TUTORIAL: A Better Sassier Poofy Ponytail in Minutes – Quick Step by Step for Beginners

Today’s 5 minute lazy easy hairstyles tutorial – how to make a poofy ponytail the EASY way Want to learn how to get a high poofy ponytail with a bump the EASY way? If you’re wondering how to do a poofy ponytail or how to make YOUR ponytail look poofy, this is the tutorial for you! These cute and easy ponytails for medium length hair (or long hair) are THE way to get a poofy high ponytail. Simple step by step instructions and more poofy ponytail hairstyles pictures below.

easy poofy ponytail trick

Poofy Ponytail Tutorial - how to get a poofy ponytail the EASY way!  Wondering how to do a poofy ponytail or how to make YOUR ponytail look poofy?  These cute and easy ponytails for medium length hair (or long hair) are THE way to get a poofy high ponytail.  Get simple instructions and see more poofy ponytail hairstyles...

Poofy Ponytail Secret

The ponytail.  It’s the go-to hairstyle for bad hair days or lazy, running late school days, right? But what if you could make that simple ponytail look awesome and have it make your hair look fuller?

Yes, I’m talking about a high “poofy” ponytail… and YES, you CAN create a poofy ponytail for YOUR hair, too!

Lazy hairstyles we love - these easy high poofy ponytails hairstyles are so simple to do - see the hairstyle tutorial video

Guess what?

There IS a secret little hair trick to get a perfect poofy ponytail the EASY way.

Here it is…

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I really love my Perfect Pony Ponytail Kit I got from Amazon (see it here) – it works great!

I am all about the ease of a ponytail and there are SO MANY super cute ways to wear a ponytail!

Which ponytail would YOU rather wear?

Look at these 2 ponytail hairstyles below and tell me – which ponytail looks better?

Yep, the poofy ponytail – it even looks good from the front!


Want to know how it’s done?  It’s quick… just takes a few minutes…

Poofy Ponytail Tutorial

Here is a quick and easy tutorial showing you how to make a poofy ponytail the EASY way.

Watch these easy tips and tricks to change your boring ponytail into a fuller and prettier hairstyle.

Ponytail hairstyles are among the easiest styles to create while still being extremely versatile. The basic ponytail involves just pulling the hair into a central area and tying it into a tail. Before creating your ponytail, however, make sure that your hair is tangle-free to prevent styling problems later on.

Then use a good quality brush such as a boar’s head brush to brush the hair in the desired direction, and direct it with your fingers.

Lazy hairstyles - super simple high poofy ponytail hairstyle tutorials

Hold the base of the tail with one hand while attaching the elastic band with the other. Ensure that the band you’re using is elastic enough to prevent the hair from being ripped or pulled and take your time in creating your pony to ensure that the base is smooth.

Types of Ponytails To Try

There are so many cute ponytail hairstyles you can try – ALL perfect for easy lazy day school, work… or going out.

  • In the High Ponytail, the base of the ponytail is at the top of the crown of the head.
  • The Hairline Ponytail style is created by brushing the hair forward with the base of the pony at the front of the hairline. To do this, depending on how long your hair is, you may need to bend at the waist to direct the hair up to the front of the head.
  • The Half Ponytail involves pulling the hair on either side of your face into a ponytail.

  • NEW Step By Step Video Tutorial! 10 EASY Hairstyles For Medium- Long Hair

  • The Back of the Head ponytail is created by brushing the hair back from your face and nape and tying it in the middle of the back of the head.
  • In a Nape of the Neck ponytail, the hair is brushed back from your face and the tail is tied at the nape of your neck.
    Stacked ponytails are a series of small tails from the hairline to the nape.
  • Dual or Behind the Ear ponytail hair styles separate the hair into two tails, with the base of the ponytail behind the ears.
  • There are also many options for slightly varying the ponytail to make it look more interesting.

    For example, you can take a small section of hair and use it to hide the band you’re using by wrapping the hair around the base of the ponytail.

    You can also use a tail comb to pull a few pieces of hair from the base of the pony for a light fringe around your face, or curl the tail of the pony into multiple curls with hot rollers or a curling iron. You can also play with various hair accessories from the basic elastic band to metal barrettes and even ribbons, or loop the tail of your pony through the opening of a baseball cap.

    Other suggestions for varying the basic ponytail hair styles include curling the tail of the pony into a long banana curl with a medium-barrel curling iron; create multiple side ponies; and use add-on pony extensions to make it look fuller. If you are using add-ons, just make sure that the base of the pony is loose enough to accommodate the extensions.

    More Ponytail Hairstyles

    I especially love BRAIDED hairstyles, don’t you?

    Here are just a few of my favorite ponytail hairstyle looks:

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