How To Cook Bacon In The Oven WITHOUT Making a Huge Mess!

• Super Easy ‘NO MESS’ Way to Cook Bacon in the Oven •

My secret way of cooking bacon in the oven and NOT have a big ol’ mess to clean up afterwards. If you want an easy way to cook a whole pound of bacon at one time, not need to turn your bacon, NOT have your bacon curl up and NOT have a mess to clean up AFTER cooking your bacon – read on, I’m about to share my secret with you.
How to Cook Bacon in the Oven WITHOUT making a MESS!  My secret tip to Mess Free Oven Baked Bacon #momhacks #baconrecipes #lifehacks

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Here’s what you’ll need to cook bacon in YOUR oven without making a mess:

  • One Pound of Bacon
  • Cookie Sheet/Baking Sheet
  • Baking Rack/Cookie Rack
  • Aluminum Foil

Ready for my secret to No Mess Oven Baked Bacon?

Secret to No Mess Oven Bacon

You’ll read a LOT of different ways to cook bacon in the oven without making a mess, but very few share MY secret to the “No Mess” part.

I’ve tried MANY ways to cook perfect, flat, non-greasy bacon in my oven, and this is what worked for me.

The secret is…

Cook your bacon in THIS.

Yep, it’s THE trick that works.

How I Cook No Mess Oven Bacon

Here’s how to make No Mess Oven Baked Bacon:

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. While the oven is preheating, completely line (ie, OVER the edges of the pan) this type of pan with foil, put the rack on top (be sure to spray that rack with cooking spray to make clean up SUPER easy), then lay your bacon strips on the rack.

(note: it’s ok if the bacon strips overlap or touch each other – bacon shrinks when it’s cooked)

Now, just pop that pan of bacon in the oven and cook for anywhere from 11-24 minutes.

The reason the cooking times vary is because every oven cooks a little differently and cooking time depends on thickness of bacon and how crispy YOU want your bacon cooked.

As a general rule, I check on my bacon about 12 minutes after its been cooking to see how it’s going.

No need to turn or flip the bacon as it cooks this way in the oven, either.

Because you’re using my secret baking pan for No Mess bacon both sides will cook evenly WITHOUT turning.

When your bacon is cooked the way you like it, take it out of the oven, place pieces on paper towels in you want to, rinse off the rack, put it in the dishwasher, pull out the foil be careful to contain the grease and throw it away.


Why does MY way of cooking bacon in the oven make LESS mess?

Simple – the bacon is NOT cooking IN it’s own grease – and that’s what causes all the MESS cooking bacon can make.

As an added benefit, baking your bacon my way also makes you bacon less greasy – just crisp, flat and perfect.

If you don’t mind some mess of grease in your oven, this video shows how most people bake their bacon:

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How Long Does It Take To Cook Bacon in the Oven?

When cooking bacon in your oven, it will take about 15 or 20 minutes to get done and crispy. Of course, the thickness of your bacon slices will come into play (the thicker the piece of bacon, the longer it will take to cook). As a general rule, I always check my bacon about 12 minutes or so into cooking and then take it from there.

Can You Cook Bacon on Parchment Paper in the Oven?

Yes, you sure can use parchment paper when cooking bacon in your oven. In fact, many people say that using BOTH parchment paper AND foil is how they cook their bacon in the oven without making a mess. But MY secret to No Mess Oven Bacon is a bit different (as I shared with you above)

hint: I use THIS for No Mess Oven Bacon

How Does Rachael Ray Cook Bacon in the Oven?

When Rachael Ray cooks bacon in her oven, she uses a slotted broiler pan like this, then she cooks her bacon for about 15-18 minutes at 375 degrees.

How To Cook TURKEY Bacon in the Oven?

If you want to cook turkey bacon in the oven without a making a mess, cook it like I shared here. It works perfectly for turkey bacon in the oven too!

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How to Cook Bacon in the Oven WITHOUT making a MESS! My secret tip to Mess Free Oven Baked Bacon #momhacks #baconrecipes #lifehacks