorm bed in the picture above:

how to maximize space in a small shared dorm room

Dorm loft bed ideas and more dorm room storage and organization ideas - Under dorm loft bed ideas for storage and organization in a college dorm room

I just LOVE it!


We put together 25 things you NEED for your dorm room (yes, NEED)…

Cute dorm room ideas!  I like the storage area under the dorm room loft bed!

You need these 25 things – so make sure you put them on your college packing list.

Also –

This site specializes in dorm room needs – and they have AWESOME stuff!

Visit Dormify Here

(they also have THE cutest dorm bedding sets!)

Be sure to check out their in-depth dorm room essentials list – they cover EVERYTHING you could possibly need!

And here’s another BIG tip:

You want… no, you NEED adjustable shelving like this in your dorm room!

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If this is your freshman year at college – or your first year living in a dorm – you need to get your dorm room plan together NOW.

College Packing List

As you’re going through your list and packing for college, let me give you a HUGE tip that you will love me for…

Get these big IKEA bags

Seriously, they are the best thing EVER and make packing a BREEZE!

I found a 4 pack of IKEA bags here -and I LOVE, L-O-V-E them!

Wait, you don’t HAVE a college packing list for your dorm yet?

Here’s a handy-dandy packing list to help you out for freshman year or any year you need to remember what to pack for your college dorm room:

Be sure to pin it to Pinterest so you don’t lose it!

College Packing List - Ultimate College Packing Lists for Freshman Girls - Dorm Room Essentials - What To Pack For College - Dorm Packing List for Freshman Year Girls - What To Pack For College Dorm Room - Dorm Room Organization Ideas for College Girls

Let’s decorate and organize your college dorm room easily and cheaply! These dorm room hacks are pretty darn genius! If you want an awesome dorm room that is organized and STAYS organized, you’re gonna love these dorm room ideas we’ve found!

DIY Dorm Wall Art and dorm decorating ideas PICTURES - do it yourself dorm room ideas #dormroomideas

In the dorm room pictures below you’ll find dorm room makeover ideas, double dorm decorating ideas, clever dorm room storage ideas, ideas for small dorm rooms, desk organization ideas, dorm wall decorating ideas, dorm bathroom storage ideas and lots of college dorm room organization ideas!

Dorm Room Ideas & Inspo

Lots of clever, cute and aesthetic dorm room decorating ideas in the slideshow below – be sure to save your favorite dorm room set up pictures to Pinterest so you remember them!

Tik-Tok Aesthetic Dorm Room

Take a look at this dorm room make over – from blah and boring to an awesome and aesthetic Tik-Tok inspired dorm room.

Dorm Wall Decor

I just LOVE this simple DIY college dorm room wall decor idea! Isn’t it pretty?!?! It can be challenging to come up with creative ways to hang pictures in dorms, but this idea below is perfect – love the string fairy lights!

Dorm Room Ideas - do it yourself dorm room ideas

Dorm Wall Art

When planning do it yourself ideas for your dorm room, consider this DIY dorm wall art idea below. We just LOVE this idea – pictures of your friends… motivational quotes… anything YOU want to make your college dorm room uniquely yours.

Dorm Room Ideas - do it yourself dorm room ideas

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas:

Whether you are a brand new college student heading into your freshman year or a seasoned veteran back to the campus scene, you will want your dorm room to reflect your personal style. This tiny room will be your home for months, so you should create a space that is comfortable and inviting.

Naturally, you’ll want your dorm space to be trendy and cool – just like YOU!

trendy and cool dorm room ideas

Want To Try Something FUN?

Try this free dorm room visualizer

It lets you pick and choose your dorm bedding and your accent pieces and ALL kinds of stuff to SEE what your dorm room will look like!

Decorating a dorm room can be a bit challenging. Most college students don’t have a big budget to work with. They look for décor at Wal-Mart, Target, or even thrift stores. While these stores have some great options, you will still need to get creative to make every penny work for you.

Begin by choosing your bedding.

See LOTS of cute dorm bedding ideas here.

Most dorm rooms are tiny so the bed will most likely be your focal point in the room. You will use that little twin bed as a couch, a table, a desk, and sometimes for sleeping. Because you will be spending so much time on your bed, you should pick out bedding that is comfortable and attractive.

Dorm room ideas for college freshmen girls

Any color scheme can work in a dorm room, and the bed will be one of your only opportunities to insert color. If you don’t have a particular shade in mind, look for something reversible so you can flip it over if it gets dirty.

See dorm color scheme ideas here.

Remember to check your bed’s dimensions before you buy sheets to make sure you get the right size. Most dorms provide extra long beds, so you will have to find sheets custom tailored to the right dimensions.

[yellowbox]Not Sure What Your Need For College? Read The Essential Dorm Room Checklist Here[/yellowbox]

Dorm Room Packing List

Here’s a handy checklist to help you pack for college.

College Essentials Checklist - dorm bathroom checklist - what to pack for college

You need these 25 things – so make sure you put them on your college packing list.

Storage is another important part of dorm room design. Because your space is so small, you should use every square inch to your advantage.

This site here has the BEST dorm storage stuff!

all they DO is dorm room stuff!

Try raising your bed with cement blocks painted in a cool color to provide some extra space for plastic crates underneath. Take advantage of every surface. You could put your television on a bedside table or make a computer desk out of a brightly colored storage crate. Get creative to make the most of your space.

