10 EASY Lazy Girl Hairstyle Ideas {Step By Step Video Tutorials For Lazy Day Running Late Quick Hairstyles}

Hair Inspo For Simple Everyday Hairstyles –
Lazy Hairstyles! Let’s look at some easy everyday hairstyles for long hair, medium length hair, and short hair too. These quick and easy hairstyles and hair tutorials are perfect if you’re running late, or feeling totally lazy – and all of these easy-peasy hairstyle ideas that can be done in minutes – or less!

Lazy hairstyles - easy lazy day hairstyle ideas for running late day or those lazy girl lazy days

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Lazy Hairstyles!  Easy Lazy Day Hairstyles and Hair Ideas for those Running Late quick hairstyle ideas needs of lazy girls
LAZY hairstyles! easy everyday hairstyles for long hair, medium length hair, and short hair too. These quick and easy lazy hairstyles and hair tutorials are perfect if you're running late, or feeling totally lazy - these 10 easy-peasy hairstyle ideas that can be done in minutes - or less!

Lazy Hairstyles Ideas

The lazy hairstyles tutorials in the quick video below are perfect for medium to longer hair and also work well for gals with frizzy hair or thick hair, too.

In fact, I tried a few of them and they ARE pretty darn easy to do.

LAZY hairstyles  - Easy hairstyles for medium to long hair - Quick DIY hairstyle ideas for school, work, beginners, moms - step by step easy hairstyles video tutorials

By the way…

In the video she mentions high ponytail hats like these – and let me tell, they are AWESOME for lazy hair days, beach hair days, lake hair days, etc etc.

They work even better than a normal guys ball hat too because it gives you a HIGH ponytail or messy bun.

And just look how cute they are!

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10 Easy Hairstyles Step By Step

In the easy hairstyles step-by-step video tutorial below, you’ll see 10 more Lazy Girl Hairstyle Ideas that are perfect for work, for school, for beginners, for busy, stressed-out moms – or for ANY day you’re running late or feeling lazy (but still want to LOOK good!):

Lazy Hairstyles!  Quick messy lazy hairstyles for school or for work - easy messy bun hairstyles tutorials for lazy girls

tip: if you just want a simple and “poofy” ponytail – try this ponytail hack.

Lazy Hairstyles! Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles - Easy Hairstyle Step By Step Video Tutorial - 10 easy hairstyles for school, work, moms, beginners, when running late

1. How to do a Criss Cross Half-up, half-down updo with puff on yourself for prom, wedding, or as an everyday hairstyle.

2. 2-Minute Big Bun that makes your hair or bun look thicker!

it’s also a cute and simple hairstyle for thin or thinning hair for women

3. How to do a Flower Bun Half-updo on straight hair.

4. How to do a French Twist Ponytail with a Chopstick hack!

5. Smooth & silky Half-up Topknot /bun tutorial for school.

6. How to do a Lazy Fancy Ponytail in 1 Minute!

7. How to French Braid your hair into a messy bun.

8. How to fake an Upside Down BRAIDed bun in 2 minutes!

9 & 10 are Hair Hacks for Frizzy hair, how to make your hair shinier, softer and smoother.

Hairstyles Video Tutorial:

Easy Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Summer is a great time to try a new hairstyle, whether it’s short, medium or long; a timeless classic cut or something fun and funky; simply adding a touch of sun kissed color with new highlights or just wearing your current hairstyle in a new and different way. Break out a fresh, confident you with a new hairstyle for summer! Here are a few ideas to help you find that perfect summer hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles

If you have very long hair, no doubt you’ve worked hard to achieve that look and you may be very attached to it…and that’s okay. You can still liven up your look for summer, while keeping your luscious length, with a few simple modifications. Consider lightening up your look for summer with some highlights; a few small strands for a subtle look or large chunks for something a little more dramatic.

You can also add body and texture to long hairstyles by simply layering it a bit, which also offers greater versatility in the many ways in which long hairstyles may be worn.

Medium-Length Hairstyles

While many of us would love to be able to maintain a long hairstyle, it simply isn’t always practical or, depending on your hair type, flattering for everyone. Medium-length hairstyles offer a similar look and feel as long hairstyles, while simultaneously being a little easier to manage and a little more versatile to style. You can achieve a similar effect with highlights and layering, and you can still wear your hair up when you like. Medium-length hairstyles typically offer more volume potential and body than very long hairstyles, which many women find preferable and more comfortable.

Lazy hairstyles ideas tutorials - easy lazy girl messy buns, half up, side braids, pony tails and other lazy quick hair ideas and hairdos

Short Hairstyles

Whether you are accustomed to wearing your hair short or you currently have a medium or long hairstyle and are thinking of going for a big change in your summer hairstyle, short hairstyles offer tons of fun and a huge amount of versatility when it comes to changing your look.

Short hairstyles can be worn in so many ways, from fresh and fun to sleek and sassy.

Short hairstyles aren’t for everyone, but most women can pull them off successfully by choosing a style that accents their most desirable facial features.

Lazy Hairstyles! Easy hairstyles ideas for short hair - step by step video tutorials for lazy day running late hair


With long or medium-length hairstyles, sometimes no dramatic action is needed to completely change your look. A dramatic, sweeping up-do can add class and style to any long or medium-length hairstyle, while a loose, casual bun can add a touch flirty flair.

And, honestly, some days it’s just really great to be able to throw it all up in a ponytail and forget about it!

There are so many ways you can liven up your look for summer, no matter what current hairstyle you have or what new hairstyle you might choose. Just make sure you stick with a look that you will be comfortable with in the long run; something that you will feel good about all summer long. When you know your hair looks great, it’s easy to show off that fresh, confident, even inspiring summer time goddess within!

Easy Hairstyles For The Beach

Running Late Hairstyle Hacks

Running late… again? Try this clever hairstyle hacks to curl your hair super fast!

Lazy Hairstyle Hacks!  Hair Tricks and Tips for Running Late Lazy Girl Hairstyles in Minutes - lazy hairstyles tutorials for easy hairstyles in a rush

Lazy Ponytail Hairstyles

We have a lot of easy ponytail hairstyle ideas here:

Lazy Hairstyles!  Simple lazy ponytails hairstyles to get a high poofy ponytail the easy way

Lazy Hairstyles! Easy hairstyles ideas step by step video tutorials for beginners - easy hairstyles for school, work, for moms, for college etc
Lazy Hairstyles - Easy hairstyle ideas video tutorials - easy step by step instructions - lazy hairstyles of medium hair, long hair, short hair, for work, for school or just simple messy hairstyles for lazy days (great for beginners)

Want More Lazy Hairstyle Ideas?

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