28 Affordable & Cheap Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Those on a Budget

Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas Too • Want to give her an amazing baby shower gift, but you’re a budget and need to find some inexpensive (or downright cheap) baby shower gift ideas? You’re in the perfect place!

Cheap Baby Shower Gift Baskets - what to put in a baby shower gift basket and things to put in baby shower gift basket - Learn how to make a baby shower gift basket at home and how to put together a baby shower gift basket - inexpensive and unique baby shower basket ideas and baby shower basket ideas for a boy on a budget.  See LOTS more cheap baby shower gifts gift ideas

I’ve been collecting cheap baby shower gift baskets ideas with ideas for WHAT to put in a baby shower gift basket that I put together at home. Take a look at all these unique baby shower basket ideas and cheap baby shower gifts I’ve found below (some of the baby shower gifts are under $10!)

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Perhaps you want some DIY baby shower gifts ideas so you can put together and affordable and ADORABLE homemade gift? Either way, we’ve got you covered with all the baby shower gift ideas below.

If you’re in a hurry…

and don’t know what baby shower gift to buy…

Here are some great baby shower gift ideas that new moms really do want and need.

If you feel as if you can’t afford a baby shower gift, relax – we’ve got some great CHEAP ideas for you right here on this page.

There’s a gift idea for every budget (even some DIY ideas for those with NO budget at all).

Oh and if you’re going to a baby shower where no one knows the gender of the baby yet…

These are super cute gender-neutral baby shower gift ideas

Below are eight cute, unique and really awesome baby shower gift ideas for those on a budget but want to give the mom-to-be a great gift that she’ll love.

There are also gift ideas by price range listed out below as well.

8 Unique and Affordable Baby Shower Gift Ideas for those on a budget

I’ve found SO many great and super affordable baby shower gift ideas just by looking at what other Moms-To-Be are asking for.

In other words, things REAL Moms-To-Be really want.

✅ Cheap Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Trust me, I get it – SO many gifts to buy and only so much money to go around, right? If you want and NEED cheap baby shower gift ideas, take a look at these ideas below.

What a CUTE (and AFFORDABLE) baby shower gift idea - this baby gift basket is a great shower gift for anyone on a budget
we LOVE this baby shower gift basket – and it’s VERY affordable!
we found it here

Baby Shower Gifts Under $50

For $50 or less, you can get a GOOD inexpensive baby shower gift that the mom-to-be will be very happy with – take a look at these ideas that are under $50 here.

Baby Shower Gifts Under $30

Need a bit cheaper? Check out these baby shower gifts under $30 here. There are some great gift ideas there – and super affordable.

Baby Shower Gifts Under $10

So, you’re REALLY on a budget and need the cheapest baby shower gift you can find? Check out these baby shower gifts under $10 here.

Some SUPER cute baby gift ideas that she will absolutely love.

Baby Milestone Monthly Stickers

Very cute baby month stickers - put these on your child for a picture each month to show their growth.

These monthly stickers are super cute – and super cheap! EVERY new mom will love having these on hand to take monthly pictures of her baby growing up.

Found on Amazon Here.

Portable Diaper Changing Pad/Changing Station

Great cheap baby shower gift idea - portable diaper changing station.

This portable diaper changing station is super light, super portable, and super USEFUL. All new mothers LOVE this gift!

Found on Amazon here.

You Are My Sunshine Nursery Wall Print

You Are My Sunshine Wall Hanging for Baby Nursery.  Great shower gift idea!

This is such a precious wall hanging for a baby nursery! What an amazing and thoughtful baby shower gift idea.

Found on Amazon here.

New Mom Wrap Bracelet

LOVE this wrap bracelet for a new mom.  Jewelry is a unique and inexpensive baby shower gift idea.

I know, baby shower gifts are traditionally gifts for the BABY…. but I think it’s a wonderful idea to give the mom-to-be something special to celebrate becoming a mother.

This wrap bracelet comes in pink and blue… and I guarantee she will LOVE it and wear it all the time!

Found in pink and blue on Amazon here.

Newborn Boppy Pillow

Inexpensive baby shower gift idea - a newborn boppy pillow.  ALL moms want and NEED this.

I have yet to meet a new mom who did NOT use a boppy pillow. However, I have known plenty of new moms that did not get one as a gift at their baby shower and sent the new dad out to get one N-O-W.

If there is ever a gift that a new mom will LOVE you for, it’s a boppy pillow.
Found on Amazon here.

What To Expect Book

Best baby shower gift/new mom gift EVER!

This book – What To Expect the First Year – is a MUST for all new moms. I read it, you read it, we all read it word for word as we lived through the exciting challenges of our baby’s first year.

Found on Amazon here.

Newborn Baby Bathtub

The best baby shower gift she got was this EXACT baby bathtub.  It is awesome!

If you’re thinking about buying the mom-to-be a baby bathtub, be sure it is exactly like THIS newborn bathtub.

Trust me, not all baby tubs are the same.

Found on Amazon here.

Newborn Football Onesie Outfit

Newborn baby football onesie outfit with hat and socks.  SUPER cute baby shower gift idea!

Are the parents-to-be football fans? If so, this football onesie outfit set is a PERFECT baby shower gift idea!

Found on Amazon Here.

More Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift Ideas

More Affordable Baby Shower Gift ideas

The best gift ideas come straight from the moms-to-be and these are the gifts they WANT to receive at their baby shower.

Cheap DIY Baby Shower Gifts

If you’d rather MAKE a baby shower gift, take a look at some of these DIY baby shower gift ideas:

VERY cute (and easy) DIY baby shower gift idea (and it's CHEAP too!)

A cheap 12 pack of white onesies, some monthly iron-on stickers, you you have a SUPER cute (and cheap) DIY baby shower gift that EVERYONE at the shower will LOVE!

✅ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Below are some super cute and easy DIY baby shower gift ideas. These DIY baby gifts are budget-friendly, unique and great for frugal baby shower gift ideas.

Last Minute Baby Shower Gifts

Here are some ideas for cute (and affordable) last-minute baby shower gifts:

Buy a cheap baby bathtub and fill it with baby bath items from your local Dollar Store. Include a cheap rubber duck and a couple baby bath towels and washclothes.

This is a simple and cheap DIY baby shower gift idea you can put together at the very last minute (and the mom-to-be will LOVE).

You can also get a cheap basket and make it a diaper changing “tote”. Fill it with a few diapers, some wipes, some diaper rash ointment and a cute onesie outfit.

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8 Unique and Affordable Baby Shower Gift Ideas for those on a budget but want to give an AWESOME gift.


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