Easy DIY Closet Organizing System (7 Easy Steps)

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There are many closet organizing methods out there, but this 7 step closet organizing system below is what works best for us whether we’re organizing small closets or large walk-in closets.

7 step closet organizing system below is what works best for us whether we’re organizing small closets or large walk-in closets

Closet Clean Out!  Let's learn how to organize your closet, how to organize hanging clothes and more DIY closet ideas for small closets, walk in closet, apartment closet or any bedroom closet that a cluttered mess.  Small closets can be hard to organize with limited closet storage space, but these closet organization ideas and organization hacks really help.  let's do this closet clean out, declutter clothes and Closet hacks ORGANIZING even for wardrobe closets

While it can feel very time-intensive, with a system in place you’ll be able to get in there and declutter your closet, get rid of the stuff you don’t need and then completely organize your closet with the remaining items you DO need.

DIY Closet Organization Tips

There are as many closet organization tips as there are closets – meaning, ask any of your 5 friends how THEY organize their closet and you’re bound to get 5 different answers.

As some examples:

One friend of mine keeps all her clean clothes OUT of her closet for a few weeks.

The theory to this is: what you actually WEAR is OUT of your closet, so you can then go IN your closet and easily find the things you do NOT wear.

For many, this way of decluttering and organizing your closet works brilliantly, for others, it just creates MORE of a mess OUTSIDE their closets.

Point is: try and DO what works for YOU to keep your closet organized.

Below are some tips to help your find the closet organization system that works for YOU.

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TIP: Be sure to take a good look at every inch of your available closet to be sure you are maximizing ALL of it.

For example, the area UNDER your hanging clothes can be used for valuable storage space.

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Alrighty, let’s get started!

My Closet Organizing System

Step 1. Make the Time – First, you have to set a schedule to do this stuff…probably during the weekends where you’ve got plenty of hours to spare. Not only that, you can also get the kids or your spouse to assist you in getting on with it. You can either sweet talk them, cajole them, or even blackmail them to help you out. The more hands, the better. This way, things are a bit quicker to accomplish.

Step 2. Get Empty Boxes or Bags – Grab some empty cardboard boxes or large trashbags and write some labeling words on them such as: accessories, favorite clothes, designer clothes, casual wear, underwear, undergarments, and so on. Depending on how diverse your portfolio of clothes is, the number of boxes you will need can vary. However though, you can still group the clothes together either on the bed or on the floor if you ever run out of boxes.

Step 3. Consider a Closet Organizing System – Right now, before you do anything else, is the perfect moment to consider the idea of purchasing a closet organizer. If you’re organizing your closet on a budget, there are a wide range of affordable closet organizing systems to choose from.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Step 4. Get To Work – This is the most time-consuming part of organizing your closet. If you’ve got some help, then you don’t have to sweat this out. But if you are on your own, be ready to accept that this will take some time. You will have to totally empty all the things inside the closet, one by one, piece by piece, and put them in the empty boxes you just prepared. Group the clothes belonging to the same category together.

One bonus that comes with this is that you may just end up finding some stuff that you have been looking for earlier. You may just end up finding that your wool gloves are just hiding between the clothes that you haven’t worn for quite some time already.

Step 5. Decide What To Get Rid Of – Once you have grouped the stuff you just emptied from the closet, it’s now time to segregate further those that you still want to use or wear. Ask yourself some questions like: “Do I really still want to wear this blouse?” or “Do I still need this rickety looking shirt?” You will just realize that your closet is stuffed with clothes you haven’t worn for years.

Step 6. Now it’s time to put the clothes you still prefer to keep back in the closet. Keep in mind that you should put things back in proper perspective. Group similar category of clothes together. If you just hastily put them back and end mixing them up, then you will be back to square one.

Step 7. Give yourself a pat in the back for a nice work of organizing your closet. Most likely, you will find your closet amazing now.

Kids Closet Organizing Tips

If you’re decluttering and organizing a child’s closet, here is a chart with some helpful tips to help you decide what to keep and what to toss:

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Easy DIY Closet Organizing System in 7 Easy Steps - How to declutter and organize your closet FAST

Easy DIY Closet Organizing System in 7 Easy Steps - How to declutter and organize your closet FAST


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