Shedquarters Backyard Office Ideas – Shed Office Ideas (She Sheds AND He Sheds)

It’s a shed, no it’s a tiny office…. wait, it’s a SHE SHED!

Backyard “Shedquarters” for her… for ME!

A “Shedquarter” is a small shed or building in your backyard that is used as a home office, art studio, man cave, a woman cave cave or any other kind of space that is AWAY from the hustle and bustle of your home. I’ve also heard them called “She Sheds” – and that makes lots of sense since we women really NEED to be out of the house to get our home office work done.

And yes, if my Lay-Z Spa hot tub is right next to my She Shed, that IS for work, too… lol!

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I’m in love with the outdoor cottage storage shed office idea! Take a looks at all the shed shed plans, decor and pictures for inspiration on this page to build your own she shed shedqaurters in your backyard.

Awesome backyard shedquarter idea!  Lots more shedquarters pictures on this page.

A backyard office shed can be a great place to get away as a writer or anyone who wants a nice office at home. A wooden shed can give you the feel of a nice cozy cottage and might even have windows and finished floors. Some of them have flower boxes, roof accessories and other details to make them even more special.

LOVE this backyard shedquarters office idea!  Lots more shedquarters pictures on this page.

This is how you can turn a backyard shed into a nice office outside of home. This could be your private retreat where you go to get away and to find some peace and quiet. In some types of sheds that are renovated, you can even make a nice little office where you meet clients or other people for business.

Backyard shedquarters - LOVE the idea of a shedqaurter office in my backyard!  Lots more shedquarters pictures on this page.

With so many different types of sheds on the market, it’s no surprise that you will find larger, more creative designs that can be used for other things beside just storage. This is where a backyard office shed can come into play.

Backyard shedquarters home office cottage shed - LOVE the idea of a shedqaurter office in my backyard!  Lots more shedquarters pictures on this page.

Shedqaurters - a man cave shed in your backyard!  See lots more home shedquarter ideas and pictures on this page.

Have you ever tried to work at your home office and been distracted by other members of the household? Do ringing phones and bustling TVs interfere with your thought process? Do you just want some place where you can get away from it all?

LOVE this She Shed !  It
found here

Modern bacyard shedquarters ideas - lots more pictures of shedquarter shed buildings on this page.

If this sounds like you, then a backyard office shed might do just the trick. You can have your own private place where you can go to be alone and study or work. You can shut the door and ask that you not be disturbed. You can do all of this for a very reasonable price and much cheaper than adding on to your home or renting an office in town someplace.

SHE SHED IDEA!  Love It!  Shedqaurters are small backayrd offices in a shed like building.  I want one!  Lots more pictures of She Sheds (and HE sheds) on this page.

And this below is my FAVORITE She Shed idea of all… isn’t it GORGEOUS?!!?

SHE SHEDS!  I Love all these She Shed ideas for my backyard - Shedquarters are my dream home office!

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