How To Make Money Shopping Online (it’s FREE and Easy!)

If you could get paid to shop online, would you do it? Yes, FREE money! Guess what? You can get paid to shop online – here’s how I do it. If you’re like me, you do a lot of shopping online. I buy just about EVERYTHING online and I not only save lots of time and save a lot of money… I also MAKE MONEY when I shop online.



I use this free site when I shop online – and I get CASH BACK on just about EVERYTHING I buy online.

Make MONEY shopping online?  Yes!  It's very real!  It's free to do too.  Here's how you can make money from home by simply shopping online.Heck, I got $10 for FREE just for signing up and making my first purchase.

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Nope, it’s not a scam or some some kind of MLM or anything crappy like that.

It’s a simple “cash back” site that has paid over $325 MILLION dollars to online shoppers who use their service.

And yes, it’s totally free to use – no catch.

How Does It Work?

This online shopping site is a “portal” for shopping at thousands of online stores like Amazon, Old Navy, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s and many many MANY more (see all online stores here)

When you shop online through this site, they get money from those stores and give a nice chunk of that money to you.

How To Make Money Shopping Online:

  1. 📌 Start All Your Online Shopping Here
  2. Browse for the Online Store you want to shop at
  3. Get Cash Back for anything you buy

Yes, it’s really that easy!

✅ The “hardest” part is to remember to ALWAYS start on this page when doing your online shopping.

How to make money shopping online - easy and free way to make extra money at home

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s the real deal.

Just look:

I’m about to get another payment of $65.00 cash back!

My recent free money payment for shopping online.  I LOVE this site!

(Note: I choose to get my free money through PayPal but you can also get a check mailed to you)

What’s The Catch?

There isn’t a “catch”.

There’s NO “membership fee” or ANY cost at all to use the site.

It’s absolutely totally and completely FREE to use.

This site can pay you to shop online because of something called “affiliate marketing”.

The site is an “affiliate” for all those thousands of online stores. When you buy something thru the site, they earn a small commission and pass that money back to you, the shopper.

No voo-doo or craziness – just a great FREE chance for us all to get money back for the online shopping we do anyway.

How Much Money Can I Make?

How much money can you make shopping online?  See how much my next payment is... and it's FREE MONEY!  yay!Online shoppers can earn up to 40% cash back when shopping online through this site!

Trust me, it can really add up – and quickly!

Best part other than the free money?

My hubby gets a LOT LESS aggravated at me for shopping online…

In fact, he gets really excited when he sees the UPS guy or the Fed Ex guy in our driveway because he knows we’re getting FREE MONEY just by shopping through this site all the time.

So now, instead of him asking, “Do you REALLY need another pair of shoes?” he asks:

“How much money did we make???”

In fact, he’s told all his buddies about it so now THEIR wives make money shopping online here too!

And let me tell you this:

It’s really tough to stay on budget when holiday shopping, but now I not only SAVE money by shopping here online – I MAKE money.

When I think back to all the online shopping I’ve done and all the money I LOST because I didn’t use this site – well, it makes me really mad at myself.

Such a waste, ya know?

If someone offers you free money for doing something you’re going to do anyway…


So, that’s it – that’s how I make money shopping online.


And YOU can do it too!

Have fun with all your extra money!

Miss anything?

Get paid to shop online when you use this site (it’s free!)

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