Dorm room ideas - DIY college dorm room organizing and decorating ideas - creative dorm room hacks

Remember that the walls offer plenty of room for storage and design accents. Floating shelves offer storage for books and a place to display art work. Since most dorms won’t let you paint, you could drape fabric over the walls or cover small sections in removable colored contact paper to create a checkerboard effect. Posters also provide splashes of color and an opportunity to show off style preferences.

Dorm Room Ideas!  DIY dorm room wall decor AND this genius dorm room door sign to show where you and your roommate are when you're gone!

Finally, don’t forget the floor when you are buying décor for the dorm. Dorm floors are usually cold and hard, so you will want a rug. You can find rugs in every style and shape imaginable so choose one that compliments your color scheme.

You could even use a rug as the focal point in your room if you select something unusual or bold. Regardless of your color preference, choose a rug that is soft and comfortable so your dorm room will feel more like home.

Dorm room ideas - creative ways to hang pictures in dorms - dorm room ideas

[yellowbox]Great DIY Idea for Dorm Room Walls: DIY Photo Collage Letters[/yellowbox]

Dorm Room Organizing Tips:

Don’t just settle for living in tight quarters; there are lots of clever ways you can maximize your tiny space to get organized and STAY organized. Read on to learn how you can transform your dorm room into a functional, comfortable space.

Dorm room ideas - DIY college dorm room organizing and decorating ideas - creative dorm room hacks
Dorm room ideas - DIY college dorm room organizing and decorating ideas - creative dorm room hacks

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Small Dorm Room Ideas

If you’ll be living in a small dorm room this year at college, here are some very clever DIY ideas to make more room in your tiny room.

DIY Ideas for small dorm rooms to get more space in a tiny college dorm rooms
Small dorm rooms can feel impossible to live in – these DIY dorm room ideas can help…
To get the most out of the limited space in your tiny dorm room, you’ll have to use every inch of space available. Look up above, look down and under, look at every inch of wall space and get creative.

Propping your bed up on bed risers is a great way to give yourself several feet of much-needed space.

Use this space to store bins and containers filled with blankets, books, or clothes. There are many styles of storage containers to choose from, and some even come with wheels attached making it easy to access what you need.

According to, look for bed risers with built-in outlets like these so you can easily charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop right from your bed.

Use Handy Hooks

Hooks come in handy when you need a spot to hang your bags, clothes, and accessories. Driving nails through dorm walls is not only frowned upon, it’s difficult trying to get a nail through the concrete walls. An effective solution is using temporary hooks that adhere securely to the walls. Although temporary, these useful hooks are sturdy enough to hold many items – from bathrobes and coats to backpacks and sets of keys. At the end of the semester, simply remove the hooks.

Stack ‘Em Up

Stackable bins and baskets are a great way to gain vertical space on desks, on top of armoires, or on the floor. Store your most-used items in open bins so you can easily access what you need.

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Over-the-door Shoe Organizer

Running out of closet space is one of the biggest dorm room complaints. Hanging an over-the-door shoe organizer on the inside of your closet lets you organize your shoes while freeing up useful space for other items. Shoe organizers are also great for corralling other items besides shoes. They’re great for holding toiletries, pens, highlighters, paper clips, etc.

Tension Rods

Most dorm closets usually come with only one hanging rod – hardly enough space to hang all your clothes. Add an additional rod to maximize your space; they are easy to install – look for ones with hooks that hang over the existing rod. Simple! According to the pros, if possible, avoid bringing an entire semester’s worth of clothing with you at the start of the semester. If you plan on visiting home, you can swap clothes as needed to help prevent overcrowding.

Dorm room ideas - DIY college dorm room organizing and decorating ideas - creative dorm room hacks
Dorm room ideas - DIY college dorm room organizing and decorating ideas - creative dorm room hacks

Corner Check

Corners are often overlooked spaces in dorm rooms. The corner wedged between your bed and desk might not be big enough to add a full-size shelving unit, but it may be large enough to tuck a free-standing shelving rack or rolling cart. Another way to maximize open corner space is to hang an adjustable tension rod and use it for hanging scarves, ties, or belts.

Avoid Duplicates

If you’ll be sharing a dorm room with a roommate, contact him or her before moving in to make sure you’re not overloading the room with unnecessary duplicate items. If you can do with one television, microwave, iron, and ironing board, you’ll free-up valuable space.

Miscellaneous Tips

An over-the-bed-storage shelf takes up very little floor space, yet provides additional storage.

This is a great over-the-bed storage shelving system!

A bedside storage caddy has plenty of pockets to hold your television remote, phone, or reading materials. The caddy fits securely between the box spring and mattress.

Replace bulky hangers with slimmer, non-slip hangers. They take up less closet space and help to keep your clothes from sliding off.

Bathroom Ideas for College

Looking for dorm bathroom ideas specifically?

See all our dorm room bathroom ideas here.

Dorm Room Ideas PICTURES! Cute dorm room ideas for your college dorm room!

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DIY Dorm Room Ideas - College dorm decorating and organizing and brilliant dorm room hacks
DIY Dorm Room Ideas for Small Dorm Rooms -  Creative Ways to Maximize space and make more room in a small dorm room

Dorm Room Ideas - Aesthetic Dorm Room Ideas and Cute Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Dorm Room Setup Ideas: : How To Decorate and Setup Your Dorm Room To Maximize Space (fur guys, gals and shared dorm rooms)

College Dorm Room Ideas

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